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Hmmz, 5 days of work ahead. What fun.

Oh, I discovered why a lot of the links are gay…. this server’s a bit funny with its PHP, especailly being run through a cjb.net account – so go to www.channelnova.net/php to get them to work.

The ‘history’ doesn’t work though. Ver’ annoying.

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Irony :) Its true though, to an extent!

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You Are A Zoned Out Driver!

Which Kind of Driver Are You?
by Don’s Windshield Replacement




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Well she’s been a while since I wrote in here – sorry bout that, its just been sooo bloody busy recently!

Anyways, I got news:

– I’ve been working HEAPS
– Not really anything much has happened
– Except my friend Ness’s friend got preggers and she’s only 15 and it fuggered up her life
– Bec did stuff last night that I didn’t think she would… I’m pleasantly surprised!
– I bought the new Massive Attack album – FINALLY
– I also bought MOS Chillout V4
– I was going to buy the Jimmy Z album but I couldn’t find it
– I have a car

I didnt end up getting the Peugot 505, cos Dad lost his phone number, but I got a 1991 Ford Corsair for the same price, from a dealer. It’s front-wheel drive, reallly good nick, well looked after, ex-country car, needs a few repairs (fairly minor, mostly electrical). We pay and pick it up tomorrow, so rest assured I’ll have a few photo’s of it soon. It’s got minor hail damage, so there’s a few bumps that reflect in the light, but they’re superficial and you can’t actually feel them. There’s no rust at all, its nice to drive, light clutch (Garrett!). It’s as big as our Vectra with a bit more room in the back seat, umm… what else? Oh yeah, I won’t be ashamed to drive it around Bec’s neighbourhood, cos it’s a quite respectable car!

And I love my bubby lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and I typed all of them, no copying and pasting for me!

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I burped

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Magic Number 13
Job Most Hated Person – Ever
Personality Slacker
Temperament Pussy Cat
Sexual If I Have To
Likely To Win A Nobel Prize
Me – In A Word Evil
Brought to you by MemeJack

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Uh oh…

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What was I smoking last night? That post didn’t make much sense at all…. there was one thing that made sense however…



All alone, but I feel fine

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Hmmz I’ve had this window open for 30 mins now, and haven’t typed a single thing…

Don’t ask about work – I even had to work today… and end of financial year kinda suxors as well….

I wuvv my bubstical! I may be young and hopeless, but at least I’m on the right path with one thing 🙂 This world may mean nothing, but as long as I have my bubby, I dont care. I will live the life I live – not a gimmic, not an act. No one can tell me who I am except me.

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For the one and only

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If I hadn’t let go today
Who know where we would have ended up?

We would have ended up
In our heaven

That much
I can promise you

Our heaven is whatever we make it
Whenever we make it
For whoever we make it for

It has started as two
How many it will end as is anyone’s guess

Our lives are dicated by noone…
…except ourselves…
…and our desires…

There is one thing that no one can take away from us
No one can steal
No one can interfer with

And that’s our love.

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I’ll be waiting for you…

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Dude, that was some weird two days…

Okies, Saturday, work. Fair enough. Work ran late, dickhead customers all day, annoying people, and a few other stories that I could tell but they’d detract from the good stories to come 🙂

John drops me home, and we pass a police escort going the other way on Homebush Bay Drive (typically taking up all four lanes). THe traffic behind the escort was horrendous, added to the fact that it was a footy night. Bec later told me that the traffic was banked up by about 15k’s.

So anyhow I get back from a late day at work, stressing cos I thought that Bec would be waiting for me at home (but cos of the traffic, she wasn’t). So I made her a nice tea, and we had a candle lit dinner (btw, my entire family is in Townsville for my cousin’s wedding). Well empty house, her, I, candle lit dinner, you fill in the gaps.

But we did have to go back to her place after that, where I stayed the night (nothing naughty mind you – I was sharing a room with her brother). She woke me up at 6:30, which I think is the earliest she’s ever gotten out of bed, and then her brother slipped into our bed at like, 8am, and we stayed there till 9am just mucking around.

Then we went shopping for her brother’s birthday, went to the beach, lazed around, Bec drove me back to my place and we had a bit of a soap opera ending… we had a disagreement about religion on the way home, so when we got there, she didn’t want to come in, which I got a bit.. *bleh* about, so then she asked for a goodbye kiss and I jokingly said “Nope”, then she drove off, came back, I upset her again cos I’m an arsehole, so she tried to leave, but didnt so I went and sat in the car with her in the driveway while we tried to sort stuff out, which we did, so things were OK for a bit.

Then she left and I felt all sadd cos I love her sooooo much and I felt like a shit hole for upsetting her, and I missed her sooo bad, and my clothes smelt like her and yeah… so then I watched a DVD and called her, and then she called me, and it was a bit weird, but I really hope we’ve moved on, cos I hate it when she’s upset with me, and I dont like it when we disagree, and I love her to bits and bits and bits and bits and bits and bits….

