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Hehe, oops. I blogged *is embarrased*

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You know, I want to write good stuff in here. I want to write about how they found Rob’s Honda CRX, about how the Metro crime squad has almost arrested the bastards. But I can’t.

No, because there’s been one underlying shadow that’s been going on underneath all this that I haven’t written about yet. It goes something like this:

Bec.. says:
i says:
i says:
Your pic is all white…….
Bec.. says:
I know
Bec.. says:
empty and blank like me
! says:

Bec.. says:
How r u?
! says:
! says:
! says:
And shithouse
Bec.. says:
What’s wrong?
! says:
You know exactly whats wrong
Bec.. says:
is mandy more important than me?
! says:
I can’t just walk away from her
! says:
I can’t just end a friendship
! says:
I can’t believe you’re even asking me to
! says:
I’ve known the girl for over 12 months, I can’t just say, out of the blue “Oh I can’t see you any more”
! says:
“I cant talk ot you any more”
! says:
“I cant be your friend”
! says:
I just CANT do it
! says:
It’s not physically within me to do it
Bec.. says:
but u can do it to me?
! says:
It was hard enough asking her to leave the chat room the other day
! says:
Im not doing anything to you
! says:
You’re doing it to yourself, you WANT to hate her
! says:
Theres NOTHING I can do to change it
! says:
Even getting her to leave the chat room didnt help
Bec.. says:
I’m NOT doing it to myself; you dont’ CARE how i feel, u probably odn’t even UNDERSTAND. Sometimes I think u want me gone.

Ok long story short, she wants me to stop being friends with Mandy because she hates her. I dont know WHY she hates her, because she can’t tell me. But I can’t just end a relationship with Mandy. I’ve NEVER ended a relationship with ANYONE. EVER. Out of all the girls I’ve dated, they’ve all dumped me. I honestly don’t think I can end a relationship. Espeically not just because someone else wants me to.

It’s just not in my nature. Call me vain, but I’m a nice guy. I really am. No one has ever told me that I’m not a nice guy. And as a nice guy, I can’t do it. I just can’t.

It’s true. Nice guys really do finish last.

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Do NOT EVER ever EVER tell me that Sydney is a safe place to live.

Last night our store was robbed. AGAIN. With GUNS. The FUCKERS came in and tied up my manager and Phil, took EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING. THere was not ONE piece of stock left. THen what did they do?

They stole their FUCKING cars. They stole Phil’s FTO, which is FULLY IMPORTED, and Phil spent EVERY CENT that he has earnt in the last two years on. They stole my manager’s son’s car, a Honda CRX.

They didn’t use gloves, they didn’t use masks, they just walked in with guns! I don’t believe it! And to add insult to injury, they stole all our CREDIT CARDS, KEYS, CAR KEYS, DRIVERS LICENSES!

They stole ALL the customer’s service machines too, so now we have to ring up all our customers and say “Oh shit, Im sorry, your computer was STOLEN!”



— Edit —
They found Phil’s FTO abandonded, but with no wheels….

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May as well do it – everyone else has

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+ name: Mark
+ nicknames: UUuh… Mark
+ sex: Male
+ birthdate: 4th of October, 1985
+ star sign: I dont freaking know
+ place of birth: Adelaide, Australia
+ current residence: Townhouse, Sydney, Australia
+ hair colour: Brownish
+ eye colour: Greenish I think
+ height: 175cm
+ writing hand: Right

+ do you bite your nails: Only when they’re too long!
+ can you roll your tongue: Yer I think so
+ can you raise one eyebrow at a time: Only the right one, strangely enough
+ can you blow smoke rings: No, never tried either. Never plan on it.
+ can you blow spit bubbles: Yeah… 🙂
+ can you cross your eyes: Well there’s a LONG story about some permanant damage I did to my eyes doing that, so yes.
+ coloured hair: Only once… earlier this year
+ tattoos and where: None… ever!
+ piercings and where: Noine!
+ do you make your bed daily: Hell no
+ what goes on first, bra or underwear: I don’t wear a bra, fuckwit. What are you implying? Grrr… Im gunna smack you in a minute
+ which shoe goes on first: lol whichever one I find first!
+ speaking of shoes, thrown one at someone: YES! Many people!
+ how much money is usually in your wallet: Anywhere between nothing (like today) and $120
+ what jewelery do you wear 24/7: My crucifix neclace my step-grandma bought for me on my confirmation
+ what’s sexiest on a guy: Uh….. Ben Affleck rocks
+ do you twirl your sphagetti or cut it: Twirl!
+ how many cereals are in your cabinet: 3
+ what utensils do you use when eating pizza: Fingers!

