So little time…

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So much to say… firstly the reason I havn’t been in here is because I havn’t had a damn computer – it finally cracked the shits for proper this time, so I was forced to invest a fair whack of money on a new system… but this new system is sooo kickarse I won’t need a new one for a very long time!

2x AMD Athlon MP 2000+ (Clocking in at around 3.56Ghz when both CPU’s are going full throttle)
768Mb PC2700 DDR Ram
2x 60Gb ATA133 Seagate Barracuda’s in an adapted Raid 10 (Still only access 60gb, but at twice the speed with mirroring)
Fully sick mate Mod (same as I had last time lol

So yeah it’s kaning along at the moment and I can now get into some proper DVD ripping and DivX Encoding, and when I get my aDSL I’ll set up a stream so you can watch movies over the internet from my server 😀

We’ve only JUST recovered from our virus situation at work… we didn’t loose any financial data, but the warranty record is gone as is all our written quotes.. 😐 The server was the last computer to be re-done (cos of the mirror it was a bitch) but it’s all good now 😀

I met Andy G from Nova969 on Thursday night 😀 I went to Nova with Handy Mandy and her friend Jen and we went up to the 5th floor and ran amuck with Andy whilst he was on-air… it was great 😀 ANd he had like 9 people on hold and we’re like “Andy you shold talk to them” and he’s like “Nah fuck it, I’d rather talk to you guys” and we were like “sweet”. Sooo yeah lol… I also scored some Nova stickers, and Andy likes me cos Im a nerd, just like him and we had some good conversations. Got home at like 1.30am…

But even better than that… was on Friday I saw Becciee! Her family was home, so her, her brother and I went bowling, took advantage of the disabled toilet (not with her brother you sick fuck), and then frankly risked our lives by doing ‘norti stuff’ (as Bec calls it) with her brother in the same frikkin room… but he was glued to The Simpsons, so the risk was kinda minimal… and he’s not very bright or sexually oriented yet (He’s only 10) so we got away with it… until Bec’s Mum saw the hikki’s on Bec’s neck – thank goodness she didn’t look down her shirt lol! Yeah… that was a gooood day… Bec’s a very good dirty talker ;);)

And just for the reads of this blog, here’s a few photo’s of my latest adventures to Queensland for my cousin’s engagement, and me new ‘puty:

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We have a virus at work that’s making our life hell. It’s a very very very very destructive worm… our work experience kid downloaded it of Kazaa in some stupid game thingiejiggie. We’re not impressed. My computer (which doubles as the server) is OK – the virus is still there, however it’s got a mirrored SCSI HardDrive, which means everything the virus does is immediatley undone. The computer just runs shit slow and cos it’s got 2000 Server on it, we need a special version of Norton Anti-Virus to clean it.

John’s computer was hit bad. lsass.exe is badly corrupted which is a vital core of Windows 2000. We managed to clean it by ripping his hard drive into our demo and scanning it with the latest version of Norton, which removed the infections, but lsass.exe is still fuggered. So it looks like we might need to fdisk, format and re-install. Which is bad. Very bad. And time consuming. And it costs us money. Bleh. At least the boot sector is intact, so the computer is still fixable. In theory.

Today was such a good day till that virus erupted. Grrish. Oh but I talked to John about Rainer, and I’m 98% sure that I got him a job, which is good cos Rainer’s a good bloke… I dont know if I mentioned him in here before, but he’s on of our unpaid workers, lol, so it’ll be nice to get a full-time technition on board again. Rainer’s a classic too, good mate.

Anyhow /me is a bit tired, and has been so slack in here recently, so I’m gunna pop off. Cyas.

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Wild thing?

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Well today’s been kinda weird… it started of shitty cos Dad woke me up to tell me off, then I went back to sleep, then I got up and it was all good, and then I found out that Mum and Dad are going out Saturday night, and Bec’s coming around, so that was really good, then I did the RTA road test on the internet, and that was good cos I passed two out of three times, then I go to the RTA and just as I’m leaving I notice the phone bill. It’s 10 pages, and $170 bucks. So then Im pissed off and Mum’s pissed off, so we go do the RTA test to transfer my lisence, and I fail, so thats another $30, so today I’ve spent $200.

So then Im looking at my bill and I discover that Telstra have charged me for all these calls that they wern’t suppsoed to cos they took my freetime off, so I rang em up and the dude was very polite and nice to me and he’s crediting my next bill for shitloads of money, which is good, but it still means I have to fork out $170 up front, but I’ll save on my next bill which is OK I guess. And then Mum knew that I was pissed off, and she knew that other things were bothering me too, so she just kept feeding me this reallllllyyy nice apple cake and gave me panadol, so Im kinda over it now, so yeah my bank balance is just now hovering at around $500… and I was sooo close to getting to my $1000, and I need to reach $2000 before the bank stops flogging me stupid charges for not having enough money in my account which sucks wang cos I havn’t even earnt $2000 since I opened the account cos Ive only just got a good job anyways this is a long sentence and a very poorly paragraphed thinige, so I’m gunna go now lol bye.

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All of the following numberplates ARE available for registration in NSW:

(Translation: Penis)

(Translation: Woot)

(Translation: I Love Bec)
(Translation: My Penis (Well, thats what it kinda looks like))

Cool, huh?



