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Hehe I ripped my hand open at work yesterday, so now I got a ripper of a few cuts on my hand. I was installing a CD burner in this dude’s computer and the metal plate behind the thingie cut me baad… and I pissed blood all over the inside of the dude’s computer, and he was kinda watching, lol, fortunatly he wasn’t pissed off. He was probably a serial rapist that’s going to plant my DNA on the next crime scene…

Heeyyy sweet I just found half a can of Diet Coke that I didnt finish last night, lol. Hey, diet is better than nothing!

Oh oh oh oh oh oh guess what…. this shiela from the sandwich shop that I get my lunch from regularly asked me out! lol, of course I told her to get stuffed, well, actually it went more like this:

Shiela: “I think you should know how much it is by now *laughs*”
Me: “Yeah.. I’m starting to learn… my memory’s a bit bad”
Shiela “Hey, what time do youse finish work?”
Me: “Uuuh, about 6-6:30ish”
Shiela: “Well, how about after work we meet up and we’ll discuss it a bit more?”
Me (after a second): “No, I’ll be right thanks, I dont know if my girlfriend would approve”
Shiela: “Ah, well ya never know if you never ask. I’ll get ya change”

And that was that. Needless to say, Bec wants to cut the bitch’s head off. I’m easy either way. I was kinda shocked by it, lol, cos I’d never even contemplated that happening, so yeah…. By the way, Shiela isn’t her name, I dunno what her real name is.

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I’m writing this with my fingernail, cos I lost the stylus for the HP…

To cut a long story short, Bec & I got it on something shocking at her work 🙂 Boy it was good 😀

And that’s all I have to say about that.

If you ain’t bought the new JJJ album, buy it NOW! Volume 10 is the best yet! There’s only one track I don’t like and that’s Silverchair. Eh.

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Oh yeah, Bec glued her fingers together with superglue, and then she ignored my advice of Acetone and just ripped it off…

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Nailpolish Remover…

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Hehehe…. hehehehe… hehehhe… hehehe…. hmm…

Today Rebecca did something silly. Ver’ silly. But hey, it’s something that I’d do. She, uuh, well, hehe, umm, yeah.

Oh, and her brother kinda broke his arm, but not really, so yeah, it’s been a bad day for her family, which is funny, cos nothing ever happens to them. ANd I love the fact that as soon as Bec does something silly, or her brother kills himself, she rings me up cos she figures that I’ve already done it to myself, so I’d know how to fix it. Well ok, it’s not really funny but it is kinda amusing. So yeah.

I think I should learn italian. But I suck at all LOTE. I really do. Nah. I’ll stick with English and Australian for the moment. So it’s all good.

We did not sell a SINGLE THING at work today, lol, we didnt’ take ANY EFTPOS or Cash or ANYTHING! It was bbbbaaaaaaaddddd! lol. We did a few services and stuff though to keep me busy.

*sigh* Im tired. Night.




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Today was a FUCKING RIPPER! I went to Wonderland with Bec. If your remember that day ages and ages ago when Bec came here and we played under the fountains at Bicentennial Park? Well, today just KICKED its ARSE! It seriously did! We laughed, ran, got wet, got soaking soaking wet, AND Bec, yes My Bec, Not the other bec, or your Bec, or the Bec from round the corner, but MY BEC WENT ON A ROLLERCOASTER!!! I’m soooo proud of her!! She looked terrible after it was all over, but hell, I’m proud of you girl!

We did the dogem cars (Bec’s a very serious driver), did the ferris wheel (Bec’s a very good kisser), did a dragon ride (Bec looks fantastic horizontal), played some arcade games (Bec was worth every cent), went on the snowy river ride (Bec looks fantastic wet), then checked out the animals (I prefer my Bec as an animal :), got our photo taken with a koala (Bec was much better looking than the koala), did the snowy river ride again (Bec looked even better wet), did the ferris wheel thingie again (Bec is still a very good kisser), then took the long train home (I think Bec and I freaked out a few ppl on the train).

