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They don’t have my phone yet

Anyways – work update! My boss John has been off for the last two days, so Phl and I have been running the store by ourselves – and frankly I reckon we do a very good job, lol! We’ve sold 21 computers in the past 5 days, we’ve got 12 on order still and quite a few of them have been mine 🙂 Toney from Stanmore rang me up the other day to have a go at me about a few things, but yesterday he rang up just to compliment me on my fantastic sales! Which is very very rare for Toney apparently. OMG OMG OMG – you’ll never guess what Toney’s surname is… lol… Toney WANG – and anyone who reads Penny Arcade knows that that’s damn funny!! I aint read PA in ages, but I still know what Wang means!!

I finally got around to getting a heap of blank CD’s off work, so I’m burning all my Whitlams albums and Ben Folds stuff that I had sitting in MP3. I can get CD’s for 36c each – that’s $36 for 100 CD’s and thats DAMN cheap!!

Oh yeah, an order came in yesterday for a dude that ordered a 17″ Philips 107T and we couldn’t help ourselves, we took it out of the box and plugged it in. It. Was. Sweet! This is a $1200 monitor we’re talking about and *drools* I want two of em!! By golly I’m a nerd lol – but as I say to my customers – “Yeah I’m a nerd and proud of it, and you should be glad cos it means I won’t be selling you junk”! Mmm… I love my job. And to be honest, if I stick with it for a few more months, I can see myself in John’s seat by about August, Septemberish. But SHH don’t tell him that! Oh yeah, I have our latest price list, so I’ll copy and paste the most common items that you fuckers might want:

Product $(Minus Postage)
LiteOn 52x24x52 CDRW Retail
Pioneer DVR Burner $580.00
120 GB Seagate 7200RPM
WD Caviar 200G 7200RPM (8M Cache)
512MB DDR (PC2100)
512MB DDR (PC2700) $155.80
512MB DDR (PC2700 Kingston) $168.80
AMD Athlon 2700+ XP +fan box
AMD Athlon 2200+ XP +fan box
Intel P4 2.53 S478 533Mhz FSB
Intel P4 3.06 (With HT) S478 533Mhz
AMD Athlon 2200+ MP multi process box

But I can’t overdo it cos the the Stanmore boss’s could get shitty

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Gimmie a 5…. 2…. 1…. 0….

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I seriously want my phone back – I realllyyy do! Today is my day off this week, so I’m going to ring the bastards up and see if they have my phone. They aint open yet though because for some strange reason, I’m out of bed earlier than I would be if I were going to work! lol.

All this shit about breast feeding is rediculous – breast feeding in public and stuff is of course, natural and stuff – but when sitting in parliament??? That’s just frikkin rediculous! Would your boss allow you to breast feed while doing reception work?? Absolutally not! When a customer walks into the store, the first thing they dont want to see is a saggy boob with a little shit attached to it! If you’re working, you’re working – not breast feeding! This really narky woman rang up the radio and said “Babies should have the right to eat when they want to!” – should they? I mean, shit, that’s the way of life people – you can’t always get what you want when you want it – you have to learn some self control!

Speaking of self control, Bec wrote this in her journal:

.. last (Tuesday) night I told Mark something that no one else knows. And, well, he didn’t seem to care. i thought he would have asked questions or something, but he didn’t. he tried changing the subject, like he didn’t wanna know about me, or my past…

Well, the only reason I didn’t ask anything was because I didn’t want to be rude! Believe me, thousands of questions were running through my head, but seeing as the topic only came up very reluctantly, I of course was very reluctant to ask any really probing questions – especially considering as it seemed to upset Bec. And last night I did offer for her to talk about it and she didn’t want to – which further engraved my efforts to change the subject to happier things.

Oh yeah one other thing – Yesterday I sent her an SMS, right – I reallllyyy liked the message, I deleted it and re-wrote it like 3 times (personally it was my favourite one), just to get it really right – which takes a long time on the 5110. And when I sent it, I thought to myself “Finally, it’s perfect – I know it was worded a bit funny, but she’ll be mature enough to understand what I meant”. That night, she told me that she got the message and though it was funny, so she showed it to her friend and her friend couldn’t stop laughing about it. Well, I guess you can never know someone well enough can you. ‘cos I wrote that message for Bec. I didn’t write it for Simone, or all her friends. Same with a photo I sent her of myself when I was young(er). So yeah.

