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I don’t think I’ll take the job.

It’s just not what I’m after – 6 days a week for a nominal pay increase, an extra two hours per day (9-6 working and I’d be a fair travel time).

But most importantly, if it aint broke, why fix it? I thought about what I want in a job – what matters, and what doesn’t. I have what I want at my current place, and OK, so there’s some aspects that aint so good, but hey.. *shrugs* No one’s perfect

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Not my quotes – from www.bash.org

[B2uc] and why do girls say they want honesty…then don’t…like the other night I was like “What would you like to do?…movie or go out to eat?”…it was like “Well what do you want to do?”…I was like “Well if it was up to me…we’d just go home and fuck and then you could drive yourself home while I catch the last of the ball game”
[B2uc] and then I get a dirty look.

[OwnerDemon] It kind of sucks now that there are so many computer jokes and innuendos on bash.org that people like me can’t understand them.
[TheOne] 7|-|47z (|_|z j0012 4 f|_||<1n9 DUMB4SS!
[OwnerDemon] Exactly.

notten: it’s cliche shit and i’d rather masturbate with sandpaper than watch a minute of mtv

### Psyber converts paige’s vibrator from .5 milliamps to 200 amps
### Paige is gone (07:19PM): brb.. *bzzzz*

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Ok back

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So anyway, I got to meet my bro’s gf today. Kinda boring, they were a bit noisy with their making-out. Bec and I were at my Dad’s computer and could hear them!

Speak of ‘putys, I also got some new toys for mine – a Thermaltake Harcano 5 and a fancy-pants blue-LED-lit fan controller and a funky on-off button for my neon.

So thats a short but sweet summary of my day!




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Well what an interesting day I’ve had today…

This morning I had to make a delivery to Bennelong Apartments, on Maquarie Street – the dude I delivered them to owns two (thats 2) Ferarri’s – one Red, one Black.

So then I think to myself “I haven’t seen Rainer (a dude that I used to work with at my current work) for a while – I’ll go visit him at his new job in the city”. So I did.

And I start talking to his manager. As it happens, they’re looking for a new full-time employee, and seeing as Rainer and I came from the same place, he offers me a job. He says to me “Hand in your notice at your current place and come work for me”. So I’ve got a fair bit of thinking to do.

THe good thing is, it might not mean leaving John – I like my manager. I don’t like the owners that much. John’s gone off them too. But one of this new store’s other stores is looking for a new manager, so I gave John some good words, and John should get a call in a day or two from this guy to see whether he wants to manage for him. The other store’s in York Street though.

Then Bec came round this arvo, we went to Burwood and she got her nails done, and I watched (for 40 mins :o)). Typically there were no good movies on at the times we wanted to see them.

My brother’s gf also came over today, so so Bec got to meet her too… oh brb




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Just a quick note to say that my week was boring, nothing worth noting, the work experience kid that I totally forgot about was OK but didnt really know that much about comptuers but hey thats OK thats why he does work experience and we had this really weird customer yesterday but yeah and bec’s coming around soon so that shouldbe good and yeah.


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