It was good. Very very good. Very Very Very Very Very good 🙂 And I love my Bec heapsa and heapsa and heapsa 🙂 And I always will 🙂 And she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ooooo perfect! Perfect in every way, a perfect personality, a perfect body, a perfect attitude, a perfect person… awww *kisses*.

Aaah this is such a short entry, but it’s quality, not quantity, right? So Bec, I love you!

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Work’s been busy as recently, and I havn’t had a chance to breath, let alone relax 😐 The short moments when I get to speak to Bec are by far the highlites of my days… Hehe Bec and I are gunna set up Rainer and her best friend Simone… how it’ll go I don’t know… cos like well I reckon Rainer’s not too bad lookin, but I dunno… cos I like Ben Affleck… so yeah… only time will tell!

And so yeah… like things… and stuff… *hurries to get this online before Bec gets back from tutoring*

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All I want to do is speak to the woman I love. And woman she is. However, last night Optus had different ideas. For over 2 hours, all either of us got was beep beep beep, beep beep beep. So fuck you Optus. Didn’t like being employed by them, don’t like their service. Last night was the first time since Melbourne that we haven’t had a conversation, and the first time since the 2nd of January that we have hardly spoken all day. And I know that thats the way life is. Don’t mean I have to like it though.

FUCK! I just missed my station, lol, I’ve been waiting for that to happen, I really need to pay more attention these days, lol.

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Mwah Bec! Mwah Mwah Mwah, I love you more than anything on this planet, mwah mwah mwah mwah!

Today was perfect, you were perfect, the movie was perfect, today was a perfect day 🙂 Mwah again!

And just so that we can remember it forever:

Translation for everybody else: Today I went to Chatswood with Bec after church 🙂 Personally I reckon it’s one of the best times we’ve had together. It lasted for a mere 4 hours, but we saw Maid in Manhatten, had three macca’s meals between us, bought some CD’s, and fell in love allllllllll over again 🙂 We laughed, shopped, had our photo taken, and probably would have run around in circles if we’d had the space… it’s been a good day, a great way to start a new week, and a great way to end last week. And what a better person to have done it with, than my true love… *sigh* *passes the bucket*

Oh and another note, the previous entry, was not not not not not not not in any way related to Bec, so for all you pessemists out there, take a look at the rudie pics of Bec and I.

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Some people get all the luck

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It’s always the males fault, aint it? Mind if I ask why? Even when my phone doesn’t have reception it’s my fault for choosing Telstra! Shit does happen, you know! We can’t be expected to make the right decision every time, can we? So when we do stuff up, how come we never get any leadway?

I believe it’s times like this that make Eminem so popular – he says all the stuff that we were always too scared to say. His music gives forsaken people a chance to escape. If you actually listen to the lyrics and ignore popular opinion and make your OWN mind up you may be surprised! But people are so ready to believe whatever they are told.

So why do so many people ignore the IMPORTANT stuff that you tell them? They’ll believe what they read in the trash mags, but won’t believe the word of an expert or a friend. *shrug* go figure.

Eh, by the way, this was all brought on by a customer today, so dun worry, I love my Beccie more than anything else in the world!

Dude, this is a wierd entry! Going to sleep now…

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Oh yeah….

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Oh yeah, I totally forgot to mention this, lol, it happened over a month ago, lol, but when I was trying to get to Bec’s place that time on Valenties Day and I was all stressed and ready to kill my parents, I was buying a train ticket from Wynyard to Concord West, and the machine just kept spitting my money back at me, and I was getting all pissed off even more, and the que behind me was getting long and longer and longer, and I was about to break the damn machine, and this little asian girl saw that I was foaming at the mouth and she comes up to me and says “It’s OK” and then her dad snatched her away cos he thought I was about to kill her or something, and then the machine decided that it was going to take my money, and everything was OK for about 3 minutes, until I found out that I’d missed the damn train.

Just thought I’d share that.