Am I too demanding? Because sometimes Bec makes me feel like it. I mean, I never hold anything against her and I let her have her way all of the time. And she never seems to let me have anything. Even over stupid things that we joke about – she’s allowed to buy an SS, I’m not even allowed to buy a basic Falcon. An SS costs twice as much and costs twice as much to run – a falcon is a much more sensible car that costs a lot less, but I’m not allowed one. She’s allowed to do all her things and I’m not. I come visit her at work, and she can’t even come to my place. I mean, I don’t mind going to her place or her work, but it would be really nice if the favour could be returned. Apparently it’s because she doesn’t undestand trains and stuff. I hadn’t even been living here for 12 hours and I was using the trains. It’s really not that hard; and the only way you’re ever going to learn is by doing it. And then she told me that I was “very demanding”. I do my best to not be demanding. I’ve sacrificed a lot for our relationship – and I don’t regret it. I’d do anything for our relationship. But it would be nice to know that the feeling was mutual.

So anyhow that’s my whinge for the day.




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By golly I’m tired…. *droops* – it’s been a very very busy time at work today. We’ve sold 17 systems in 4 days, which is bloody good! A few of them have been a fantastic profit as well, so Tony at Stamore (the big boss) should be pleased.

My day’s been up and down – parts have been really good, we got some really good sales, and we turned around this one guy that was refusing to pay $15, so yeah that was good when we win em round, but then I had Tony from Stamore (he’s Chinese – I dont like him much) on my back twice for fuckup’s I’d made – perfectly innocent mistakes, and I’ve only been there for two weeks, but he was pissed so yeah. Busy busy busy busy.

Bec called me once when I was doing an invoice for a $5000 computer and I had to concentrate on doing the invoice properly so I had to call her back and she wasn’t too happy about that 🙁 But I did call her back. A few times. Normally there’d be no problem at all, but it’s just cos it was really busy.

I visited her at work on Sunday. I took the bus to her work, saw her for around 20 mins, then took the bus back home again. I bought her flowers though. And it was well worth it 🙂 Why? Cos I wubb her to bits 😉

Anyways gotta cut it short cos my brother is begging for a game of RA 2, so till next time, Ciao!

lol, maybe not – my brother’s gone and put the RA2 CD in the DVD drive, and the drive just went BANG!!!!! So a wee bit freaked out, my brother’s ejected the DVD drive, right… the CD has exploded in the drive!!! THere were bits of plastic EVERYWHERE. Upon further investigation, I found out that the clips that hold the CD in place hadn’t extended like they usually did, so when the CD span up (DVD drives spin VERY fast, like 5200rpm) the CD has lifted off, hit the motor head and exploded. The DVD drive is useless, because the damn thing actually dented the casing(!!) and the clips that were meant to hold it in broke as well.

Needless to say, Mum’s pissed, my brother is crying cos Mum went ape shit at him, and I tried to convice Mum that it’s not his fault. I’ll just pick up a DVD at work tomorrow for him and replace it. Dad would probably find it funny. It was quite comical when I took the top off the DVD drive cos three quaters of the CD was actually still in the drive (scattered everywhere of course – and one part had somehow lodged itself in the side of a capacitor). There’s now also little pieces of the reflective stuff that’s on the back of CD’s all over the floor.

Which means I’ll have to see if I can upload this at work tomorrow – I should be able to do it, cos Lee (the book keeping bitch) isn’t coming in until the afternoon.

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Heya. Sorry about being sooo slack in here, but I seriously havn’t had a chance to write in here cos of work. We ran an ad in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday, and we were supposed to close at 4, but cos it was soooo frikkin busy we didnt end up closing till 6:30 and then spent another 30 mins doing paperwork, cos Lee came in from the Stanmore store, and she is the kind of person that will spend 5 hours trying to find out where 10c went, so she and Phl spent like ALL DAY doing paperwork.