+ how often do you brush your teeth: Every morning
+ how often do you shower/bathe: Every morning
+ how long do these showers last: 5 mins?
+ hair drying method: With a TOWEL. THis is such a chick quizz
+ do you paint your nails: Pfft what am I, a fag?
+ do you mumble to yourself: Yeah… how embarrasing
+ do you spit in public: Very rarely
+ in the cd player: Ummm…. which CD player? lol I’v got about 5 in atm
+ person you talk most on the phone with: Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubbby
+ what colour is your bedroom: White
+ do you use an alarm clock: Sure do! I’d be asleep 24/7 without it!
+ name one thing or person you’re obsessed with: BEC!
+ have you ever skinnydipped with the opposite sex: Heh, no
+ ever sunbathed in the nude: sunbathed? No again
+ window seat or aisle: Only flown once in my life, but Dad says Aisle cos then you dont have to get over everyones legs when you need to go poo
+ what’s your sleeping position: Heh, all over the place
+ what kind of bed do you like: BECS!
+ in hot weather do you use a blanket: Hell no
+ do you snore: NO!
+ do you sleepwalk: Nope!
+ do you talk in your sleep: Sometimes
+ lights on or off: Off
+ do you fall asleep with the tv or radio on: Radio. I can’t get to sleep without it!

+ watched bambi: I have NEVER SEEN IT! Fuckin chicks
+ cried: Ages ago
+ talked on the phone: Bout 35 mins ago
+ read a book: Bout two weeks ago
+ punched someone: Umm… its been a while actually!
+ where do you see yourself ten years from now: Married I hope!
+ who are you gonna be married to and where: Beccie! In a church
+ how many kids do you want to have: Hmm I better say 3-4 for Beccies sake
+ your profession: I.T. Guru guy who gets paid shitloads

+ who are your best friends: Garrett, Beccie
+ what friend do you hang out with the most: Beccie
+ what friend makes you smile the most: Beccie and Gazza
+ friend that you fight with the most: Beccie and Shannon
+ one you talk to the most online: Beccie and Garrett
+ friend that you miss the most: Garrett

+ pop music: Not really
+ rock music: Yes
+ punk music: Yes
+ rap music: Some
+ r&b music: Some
+ country music: NO!
+ jazz music: Some
+ classical music: Some
+ new age music: Yep
+ what is one band/singer you like that no one else does or seems to have heard of: Ben Folds, Reel Big Fish, Astral Projection, Massive Attack, Enigma, the list goes on!!

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Smiles :)

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I love my beccie 🙂

We had a picnic lunch at Bicenenntial park, chips (mandatory of course!), sauce, ceaser salad, greek salad, pasta dish, chocolate, strawberries… It rocked… Beccie rocks… Mwah bubs!

We haven’t had such a relaxing time since about March. She had to be home by 3ish and had a headache so the only bad thing is that she left 🙁 But hey, one day… *dreams*




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View | Sign

There we go, just a temp link for the moment!

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I should stop blogging at work

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I’m kinda writing this in reponse to somethign Beccie wrote on her website about me, so if it doesn’t many any sense, I apologise.

Beccie and I have been brought up in very different households. My family aint that close, we’re on the move, we’ve lived country, city, inbetween (Adelaide anyone?), whereas Bec’s family is quite close, with regular contact with her extended family as they all live in the same vacinity.

I like the outdoors, I like camping. Bec prefers to stay in hotels. I have no objections to staying in a caravan park, or a resort (heh except for the price tag of some resorts). But that doesn’t mean that we can’t be compatible. My Mum’s never been an avid camper, but she still goes with us (sometimes!). If she doesn’t come with, its a boys trip with me and Dad and my brother, and sometimes our best friends and their Dad. It’s a good bonding session. Like women going shopping with their girlfriends, we go camping.

