Back to basics

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New summer design 🙂 I know, it’s not a christmas design, it’s not even very “warmish”… but I was feeling inspired 🙂 Most of the main pages done, just imagery to go! It’ll all look stilly at the moment!

John didn’t turn up to work today… his wife popped in for a few moments, and I gave him back his keys – so he’ll be forced to at least come back to return them. It strange, it’s almost as if he walked out months ago, I’ve already written him off in my mind… I have this gut feeling that he won’t be back. He’s left a lot of work behind though, and a lot of situations that need rectifying.

When his wife came in today she goes “John wants you to call the police and give them a copy of the footage”… John really did expect me to just go home last night and forget about it. Pfft, like I’d do that. I dont think he’d be too happy if he finds out that I’ve already told Toney before he got a chance. But hey, what the hell was I meant to do? Just leave? I dont think so.

I guess I feel betrayed. I mean, he just walked out on me. He left me there to sort it out. Again. And then he expected me to just go home. As if I’d do that, I deal with it then and there so there’s nothing left to mess me up later. I’m also dissapointed that John didn’t hold me in a high enough regard to think that I’d call the police myself… I feel very let down. Toney’s been great though, he got Chong to come in and fill in today, and I know he’ll go easy on me for a little while.

It’s always been a bit like that with John, he’ll leave things late enough so that when he tells me to do them it’s always “Already done it John” – by the time he’d come in the day after the armed robbery I’d already gone next door to get some cleaning stuff and had cleaned the whole front of the shop (it was covered in fingerprint dust). When something comes in for a service, I’ve already fixed it before John remembers about it. I respond to important emails and faxes and when John comes in he goes “Oh, I should do something abotu that, shouldn’t I?” “Its cool John I’ve already done it – it was due an hour ago”. I guess I held him on a bit of a pedestal when I started, cos it was my first full time job and it was in a computer store (my heaven ;)) and he was just kinda cool to get along with. And now all this icky stuff has soured our relationship. I’m not a kiss-and-tell kinda person, and I am a forgive and forget kinda person. But I have this feeling I won’t be seeing John to have a chance to forgive him.

His actions were irresponsible, and frankly dangerous, and pitiful. I have proved a lot to myself though. I am capable of looking after myself, I can (and always have) taken the inititive. I don’t hesitate to plough head first into a situation and get the whole thing rectified. And I don’t do anything that I would shame myself for. I wish the same could be said for John.

Recognise him??? I have better facial shots at work:

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What a good yet shit day.

I inherited a shop today. John quit. I dont know if he’ll be back either. We were closing up the shop and I go “John, where’s that Toshiba Tecra S1 notebook?” and John goes “Over on the counter” and I go “No its not”. Checked the security footage, and at 16:04, there’s a kid sticking it down his pants. When I showed the footage to my manager, he puts his hand in his pocket, pulls out his keys and gives them to me. “Here Mark, I’m outta here. YOu can run the store. I’m sick of this shit. Can you lock up?” “You OK John?” “Yeah I’m fine. I’ll call Toney tomorrow, smooth things over with thim and I’m quitting.” “But I dont wanna run the store…” and he left. I dunno if he’ll be back after the weekend. It was his fault too, cos he left the laptop on the desk.

But that’s no excuse for walking out on me. Fark, I’m only 18. Sure I’m responsible, I called the police, called Bec to get her to pick me up, police arrived, I gave them the footage, explained what happened, filled in the report. But John shouldn’t have left. Dad cracked the shits when I told him that John walked out… and I agree – John messed up, he shouldn’t have walked out. QUit, sure. I would if I was him. But he shoulda hung around.

ANYWAY ON HAPPY NOTES: Bec had dinner with us tonight 🙂 She rocks. But she made me watch Home and Away 🙁 Neh it’s all good 🙂 I luvv her to BITS and she KNOWS IT 😀 She good at giving back massages tooooooo… and she came and picked me up from work (first time ever!!) to take me home (cos Pastor Neville and his wife were here for tea, waiting for us lol). Yeah Bec you’re wonderful. I love you 🙂

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The not-so-evil god of hometime smiled on me today 🙂

I left work on time, had a pleasant walk to the station, bought a 600ml coke and only paid 2 bucks – cheapset ever lol! Then I get to the station and buy a packet of chips (me being healthy) and as the packet fell down, it collected another one wiht it, so I had 2 packets of chippies!!

Then I get to Strathfield just as my normal train is pulling up (which NEVER happens) and I hopped in – I GOT A SEAT ON A PEAK HOUR TRAIN!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!

So yeah 🙂 God does love me!! Either that or I did something really good today…

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Fill in the blanks!

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Pulled this outta someone elses LiveJournal. Fill it in if ya like 🙂

I ____ Mark.
Mark is ____.
If I were alone in a room with Mark, I would ____.
I think Mark should ____.
Mark needs ____.
Mark will never ____.
I want to _____ Mark.
Mark can ____ my _____.
When I think about Mark, I ____.
Someday Mark will _____.
Mark reminds me of _____.
Without Mark, ____.
Memories of Mark are ____.
Mark can be ____.
____ is how I describe meeting Mark.
Worst thing about Mark is ____.
Best thing about Mark is _____.
Mark _____.



My ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend

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No, my ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend hasn’t started a band, but for those who have heard this song, it really is a great, fantastic song and I lubba it lots!

My ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend – Machine Gun Fellatio
This is a song I wrote by mistake
Which is nice

My ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend’s got a band
He writes love songs about her, and from what I understand
He’s the expert now at takin’ off her clothes
He’s got two songs on the radio, I wish I’d written those

My ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend’s got a band

My ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend’s got a band
Writes love songs about her even I can understand
And he’s got a certain something, I suppose
His new song’s on the radio, and this is how it goes
(this is him singing):

I don’t want to live in this world anymore
I don’t want to live in this world anymore
(He doesn’t want to live in this world anymore)
Where will I find true love?
(Where will he find true love?)

My ex-girlfriend naked on the sand
A summer’s day two years ago, when I was still her man
I was the expert then at takin’ off her clothes
And that’s all ancient history, and that’s the way it goes

But I’ve been working on my keyboards (yeah, right)
Practising guitar
And taking lots of bass lessons to expand my repertoire
And my new girlfriend, my new girlfriend,
My new girlfriend, my new girlfriend,
My new girlfriend, my new girlfriend,
My new girlfriend, my new girlfriend,
My new girlfriend, my new girlfriend,
My new girlfriend, my new girlfriend,
My new girlfriend’s boyfriend’s got a band

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Oops, I’ve deleted ALL the messages in my phone… even the ones that have been there for nearly 12 months… 🙁

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Kill Bill

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I saw Kill Bill today 🙂 Good movie… not really as violent as I thought. Relentless, cruel, uncaring is Uma Therman as our un-named protagonist… And it’s all… tasteful voiolence. As in, like, it’s just just chopping people’s limbs off for no reason. Ok. Yes it is. But it’s not with a chainsaw! Its proper fighting too… yeah it rocked. If you’re 18+ and no squirmish, go see it!!!!!



Drip Drop

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I like it when it rains. It means I can stay indoors and not feel guilty.

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Some more

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Heh ok some more formal photo’s have come trickeling in! You can check them out here!

Bec reckons that Simone (on the right) Simone is wearing a bra… I really do find women’s underwear strange…

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Does this make me a nerd?

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I’m assuming that the nerds amongst us will understand the importance of my latest upgrade:

I have too much spare time…

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I’m still awake, lol!

Formal Photo’s!!

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Still tired…

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*yawn* 6 hours to go… 6 hours to go… then 1 hour on the train… then sleeep… I like sleep…

Formal last night was BLOODY FANTASTIC! Bec and I danced for the first time ever, I got to meet some of her friends for the first time ever, I met her best friend Simone for the first time ever… lots of first times really lol!

The limo driver was 45 minutes late, Bec stressed heaps cos of her hair, dress, tan, everything really 😛 I left my camera in the limo so I had to get the dude to come back… speaking of which, Bec flirted with him something chronic 🙁 Neh its all good lol. She had a fantastic time (once we were there and I’d gotten the camera back from the Limo). I had a great time too. Stay tuned for photo’s (theres about 100mb worth – dont worry I’ll shrink them before I post them!!)




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Just got back from Beccie’s formal… had a great, fantastic, wonderful, brillian, top night. Really I did. Just emailing photo’s to her now. She’s gunna not be impressedw though cos I havent srhunk them, so they’re at 1600×1200 and 500k each and I’ve emailed like 6 of them to her 🙂

Shall write more later, 1am atm, time to go to BED as I gotta WORK tomorrow… and so does Beccie! Her work experience starts tomorrow morning at like 7am!!!



So wrong… yet true!

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[@kitten`] Scientists have determined that the average time for intercourse is four minutes. The average number of strokes per minute is nine, and since the average length of the penis is six inches, the average female received two hundred and sixteen inches or fifteen feet per intercourse. Three times per week, fifty two weeks in a year, so, 150 times 18 makes 2700 feet, or just over a mile and a half. If you are not getting your mile and a half, why not let me help out
[Ritontor] strokes per minute is 9?
[i] rofl
[m0zz] 4 minutes?
[revva] lol
[Ritontor] what the deuce?
[m0zz] 4 minutes is average!?
[kb_DeAd] the average length of the male penis is 15cm
[i] well since i got at least 9 inches, you should be getting 2 and a 1/4 miles
[@mima] like 4 min is way too short
[kb_DeAd] the average depth of a female vagina is 18cm
[kb_DeAd] goin on current population
[kb_DeAd] australia has 12,367 feet of unused pussy
[i] hang on… work out the average amount of cum we shoot up a woman each time
[i] and we can work out miles per gallon
[Mad-Cow] rofl
[@catinahat] heAe Ahe AEHA EhaEH
[@catinahat] youre all fucked up

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My goodness I do write some useless/boring posts! *shrugs*

Going to Justin from Work’s place tonight for a bit of a drink, working on the Saturday which could be interesting 😛

Sunday have an appointment with Mr. Nick (hair sylist expert guy) at Burwood and he’s gunna help me make all the other boy’s jelous. And all the other girl’s jelous too. I wish.

Then Monday is the day of the formal, I forgot to tell Bec last night that me Mum’s working on Monday so I might have to drop my suit to her place on Sunday and just get changed at her place. Bec has to work on the Tuesday, but I got the Tuesday off so I can recover. Not that there’ll be any parties anyway and I’ll prolly be in bed by 1am.

Work’s quiet. New guy Adam started yesterday. He seems OK in real life… dunno what to make of him on MSN though. But he seems OK. Lost his cold feet soon enough. Auburn was a bit of a holiday for him, as he worked at Stanmore yesterday and everyone always gets worked hard at Stanmore.

Nothing else to report, but if anyone knows how to install a D-Link DSL-200 ADSL modem on a shitbox Windows 98 machine, please let me know, I’m really not having any luck. I hate D-Link.

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