Anyways it’s been two weeks since my phone went bye-byes and I want it back NOW dammit! I reallllyyy miss my phone something chronic. It’s bad, I know, but but but… well… *cries*

I seem to be building a good repertoire with work, because a few customers have come into the store, and would only deal with me cos I treated them right the first time – which is a nice feeling. I sold a dude a laptop yesterday, which was also a good feeling. It won’t be a good feeling if I found out that I stuffed it up though 😉 Not that I’d do anything like that of course. I tell ya what though, it’s nice having power back in the store – full power only came back on Thursday midday, but at least we’re back to full operational status 🙂 And we’ve sold sooo much stock recently that we’ve had to start selling our demo’s, which means the store is looking pretty bare. So new stock arrives today, (but Im not at work, lol in fact right now Im supposed to be getting ready for church), so I’ll be able to extend my ‘creative flair’ *cough cough* when we set it up on Monday.

New bloke Michael starts soon. It’ll be good not to still be the new bloke 😉 In Melb, I was the new bloke for 13 months 😐 And then the dude that came to be the new bloke was my damn replacement – fun.

Anywhoo, I probably won’t be able to see Bec for like ages and ages and ages, cos I can’t visit her today cos she’s working and her boss would probably sack her about it. I can’t see her on Tuesday cos she’s got school. I can’t see her next Sunday because she’s got an exam on Monday and has to study. I can’t see her the tuesday after that cos although she doesn’t have school, she has an exam on Wednesday and her Mum wouldn’t let her out. I can’t see her the sunday after that because she’s working. I can’t see her the Tuesday after that because she’s at school. So it’ll be the Sunday after that – in three weeks time. But thats cool I spose, cos I know that VCE is important, lol, I did do it once too – not like I did any study though, in fact quite the opposite. I think I drank so much that I started forgetting my school work. It’s hard to believe that I’m never going back to that place. Good, but hard to believe 😉

There is a saying that the good lord Joel Goudswaard taught me once. He also taught me many an other thing, such as how to give the rude finger in MSN and to never call up your mate on his birthday (heh, dont ask). The good Joel taught me – Life is like a dick. When it gets hard; fuck it. For some reason I thought of that this morning. I think it’s probably one of the only principals that I apply to life. With the exception of Bec. I’d do anything for her, no matter how hard, or easy, no matter what it meant. As for everything else though, bugger it. But hey; that’s just me!

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Fire Water Burn MuthaFucker

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Today was one weirdarse day. For starters, Bec made me take my lunch to work, so I had to pack that and it felt weird. But it’s just as well I did pack it lol.

I’m waiting at Lidcomb station for John to pick me up for work, and he’s late as per usuasl, but today he was about 20 mins late. And then I see Phl coming to pick me up instead and I think to myself “What’s up with John?” – so I hop in the car and Phl explains.

On Monday night, John stayed late to work. At about 10pm, he hears some little shits breaking into his car, so he calls the cops. Then he goes outside to investigate, and discovers that the shits wern’t breaking into his car – they were setting it alight!! So his car is a total write off, and it was uninured too. It’s a big pile of melted metal atm, it only kinda resembles an Excel. But the best bit? The car was parked next to the switch board, sooo, the entire part of the wall where the car was parked was obliterated – including the switch box. SO we’ve had no power for two days, and wont have it till midday tomorrow. The furniture store next door has no power either. But hopefully insurance will back us up for lost profits and stuff. Hopefully. So I have quite literally done shit all today because we didn’t have any customers so we waited till we could get the laptops out of the back room and went on the internet. Till the batteries went flat.

Anyhow, other weird shit happened, but to cut a long story short, I got home early today and my sunnies that I won off Nova were sitting on the doorstep in a post pack. They’re pretty damn sweet 😀 I dunno if told you about them, but I won sunnies off Nova 969 club nova. Yay 😀

Anyways, lol I think thats about it for today, whoosh!