There are ways that we can both do what we like best, but we both have to make sacrifices and we both have to compromise. I could possibly go camping, while she goes shopping in Melbourne. Then the money I can save on camping (cos camping’s cheap), she can spend when she goes to Melbourne. Sure, I’d rather have her with me, and she (I hope) would like to have me there shopping… on second thoughts, maybe she’d rather shop without me. But still you get what I mean.

Communication is a fulcrum in relationships. With some reasonable discussion with no outragous demands or claims, a lot can be acheived. Its gotta work, cos my Dad’s a city boy and Mum’s a country girl and they get along like pea’s in a pod. Most of the time. 😛

– Edit –
And I don’t think you’re stupid for doing the stuff you do with your family, in fact, I think it’s great that you can do what you do… I’ve only ever been to the Gold Coast once and it was for a whole, umm, 3 days.

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I bought me a laptop:

Toshiba Portege


Needless to say I paid about ooh… a thousand dollars LESS than the RRP… auction’s rock 🙂 http://www.graysonline.com.au for future reference 🙂

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*the wheels on the bus…*

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I feel like going back to primary school, without a worry, without a care… where the most important thing was which coloured icing you had on your finger bun for little lunch, and if it was pink you were going to get teased, so if it WAS pink, you had to pretend to not like it, but secretly on the inside, pink’s your favourite colour.

Speaking of primary school, does anyone remember POG? Around 1995-96… our entire school was engulfed by it, I can remember buying pog, and slammers, I had a HUGE collection, and I used to win slammers all the time and then people would get upset about loosing them and we’d get into a fight and we’d both end up crying and the teacher would have to break up the fight. I STILL have my Tazo collection – I have EVERY SINGLE ONE of the ORIGINAL Tazo’s – none of these bullshit “Techno Tazos” or “Simpsons Tazos” – these are the ORIGINALS, of all the Warner Bro’s cartoon characters, I even have the offical Tazo Collecter’s Album, which has back sheets for all the tazo’s. I even have doubles of a lot of them!

Anyway as I was saying before I started rameblling, life then was good. Dont have to worry about customer relations, getting bills paid on time, finding high-resolution images for your advertisments in the SMH this weekend or they won’t be able to print the ad… I don’t want my kids to grow up too fast. I dont even have any kids, but when I do, I want them to enjoy every bit of life, as much as I did, if not more (cos I never had many friends at primary school). I want my kids to experience Australia. I want them to see the Northern Territory, The Gold Coast, Mackay, Rockhampton, Philip Island, Orange, Dubbo (great zoo there), Alice Springs, Adelaide, Perth, Fremantle… hell I haven’t even been to some of those places!

But most of all, I want them to love this country. I love this country. Working in Auburn and living close to Auburn really doesn’t make you want to love this country. Sure, Australia’s greatest sporting moment was held here – the Olympics, but they were held in Melbourne once too. Here, there are no aussies. They’re all lebonese, indian, pakistanian. It’s not that that bothers me. What bothers me is the fact that when Ig et off at Auburn station, people look at me weird BECAUSE I’m an Aussie. People ask me “What nationality are you?”. I’ve never been asked that before. It freaks me out. You tell em I’m Aussie, but they don’t believe me. They say “You’re polish aint you?” Freaky thing is they’re right. I am polish. BUt about 12822280 generations ago.

*goes back to sleep*




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Check this out; it arrived in my inbox today!

—– Original Message —–
From: “iPrimus Network Abuse” abuse @iprimus.com.au
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx @iprimus.com.au
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 2:26 PM
Subject: Fw: Case ID xxxxxxxxxx – Notice of Claimed Infringement

This appears to be related to your connection…

iPrimus Network Abuse

—– Original Message —–
From: “Copyright” copyright -Asia@bsa.org
To: abuse @iprimus.com.au
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 1:56 PM
Subject: Case ID xxxxxxx – Notice of Claimed Infringement

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

19 Pitt Street
Circular Quay, Sydney, AU

RE: Unauthorized Distribution of the following copyrighted computer program(s):

Microsoft Windows

Dear Sir/Madam:

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has determined that computer programs published by the BSA’s member companies are being publicly offered for unauthorized copying at the site specified below. We seek your assistance as this location appears to make use of an Internet account under your control.