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You got it good

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Today has gone my way… for once 😉

It all started when I went to the train station to go to Burwood. I didn’t have to wait at all, the train pulled up right on time (which Sydney trains never do) – then I went into auto pilot mode till Burwood, hopped off at burwood station, walked to Burwood Westfield without thinking a single thing, just tuning out chillin to Ben Folds. I go to Phone Zone, and pick up a Nokia 3315 and a new cover for my 5110 for $250 the lot, which is good for both items at once. The phone was bought outright, not on a pre-paid thingiewhatsit. Then I go to Australia Post, and the lady there was very friendly to me 🙂 I also sent Garrett an envelope addressed to me so that he can send my phone charger back – that cost me another $3. So far, so good.

Then I go to lunch, and I think to myself “Fuck it, Im gunna eat healthy” so I go to this, umm, Gloria’s place, or somehwere like that, it wasn’t actually Gloria’s but yeah. And the lady that served me wasn’t in the best of moods, so she just shovled everything on the tray in no particular pattern to make it harder for me to carry. I had my hands full and had a hell of a time getting the tray to my table cos it was unbalanced and I had like no hands and I’m like 2 meters from the table and it all goes whoops and $7 of Tortolini and coke goes on the floor 😐 But the manager at McDonalds saw what happened, and helped me clean it up and gave me a half price meal. And who says that Macca’s is unhealthy?? No one else helped me! So yeah, that was bad and good at the same time. It felt really good to be helped though, even if it was by a multi-national greedy junkie fast food company *droooools*. I love my Maccie Dee’s. Oh, and cos I have a VIP card, I got a free Sundae.

So anyway, from there I go back home, and it’s a realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyy nice day outside, so I decide to go for a swim. I get to the pool – it’s completely empty. Which is great cos I had the entire pool to myself 🙂 So anyways I’ve had my swim and I decide to do the incredible cool thing and lie next to the pool for a while (and cos I’m so good looking, it suits me well) and chilling to the tunes of Massive Attack, with my Siloette sunglasses, Lorus watch, gold necklace and HP Jornada (see prev entry) I just fell completely and totally in love with (no, not myself) Bec, over and over again. Just lying there, on such a perfect day, completely relaxed, not a worry in the world, every time I thought of her, I realise even more how much she means to me. And I told her that in the only way I know how. She said she was “the happiest person alive… I’m so happy… Mwah” so I guess that’s a good thing 😀

Oh, and for the first time ever, I paid my Telstra bill the same day it arrived, lol.



On top of the world

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Guess who just left? Thats right, the one, the only, the amazing, the fantastic, the wonderful, the perfect BEC 😀 My parents decided at the last moment that they were going to go to Catoomba (sp?) for the weekend, so I go to them “Well I was gunna go visit Bec on Saturday night” and they go “Well ya cant” so I go “Well, she can come here then” and they go “That sounds like a better idea” – so she came around 😉

We were gunna try and kick my brother out to Video Ezy or something, but in the end he was glued to Dad’s computer anyway, so no worries there 😉 Little did he know what was happening right next door… bah, he’ll live.

I kinda wish that earlier tonight could have lasted forever… but as Bec said herself, we can’t base our relationship around that kind of thing, and she’s perfectly right, it’s easy to get carried away with the physical aspects (which is easy to do with someone as good lookin as Bec), and forget about the other parts. Which is something that I hope we never ever ever do – forget about the other parts that is. You need a good balance of both 😉 Lounging on the couch with Bec resting on my chest, watching Sandra Bullock in a move where frankly Ben Afflick was much better looking, I realised again, that I really am the luckiest guy alive… Bec made an effort to come to my place, even though she had to wash her Mum’s car for it 😉 Even though I was running rediculously late from work. And I wubbbbbbbb her all dat much more for it 🙂 And no matter how much you love someone, youse can always love em dat little bit more 🙂

Bec and I are both working tomorrow – I’m filling in cos Phl’s been sick recently, and he’s the only one who knows how to do the purchase invoices, and we’ve got two weeks of them for him to do, so it’ll take a fair while to do so he needs someone else to fill in. I’m only starting at 1 though, so I can still sleep in 😀

I need a bigger bed.

My phone STILL hasn’t arrived back! This is getting rediculous, if I remember correctly, it’s been away for *checks old blog entries* since the 7th – that’s over a MONTH ago!! Aaah I swear, I’m gunna die soon! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 *cries*

My finger smells funny.

