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Average day, went for a swim, made a website, drank a coke. Photoshop is cool.

One of these days I’ll get around to fixing the password on the blog. for my latest works 😉

Feel free to make a donation to the “Mark is a poor-arse and needs more money for alcohol and to spend on girlfriend” fund.

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Well, tis the first entry in this thing that we nerds like to call a ‘blog’.

As you should all damn well know by now, I live in Sydney. Been here for like, a week. Well, 10 days, but we were in Canberra for 4 of them.

And what a good day to start this blog with. First of all, I’ll start with the crap stuff: Had big fight with Dad that seems to be lasting all day. It’s a stupid fight too, it started when I told Dad that not all salespeople are as evil as he likes to think they are (cos they’re not, I mean, I’m a sales person!). And then he goes on about how I’ve got a lot to learn and how I’m not at all independant and still need Mummy and Daddy to hold my hand every 30 seconds.

Anywhoo, good news: been here 10 days and I have a girlfriend, Bec. I don’t have a decent photo of her yet, so this’ll have to do:

And that aint me on the right, just in case you didn’t know.

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About Mr Markness

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Mark. That is, Mr Mark. But you can call me Sir Mark, or Your Holiness. Something like that. I’m pretty slack on those kinds of things.

It’s about time I update this thing, so here goes nothing!

I’m twenny (20). I live in Sydney (But I am not by any means a Sydney-ite). Now before you stop reading and saying “Fuck another stupid person living in Sydney I’m sick of them”, I’ve only lived here for coming on 2 years now. Before here I lived in Melbourne, and before then in a country town in Qld, and I was born in Adelaide.

Ok so if you’re still reading, I’m studying a Batchelor of Information Systems. I finished my VCE in 2002, moved to NSW, took a year off to work, and now I have finished my 2nd year of Uni. I don’t mind saying I’m pretty good at what I do, I managed to get 2x High Distinctions, 5x Distinctions, 4x Credit, 5x Pass and, well, one fail – and I’m still waiting on my 3rd year results. But that fail was at Maths that I failed so I’m excused cos I’m shithouse at Maths. Irony being, I now work for a company that specialises in Mathematics software. I used to work for Cisco Systems before they fired my ass. Not that I didn’t deserve it, but still.

I have a wonderful girlfriend, Angela. She rocks. And I don’t need to mention the rather large paddle that she harbours.

I really don’t like writing these things, so if you’re done now and still lusting for more information about me, you can go back to the main page and email me. Sign my other account up for some spam too, if you like.

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