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When it comes down to it, there are two kinds of people in the world. The first kind, look out the window, and they see a miracle. These people know in the back of their mind that somewhere out there, someone is looking after them. The second kind, look out the window and see a coincidence. Pure chance. These people know that in the back of their mind that no one is out there, and they are all alone.

Which one are you?

Let me explain. Say, a child has athsma. His lungs close up and he can’t breath. For years and years, he has been plagued by his condition. His parents constantly questioned God as to why their son has such a bad case of athsma. One day, when he is 8 years old, the boy has his first swimming lesson. He is standing at the deep end of the pool, on the block, and has an athsma attack. His lungs close up. Someone walks by and bumps the boy and he falls into the pool. He is underwater for a minute or two before someone brings him to the surface – he can’t swim as this is his first lesson.

Of course, they rush him to the hopsital to have him checked out. The doctor concludes, that had the boy been breathing the same time he hit the water, he would have died from swallowing the pool water and not being able to clear out his lungs. But his athsma stopped him from swallowing mouthfuls of water and saved his life.

Do you look at the situation and say “Gee, that was a bit of a coincidence”. Or are you the first type of person? Do you look at the situation, and finally understand why that boy has been plagued all his life? Because that ‘plague’ saved his life.

Let me relate to you another story. Once there was a young man who dreamed of nothing but joining the armed forces. He planned it for years and years. He passed all the written tests, all the exams. He passed the initial interviews, he passed everything. Then comes the final test – the selection board. He knows that he can pass this board. He knows that he is what the armed forces want and need. And he knows that he can convince them to accept him. He studied hard for that final board. He studied more for it than he did for his end of year exams. His entire life he’d planned this and he wasn’t going to fuck it up.

But he fucks it up. He doesn’t get accepted. And he doesn’t know why. He blames everyone and everything, including himself. He doesn’t understand why the hell the forces don’t want him, because he told them what they needed to hear, what they wanted to hear, and he knows that he can do the job better than anyone else.

And so the man moves somewhere else. And in this new place, he meets a girl. And he falls in love with this girl. And then one day, he stops blaming himself, and he stops blaming everyone else. Because blame is something that is placed when something bad happens. But this man has realised, that what happened wasn’t a bad thing. He, instead, thanks the people that turned him down, he is glad of all the wasted sacrifices. Because he is in love. Because he is glad of where he is. And he is happy here. And what more can one ask for than to be happy?

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I’mmmmmm back!

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Ahhh sorry about not being around lately guys, I’ve been run over with work. But today is my day off 🙂 Yay 🙂

Work is GREAT, it’s not all that hard, it’s not very busy, and there’s three of us – so when my computer and phone lines arrive (I get my own computer, two phone lines and business cards) I can just sit there and chat, or stuff…

My goodness, there’s not REALLY all that much to write about is there? Umm, I’m trying to think of something interesting that’s happened, umm..

Oh I get computer bits shit cheap, but even at cost price, it’s still going to cost me about $2700 to build my dream machine 😉 Typical Mark. But if you need any cheap shit, gimme a call and I can freight it down to ya. However, do NOT buy CPU’s until the 23rd, cos thats when Intel’s new processor arrives, pushing prices down by 11-13%. We’re also getting this little shit work experience kid soon – I had to deal with him on the phone, and he reckons that the P4 2.8ghz have multi-threading? Multi-threading is only avaliable on the P4 3.06’s – and it’s not worth the $1,300 price tag. You could buy two P3 1.2’s and a dual processor motherboard for the price of ONE chip and it’d be faster.

Hopefully I’ll be going for Dual Athlon MP 2200’s – that’s about 4Ghz in total :D:D 1100 for a thest botherboard and two MP’s with BIGARSE , fansand then another $250 for 512mb DDR. I’ll get another 512 later on. HDD’s are also shit cheap 😀 I’ll have to see how much I get paid first of all, – I get paid weekly – today in fact 😀

Anyways I think I might pop down to Video Ezy a bit later on, so I’d probably better have a shower and stuff, lol.