Nova 969 has the cooliest late night music 😉 I tuned the hold music at work into Nova and Bec got shitty cos she wanted me to tune it to 2Day FM, but I’m serious when I say that I could’t find 2Day on the bloody dial! I looked!! But there was no markings for “2Day” so yeah… Nova will have to do 😉

At work today, Jason (one of our regular visitors who works next door) picks up my sunnies and goes “sick shades man!” and I go “Yeah, 300 bucks worth” and yeah, lol, just thought I’d say that cos Bec doesn’t like them, but everyone else does 😉

Okies lol I think this entry is long enough, so Im gunna kick my brother off the phone so I can upload it!

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Im sorry I dont have any time to write in here, but I will say one thing:

Where do all the porno stars go when the lights go down? They become Volvo driving soccer mums!

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Well, today has only been the best day that I’ve had in a very very very very very long time 😀 Yes, I spent the day with Bec 🙂 We went to Hornsby. We saw a movie. Well, we made out during the movie. Which was all good 🙂 Then I had the first Maccie Dee’s that I’ve had in like, AGES which felt good. Then we just wandered around, I bought her this neclace and a ring, cos I knew that she reallly wanted them, but couldn’t afford them, and I wanted to buy them for her, cos I spent $100 on a computer game for me and my bro (more on that later), and I wanted to show her how much I care… I know that no money or any amout of gifts can ever even start to express how much I love her, but at least it gives her something to look at 🙂 When we were leaving, I realllllyyy didn’t want her to go home without me, so I took the long train ride home, just so I could spend another 10 mins with her, which she says made her day 😀 It made mine too 🙂 *sigh* Oh, I got my hair cut and got blonde tips too which is cool 🙂 I’d never done anything like that before, lol and it was totally on the spontanious side – we were walking past the hair dresser and she goes “I think you should get tips” so I said “Ok” and she goes “Are you serious” and I said “Are you serious?” and she said “Yes” and I said “Well lets go” so we did it lol. Needles to say I was a bit nervous about it all, but it all came out good 🙂 I might keep em for a few cuts I think, but maybe get a different colour?

Oh and I bought Command and Conquer Generals 😀 I’d REALLY like it to be written by Westwood, but it’s NOT, its an EA game. lol, and I paid $99 for it and I cant run it cos it needs a GeForce 2 or higher generation card, so I’ll pick up a GF4 tomorrow at work. It runs, but at about 15fps, so it took about 40 mins to finish a 10 minute mission, lol. I’ll probably only get an MX440 for the time being – $80 for an interim step until I can buy a whole new system, which will be a while cos I got other things to buy first.

Anyways, it’s back to work tomorrow, so I think I’d better get a good night’s sleep tonight cos I’ve been on a bit of the lacking side recently, lol. I promise to try and write in here more often!! Ciao all!

They say no one is perfect until you fall in love with them.

Well Bec, today, you proved to me again that you’re perfect…

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Hey, sorry about being so seriously slack in here, lol I seem to be saying that a lot, but it’s true – Work really does leave very little time for this kinda shit… Oh, and I hurt my little finger on the left hand, so I’m finding it really hard to type atm cos I’m trying to use it as little as possible.

My boss gave me a HP Jornada for work 😀 It’s a hand-held PC for those that can’t be bothered clicking on the link (Hmm, I actually can’t find the link to the HP Jornada site). So I can do all this stuff on the train now, and I’m figuring out how to manipulate the handwriting recognition, so thats all good 😉 I can also send/receive emails from anywhere in Australia without needing a phone line (only my mobile) so thats all good too. And I have the past three day’s emails on there (minimum) so yeah 🙂

Work’s been interesting recently, I found out a few things that I’d rather not have, but I guess that’s life. I’m not going to say what they are, cos I dont think the people involved would appreciate it, but, well, if it happens again it’ll be baaad…

Anyhow, I’m going to Burwood to go shopping soon, I have to buy a 3315 for a friend (well I dont have to, but I’m going to cos its their birthday soon 😉

Umm ok, seriously, nothing has happened at all in my life worth noting, so lol, yeah, perhaps I should just leave it here and stop babbling…

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