I’d rate today on the same scale as Wonderland, and the day we ran through the fountains. I’d rate it a 1232/10, and no misgivings, no nothing will ever change the way I feel about my Bec. That I promise.

Mwah babe.



Arse Huggin’ Pants

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I was gunna write in here yesterday, but I lost my password… oops.

After talkin to Bec last night, I went through every single phone number in my phone book and called all the ones I could for free… only one person answered… and it was only 11pm 😐 Oh, and one person was engaged if that counts?

(btw, if I didnt call you and you have a Teltra mobile, or an Optus pre-paid, then chances are I lost your number when my phone went away to Nokia Heaven a little while ago, so send it to me again if you like).

I also called the long-lost Bec Bell (remember her? From aages ago, I’d find the link to the post except I can’t). Her phone was off, but I left a return phone number. I wonder how she reacted? I don’t dare email her, or send her anything in the post… why I called her at 11:00 I don’t know – if she had answered, she really wouldn’t have appreciated it.

Telstra bill came – all time low I think: Fifty Five dollars and Zero cents. I’m so proud 🙂

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You know… apart from being mugged, absolutally nothing of major interest has happened at all.

I did Bec’s excel assignment for her yesterday if that counts?

Looks like Dad also might have found me a car, a Peugot 505 in good nick, which’ll be good. My cousin Ruth has one, they’re nice cars, very reliable, cheap to fix (if you can find a mechanic who knows european motors)… however I also get the feeling that Bec and Bec’s Dad will be a bit dissapointed if I don’t buy their neighbour’s Mazda 626…

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I got to write a police statement!

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Wakey Wakey

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Bleh. I feel half asleep. I couldn’t sleep last night though… I was still sitting awake at 1am…

But I sent an SMS to Andy G telling him what happened to me, and Mandy rang him to tell him, and he read my SMS and goes “That’s reallly terrible dude, I’m so sorry that happened to you, so if anyone else was on the Sydenham train at 9:25 this morning we’d love to hear from you…” and yeah that was pretty cool 🙂 He also read my SMS telling Sydney that I loved Bec… too bad not many people are listening at 11:50pm….



Fuckin fucked fuck

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Today was a fairly normal morning. I got up (reluctantly), got dressed, went to work.

Somewhere between Homebush and Flemmington station, I got punched in the face three times, and twice on the back of the head.

The dude’s wanted my discman, wallett and mobile phone. I had no idea what they were on about, and it wasn’t really till I got punched in the back of the head that I think I really realsied that I was being mugged. The bastard’s didnt get anything – they might have if some woman hadn’t yelled at me to get off the train (we were pulling up to Flemmington), cos I was in such a paralyzed state I had no idea what to do.

I got a frikkin huge headache, a very swollen eye, but thats about it really. The police woman that looked after me said that I was lucky they didn’t have a knife or a fake gun (or a real gun!) cos there’s been 26 reported muggings on the trains in the last 7 days, I made number 27, and a lot of them involved weapons, in broad daylight (it happened to me at 9:25am).

I seriously freaked Bec out – she rang me just as the police were coming to ask me questions and had no idea what had happened, and she goes “How are you?” and I said “Horrible, I just got robbed on the train (well I didnt really get robbed, cos they didnt get anything)” and then I had to go cos the police were waiting to talk to me… which I sholdn’t have done cos it reallly flipped her out. I’m sorry bubby!!

Kinda got Mum all worried as too (understandably) cos she was the first person I rang, very emotional and not really knowing what I was saying or doing and she was in the middle of colouring her hair – when I got home, she’d literally dropped everything, washed her hair and came to the train station (She told me to ring the police, so I went to the guard’s cabin and they did it for me).

So that was my eventful day. Bec’s coming around soon and my eye seriously hurts. Just as well I dont gotta go to work tomorrow cos I look like a pile of shit that’s been put in the microwave for 5 mins on high.

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I’m happy wondeful

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Hmmz yesterday was weird-as…

Yesterday I almost lost my job. I screwed up too many times in two-three days (most of which wern’t really my fault, they just happened to happen to me), and now I’m banned from sales, and I’m not fast enough to do repairs. So I’m employed, but don’t have a job atm…

But I have made the decision to go to Uni next year. John said to me “We’re not technitians, we’re enthusiasts” and he was so right… so I’m going back to school next year, probably the course I was accepted into last year – Batchelor of Information Technology at ACU Nth Sydney.

But to make up for a realllly shitty day, I spent alll last night with Bec 😀 We went to a resturant, saw a movie, and then just relaxed at her place. Seeing as she has her P’s, we no longer needed parental guidence, which meant we were really free to do anything we liked, which was great. Got home about just past midnight, and had to get up real early this morning, so I’m kinda a bit dead atm… Bleh…

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