Oh my brother went into the bathroom at 8:30, and he’s still in there, and the water isn’t running… hmm… he has the day off school cos he’s sick.He really is sick too, not faking it. It’s bad. His room smells worse than the dunny at work…



This one’s a big fucker…

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… so click HERE It’s from umm, 16/08/2001 – I should make a section for these, I’ve got a few classics

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Who wants to pay $130 for roses?

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Its hot and raining. Reminds me of Queensland.

Well, yesterday work was fun, as it was the day before, and I was about to leave the damn place, and low and behold, a customer walks in with $3500 in cash that I had to bank for a computer system. THey were 50 bucks short, and THEN the wife rememebers that her Husband has it, so funally it all adds up and I can get out of the store, 5 mins later than I’d planned on. WHich meant I missed the train that would get me on the 6:30 bus to Bec’s place by about 30 seconds. So I catch the next train, hopeing to make the 6:50 bus. I get to Town Hall at EXACTLY 6:50, and I’m not really sure where the bus leaves from, so it took me 10 mins to find it, and I’d missed THAT bus. The next and final bus left at 8pm. So I’m like “Bugger this, I’m not waiting till 8pm for a bus” and rang Dad to see if I can get a lift from our place to Bec’s place. He says “Maybe. Call me from Strathfield station” – so I go to Strathfield and call him again. This time the answer is “Hmm, maybe in an hour or so” – by this stage, it’s 7:30. Then, the answer is “No, we can’t take you, it’s not worth our bother”. THey had people from around the corner over, by the way. So they decided that their visitors were more important than me seeing my girlfriend on Valenties day. So when I actually GOT home, I didn’t talk to them, say hello to them, I just went to my room and broke some stuff (I really did break it, btw). By this stage, it’s 8pm, and I COULD have been on that bus from the city if I’d just known my parents a bit better and known that they wouldn’t take me. So I went downstairs and had it out with Dad, and just as he was leaving, I just said “Please” and he goes “Oohh, ok, go get your stuff”. Mum was too drunk to take me. So eventually, at about 9ish, I made it to Bec’s place. And hell it was worth it 🙂 I hadn’t seen her in over a week, and it was starting to drive me insane, and it meant so much to me to see her.

I got her a woof dog teddy bear, and an identity bracelet with the name “Bec” engraved on it. She got me a Lorus watch, a realllllyyy nice one 😀 I love it 😀 And a card with a really beautiful poem that she wrote on it. The rest of the evening was spent catching up on old times, until her parents came home, that is 😉 Her Dad dropped me home around midnight.

So today I went to work again, met the other guy Phl, he’s pretty cool (and no, his name does NOT have an I). I’m gunna enjoy it.

Yesterday was a valenties day that I won’t be forgetting in a hurry. I was sooo pissed off, and Bec wasn’t too impressed either when we discovered that I couldn’t get to her place. But seeing her again, and on such a special day, really was fantastic. And she brought me the best gift anyone could ever give me – herself 🙂 Just being around her is fantastic, an uplifiting experience. She’s like a drug, and I’m well and truly hooked – and loving every moment of it! Sometimes the withdrawal symptoms get too much, but another dose of Bec fixes all that up 🙂

Oh, and Bec’s Dad reckons that I should stay the night next time – but I reckon that’s only so he doesn’t have to drive me home, but hell, I’m really not going to complain! My parents would though, bah.



Do you ever get that feeling that something’s supposed to happen today?

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Hey guys, sorry about being so *ahem* slack in here, I wrote the below entry the other night but didn’t get around to uploading it – oops? So I’m writing them now, and I’ve not the foggiest when this one will go online either, heh.

Anyways, I LOVE my job. During the week it seems pretty slow, so mostly repairs or paperwork. Which means that I get a fair bit spare/not so busy time, so I might pop on MSN every now and again.But if I do and I don’t reply; don’t take it personally, cos I might have to leave the computer, or if it gets busy or something then I might not get a chance.

Anyways, I seem to remember today being a special day… funny that. Happy Valentines Day Bec! I’m popping around to her place today after work. I don’t really finish until 6, but I’ll see if I can ask really nicely and leave 5, 10 mins early so I can get to the city by 6:30 and be on a bus there. That might not be a wise move on only my second day, but seeing as it’s only my boss and I working, and it is valentines day and he’s a nice bloke, and Bec is well worth it, he might just say yes 🙂 I hope so. Anyways, so this is the only entry you’ll get from me until after work on Saturday cos I won’t be writing one tonight, and might not have a chance tomorrow morning, so yeah, love yas all, but I love you more Bec!