While no judicial determination of infringement has been made, we have a good faith belief that this activity violates copyright laws and probably your terms of service as well. In contacting you in this manner, we seek your prompt assistance in having the content removed or activity discontinued. Voluntary, appropriate action can both render legal measures unnecessary and serve a positive educational purpose.

Site Details:
Date Found: 18 Oct 2003 19:30:34 EDT (GMT -0400)
Network: DirectConnect
IP Address:
IP Port:
Protocol: DirectConnect
UserName: AU-Farseeker

Content being offered:
Filename: cd images\Windows NT 4 Workstation\NT4 Wkstation.sub (27,747kb)
Filename: cd images\Windows NT 4 Workstation\NT4 Wkstation.img (679,797kb)

Based upon BSA’s representation of the copyright owners in anti-piracy matters, we have a good faith belief that none of the materials or activities listed above has been authorized by the rightholders, their agents, or the law. BSA represents that the information in this notification is accurate and states, under penalty of perjury, that it is authorized to act in this matter on behalf of the copyright owners listed above.

Making copyrighted software available for unauthorized downloading online is highly damaging to copyright holders and wastes your network resources.

Furthermore, such unauthorized activity exposes the offender and related third parties to potential legal liability.

We appreciate your cooperation in protecting legitimate interests and making the Internet a safe and legal environment. Please advise us regarding what
actions you take.

Please include the following Case ID in any response you send: Case ID

Yours sincerely,

Business Software Alliance,
URL: http://www.bsa.org
E-mail: Copyright-Asia@bsa.org

I believe that classifies as: OOPS!

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Was reading. I read this (called the Revelations):

Here we are, things that I contemplate, an insight to the complex mind of me…

The Universe
Ah yes, the infamous universe. How many people sit there and think but how can it just END! Personally, Ive given up on the universe, Im more curious about how peanut butter is made, but if we must go through it! Some say it doesnt end and someone must still building it, others say its a big circle. Well! I sphinx of it likes this: When you stand on top of a hill you can see for miles and miles (and miles!) until it fades away to the horizon. You know theres more there, you just cant see it. Just like the Universe!

Whats the deal with clouds? (And airline food!) How can something so light, fluffy and pure be full of shitty weather? Why do we lie on our backs on the soft Spring grass and watch balls of water blob along the sky? I guess the day God made clouds she wanted to disguise the shitty weather with pretty clouds so we all lie there and say Horrid weather, but nice clouds, eh!

The Lure of Wrong Doings
Why are things sooooo wrong always soooo right? Because thats the way things are. We are punished for doing wrong, but why is wrong always prettied up to look like so much fun?! Purely for the thrill of being caught, or getting hurt. Why do we get excited watching stunts? Because we want to see them die, people! Why do we encourage violence, same reason! Why do we want to rub against poison ivy? Because it will hurt! What do we want to get with the boy next door, because he IS the boy next door! We want to be punished! We love it! Why do we want that hottie with the girlfriend? Because he HAS a girlfriend! We like being punished and its also about reverse psychology, if its wrong, if we are told not to do it! Weve already done it. As a matter of fact, dont keep reading these revelations, dont.

Social Status
We have nerds, and we have nerds. Then we have the people no one knows who they are after 6 years of going to the same school, the peeps that float about in the middle somewhere, the slightly upper classes, the upper classes and then those people. Each one has their enemies. Those people hack out on their own kind, and well, almost everyone. The middlies again choose their own kind and the nerds. The forgotten ones dont get bitched about often because quite frankly, they dont exist and the nerds take care of the nerds and the nerds bitch about Star Wars and Star Trek and how much of a hottie princess Leia is. Sometimes I wonder why we arent equal. Sure! Equality in theory works. In theory communism works, in theory!

Screwing, Making Love and Getting Down
Righto, as we know there are many euphemisms for sex. Although as we me have noticed, they each have a slightly different meaning. For example, having sex is purely that, it just happens. Making love is more romantic and nice. Screwing is the hardcore kind. You see what I mean? Heres a bit of a table for you.