Coke Addictions

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Whilst searching for Disc 1 of JJJ Hottest 100 V10 (I never ended up finding it), I kinda realised that my desk is littered with: five ‘Coke’ Wrappers, two empty 600ml coke bottles, and no less than three diet coke cans. And I cleaned my desk on Thursday. Tonight is Sunday. And a few of em stayed at work too. But I aint had macca’s in ages!

2003.NET enterprise server is pretty sweet – but you need Style XP to unlock the Lunar GUI… for those who care. For those who don’t care, I’ll just stop now.

I was watching Everybody Loves Raymond before, and for once in my life, it actually made me think. Frank and Marie have been married for 45 years, and they act like they can’t stand each other. And today Marie told Frank that they were living in a loveless marriage and Frank was devastated by this and got all upset. And they made up and for the first time on Everybody Loves Raymond, Frank and Marie actually agree’d that they did love eachother. Which made me think about accepting people for who they are, without exceptions.

I consider myself a very lucky person. Because Bec puts up with me. She puts up with my rude jokes, my sexual innudendo, my blunt remarks, my lack of taste, my choice in music, DVDs, movies, cars. She puts up with my impeccably bad taste in clothes, and the fact that I’m pretty tight most of the time when it comes to money. She puts up with the fact that a lot of the time I have my head stuck inside a computer, or on the XBox with my brother. She accepts the fact that I have to work all day for most days, and she lets me because she knows that I love my job. When I was working for Optus and I hated my job, she told me to quit. So I did. If she hadn’t told me to, I probably would still be doing it. She accepts the fact that I’m different. She tries her best to remember that I grew up in a small country town in Queensland, that I lived in Melbourne and am now working in Sydney (which is something that a lot of people in Melbourne never did – that doesn’t go for all though) and that makes me a bit fucked up. My Dad’s profession doesn’t seem to bother her nearly as much as some other people. She has ideals, she has morals, she has her ideas of perfection, and she tries to fit me into them as best she can.

There’s only a handful of people in this world that I truely care about. Garrett and Bec are two of them, and at the top of the pile. They say that if you can go through life and can count your real friends on two fingers, then that’s pretty good. If you can count them on one hand, you’ve been blessed. And if you can count them on more than one hand, you’re lying.

Here’s a very short list of people that I can think of who accept me for who I am, no exceptions:

Bec V
Bec B
Bec J
And thats about it. And Bec B doesn’t really count, cos she’s not talking to me at the moment (still). And I accept these people for who they are, and who they aren’t. If only more people could see through all the crap, see through all the fancy charades that life veils us with, see through all the bullshit, see through all the fuckups and mistakes. If everyone could accept people for who they are… well, who knows what could be possible…

And bubby, I love you and I’m never going to leave you, if only for the simple reason, that you accept me for who I am, and I love you for who you are, and if you ever change, I’ll still be there by your side, forever…

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Just another love song…

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! (WubbJooBec) says:
! (WubbJooBec) says:
*puts coke bottle down*
By The Way… I Love You says:
! (WubbJooBec) says:
*picks coke bottle up?*
By The Way… I Love You says:
i’m in love with you



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congratulations. you are the “you smell like
butt” bunny. your brutally honest and
always say whats on your mind.

brought to you by Quizilla

Neh, I’m back now. Things have been sooo hectic recently with work, and our work experience kid, and other stuff, and Bec being sick, and just yeah everything’s gotten ontop of me and just yeah.

But I is back now. Kinda. Half. I think that my ‘bunny’ is very appropriate considering that shannon smells.

Bec’s been pretty sick recently :'( Coughing heaps and she’s only been to school one day this week cos she’s been too crook. I reallly wanna go visit her, but I just havn’t had a chance 😐 Tomorrow… I might go see her tomorrow if I get half a chance…

We have this work experience kid at work at the moment, name’s Arthur. He was OK on the first day, he talks heaps, and is pretty bright, but now he’s just getting on my nerves. For starters, he can’t take a hint. He’s incredibly gullible and he’s starting to annoy me heaps cos he just doesn’t shut up, and I’m tring to do my work, like write an appraisal so that a school with a $50,000 IT budget spends it correctly and he’s bugging me and won’t give me my computer back. I almost cracked the shits with him today, he has no idea about moderation or real life… he’s rich you see… and a relative (kinda) of John’s. And he wanted to know what Dad did for a living and I go “You wouldn’t beleive me” and he goes “Try me” and I said “You won’t beleive me” and he goes again “I will so!” and so I said “He’s a minister” and he goes “What the fuck’s that?” so I told him and he goes “No, I don’t believe you”. Byt he believes that I’m 19 and engaged to mwah lovely Beccie, so yeah, go figure.

A lady came into the store today and gave us 4 tickets to tonight’s rugby match! They were shit good tickets as well… cos she was just soooo impressed by our service she was like “You guys rock, here’s some tickets” – cos she works at Telstra stadium so she got us some freebies. That was sweet. But I had no one to go with and we couldn’t give them away to anyone! Originally it was going to be a ‘work outing’ but then I was the only one left who could go, and none of us actually liked the footy anyway, and I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, or even to give them to, so I gave em to our neighbours who are like rugby crazy. Row 7 in the grandstand… very good tickets…

That was cool.

Anyways I’ve been typing all day and my fingers are about to die, so I’ll leave it there.

Oh I’ll just say one more thing:

I have a LEGIT copy of Windows 2003 Server with Exchange Pack!!

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Don’t ask…

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Just be glad that I’m back.

There’s a few un-posted posts below that I never got to upload.

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