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I’m offline, btw

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Just for the hell of it, I shall now insert random words: Potentiometer, door, cradle, penis, train, compact, letter, ticket, calculator and photo. What do these words have in common? Absolutally nothing. I’m so screwed up I love it. And no, I havn’t been drinking. I’ve had my daily dose of coke, so it’s not that either. Maybe it’s love? Possibly. It has been said that love makes people do strange things. But then, I’ve always been strange. The only explanation? Simple – I love myself. But like you didn’t know that anyway.

[6:24pm] Blasphemy actually females do have a slight change in voice aswell
[6:24pm] Eddier they’re voices get more sexier >=)
[6:24pm] Blasphemy we get our period and we start producing eggs
[6:24pm] Eddier eggs?
[6:24pm] Blasphemy ya know.. eggs.. to make babies..
[6:24pm] Eddier chickens have eggs, and we eat them
[6:24pm] Blasphemy the eggs the sperm swim into and combined they make little bubs
[6:25pm] Eddier little retarted bubs that can’t talk or walk
[6:25pm] Blasphemy yes.. they make little Eddier’s in that case

Eddier is 14, male and lives in Scorsby. Blasphemy is 17, female and lives in Perth. For a 14 year old, Eddier sure is damn funny and can come up with some statements.

[6:20pm] Eddier sex is good
[6:20pm] < [CHS]Obernwyton> Like you’d know Eddier
[6:20pm] Blasphemy Laughin Out Loud my thoughts exactly
[6:20pm] Eddier Like I… +'(
[6:20pm]Parts: Eddier ( 5 users

[6:22pm] < [CHS]Obernwyton> And at puberty, the scrotum expands, and the testicals drop
[6:22pm] Eddier stop abuisng me your *******
[6:22pm] Blasphemy and ya voice changes with it
[6:23pm] Blasphemy thats why they say when someone’s voice deepens that their balls have dropped
[6:23pm] < [CHS]Obernwyton> yep yep
[6:23pm] Eddier Blasphemy has expirenced it
[6:23pm] Eddier kekekeke
[6:23pm] Eddier I’m sorry Blasphemy, I never meant to make you cry

[7:38pm] Eddier fcuken muscle cnut eddier
[7:38pm] < [CHS]Obernwyton> yes
[7:38pm] < [CHS]Obernwyton> I agree
[7:39pm] Eddier seriously
[7:39pm] Eddier I am huge!
[7:39pm] Eddier lol =PPPPPPPPPPPPPP
[7:39pm] < [CHS]Obernwyton> Stop eating at Maccas then
[7:39pm] < [CHS]Obernwyton> You’ll lose 20kg’s easy
[7:39pm] Eddier nah I’m pretty skinny.,,. but I have the muscles
[7:39pm] < [CHS]Obernwyton> He He He, in your left arm as well?
[7:39pm] Eddier .. not as much
[7:39pm] < [CHS]Obernwyton> Didn’t think so
[7:39pm] Eddier how’d you know that? =/
[7:40pm] < [CHS]Obernwyton> All that right-handed lovin Eddier 😉

Righto, thats enough of that for the moment. By the way, all those convo’s were from today, except for the last one, which is from the 9th December (logs, you see).