Having sex = something that just happens.
Making lurve = same as getting down
Do/did it = awkward, similar to having sex
Humping = like rooting but this is what 9-13 year olds say
Fucking = same as screwing
Getting down = Groovin kind (music-Barry White, Nora Jones, etc)
Make babies = what sex is called to those under the age of 8.
Bonking = slightly more mature way of jumping
Making love = Nice/romantic sex
Get it on = possibly X between getting down and screwing
Beast with two backs = Elizabethan era, similar to screwing, I suppose.
Rooting = similar to jumping only more mature
Screwing = hardcore
Get jiggy = same as get it on.
Jumping = same as humping
Funky comedena = get down

Good Cooks
Now what I don’t get is how someone can be a great cook, if they didn’t make up the recipe. They are following instructions! Do this, then that, add stuff and a cook it for whatever minutes. That isn’t art – that’s more like maths! You don’t say “wow, you’re an excellent cook!” if they haven’t made it up! Fell free, however to say “Wow! You are excellent at following instructions! Try making up your own recipe – then see how good you cook!”

Skanky Fairies
Has anyone else noticed that fairies are little skanks? Sure, they act all innocent! They have the tiniest skirts that barely cover their arse, two pieces of leaf, covering the front and back…tsk tsk tsk. What is this, Adam and Eve!! Skanky little fairies in their slutty nightclubs, a pair getting on in the corner… So this is how Disney protrays fairies… Like 19 year old skanks down the nightclubs on High Street!

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Girls.. its all about the girls…

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She goes home tonight, yay.

I swear, our family ONLY ever fights when there’s 5 of us. WHen there’s just 4 of us it’s all good, regardless of who’s gone, whether it’s Dad, or my Sis or, Me or my Bro…

Had a really shithouse morning this morning… I shoulda stayed in bed like I wanted to, woulda avoided a lot of trouble and pain… My parents aren’t exactly the “encouraging” type sometimes… For example, in Year 9, I made a bowl in Ceramics, ok it was a shit bowl (I’ve NEVER been good with my hands, I can’t even draw stick figures), but still, I made it; and Mum popped it in the bin when I wasn’t looking. I found it in the bin and go “What’s that doing in the bin???” I got it out, and it ended up being an invaluable bowl in our old rumpus room. We had it up until we moved to Sydney.

That’s also one of the reasons I don’t like it that my sister’s here, she’s always better than me, she’s better with her hands, she’s smarter, she can drive, she at least did 2 years of Uni……….. she irritates me so much.




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I have an extra inhabitant at our place at the moment… 🙁 Here’s some hints: We’re related, she has terrible person hygine, she can be irritating, she comes from Melbourne… yeahh… she’s my sister… she goes home Monday…

I guess she’s not really that bad, its just that.. oh I dunno…

ANyways I sacrificed the Nova 19’s in my suburb (which NO ONE ever comes to) to go to the movies with Beccie, and you know what – I reallly don’t regret it, it was great 🙂 It was jsut like being married, even down to the arguing 😛 THe only shitty thing was that she had to go home at the end.

One day… one day *dreams*

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Its raining, its pouring…

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Its raining again… heh last time I was in Sydney it was the middle of winter and beautiful 25 degree days… now that it’s my first year here and spring it’s raining and cold… bit like Melbourne, really!

Something’s up with Bec, and I dont know what. She’s being very quiet, doesn’t say much and as soon as I get her to laugh, she goes straight back to mopeing and I wish she’d tell me what was on her mind. Even if I can’t change the situation (for once I don’t think it’s me she’s upset about), talking about it certainly helps.

I even told her something that I’m really really ashamed of. It’s worse than breaking the law if you ask me, it makes me look pathetic and simple. But it felt good to tell someone who cared. She told me that it wasn’t pathetic, but of course it really was. Anyhow… back to work…

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$1900 Credit Limit on my credit card *dances* Now alls I gotta do is wait for the letter telling me to go pick it up 🙂

And no. No spending spree! I just wanna use it for online shopping!

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