[7:49pm] Eddier BASIL!
[7:49pm] Eddier BASIL!
[7:49pm] Eddier BASIL!
[7:49pm] < [CHS]Obernwyton> PENIS!
[7:49pm] Eddier That’s the new word in the who-can-shout-the-loudest game
[7:49pm] < [CHS]Obernwyton> BASIL!
[7:49pm] Eddier they all got detentions for yelling it
[7:49pm] Eddier luky I was doing my nerd work
[7:49pm] ^DJ_Adz^ it wont let me say fcuk backwards

Aaah, I’ve had some good times in the Nova chat. Some really good times 🙂 But things have gone down hill, cos Telstra (the server the IRC channel is hosted on) got a few complaints about us, and cos we’re a commercial room, that’s pretty bad, so the sent some IRC Cops in to watch us, and then one night, they went spazzo – I think someone stuck an electrified cattle prod up their buttocks. The banned heaps of people and we got into sooo much trouble, and the almost shut the channel down. Things havn’t been the same since then. We also have a new op – teddybeer, which is good cos it keeps us out of more trouble, but we also STILL have a permanant cop living with us (sammee). Some of the other chatters have feel somewhat threatened by Teddy’s ops, cos Evan (thats Teddy) wasn’t exactly a model chatter himself. But he did the sucking up, and he’s matured a lot, and he does a good job of it. I’m hoping for ops as well soon. Who know what’ll happen though – I thought I was going to get ops a few weeks back. I’m pretty sure that if I get Ops that people won’t hate me though, because I’m just soooo lovable 😉 lol, but nah I do have a fairly good rep with the other chatters, so yeah.

My oh my, it went from a stupid entry to quite a serious one, lol, I think I need to call some people. I shall speak to youse all tomorrow!

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Oh ah oh oh ah

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Guess who’s got a job! Finally!! YAY! It’s at KS Computers in Auburn – and I start tomorrow! Yay! Oh my, it feels good to finally have a proper job!!

And I also bought Bec’s Val’s day presents 🙂 So yeah today has been a bloody good day! I also watched On Her Magesty’s Secret Service, which is the one where Bond gets married. Life is good! Well, life’s been good anyway, but yeah it’s really good now. Bec and I also discussed things last night and everything’s good there too! Ahhh, it’s been a good day… Good day good day good day…



Channel 7, 8:30 Monday’s

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Just a quick note to say that this piece of junk has been on for over 24 hours now and is still working 😀 YAY 🙂 Oh hail Windows 2000!




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Why am I always the bad guy?? When I do something that upsets Bec, I’m the bad guy. When Bec does something that upsets me, I’m still the bad guy! Don’t get me wrong, I love her and I’m not breaking up with her but it wouldn’t… oh let me start from the beginning.

Actually no I won’t.

Let’s just say that Bec’s not the only person in our relationship with feelings, and I do my best to make sure that she’s happy, and that she’s content, and of course, she wants to do the same thing in return. But when I’m not happy, when I ask her if she can do something, she gets all upset about it and all of a sudden I’m the bad guy. And when I’ve upset her, or she’s not happy, of course then I’m the bad guy again, and it seems like I’m just stuck in a loose-loose situation.

Of course, we’ll move on from this situation, and we’ll be happy again. By tomorrow it will be as if it never happened. But the question I pose is: will we have learnt anything from it? Will things to back to being the same as they were, or will things be different? Will we learn from this? And how come Vodka doesn’t come in big enough bottles?

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Well, I did it again. I won more movie tickets off Nova 100. It seems to be a habit of mine, winning shit off them. Not that I’m complaining, of course, but it’s not like I can USE the tickets. So atm, I’m giving them away on – but I bet within a day or two I’m going to get an email asking me to shut down the competition (cos it’s probably highly illegal), in which case I’ll give give em to Garrett or something.

I turned on my computer this morning, and low and behold, the piece of junk actually worked! I’m mightily impressed – so I’m NOT turning it off under any circumstances, lol.

My bastard gay ex-boss Mark SMS’d me last night to say I’d be paid by 3pm this arvo. Which is good cos my fucking Telstra bill is $130 (about 100 bucks of that was accumulated while I was working for my gay ex-boss). Telstra comes 2nd however, the money will first be going towards Bec’s vals day present 🙂 Which is in 3 days, I might add guys, so get your act together!

This site is incredibly useful for those who want to know who owns a certain IP – so if some fucker tries to hack you or something, you can grab their ISP, and with VisualRoute, you can get their physical location, then with a hundred bucks, you can have the fucker whacked. Oh, technology is fun. And the best bit? Everything except having the fucker killed is legal (even that’s legal in the NT).


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