Guess where I am

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Neh, murray river wazs boring really, good scenery, have 320 photo’s which I might put up the better ones up later.

I’m in Melbourne 🙂 At Ty’s place! Heh, an insite into a gay radio announcer’s job… it roxors 🙂

More from the newsbench later!

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Here fishy fishy!

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Heh I’m in Loxton (on a houseboat) on the River Murray in SA, just quickly popping on the internet via the wonders of Mobile Phones.

I’ve got the worst sunburn I’ve ever had, and sun-stroke, so I can hardly walk, my feet hurt, my knee’s are burning, and I’ve got a headache 🙁

And I miss Bec 🙁

Anyways back to the holiday…

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I’m off…

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I’m only connected at 9.6k but I’m at the boarding lounge for Virgin at Sydney Aipor…. I board in about 15 mins.

So won’t be posting here for a while, but I wish you all a very very merry christmas and a great new year – hopefully 2004 will be a much happier year for you than 2003 has been for me!!

I love you Bec, sorry about having to go away for Christmas. You know that if there was any other way about it, I would have done it. I love you. xxoooxxxoo

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87.65 🙂 WELL DONE BUBS!!!!

That’s heaps better than what I did in my VCE!

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I don’t get it…

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I had this all written out but Internet Exploiter decided to delete it all 😐

There’s the double standard. You know every detail about my life, you know my login names, my passwords. You can read my emails, you can sign into my MSN, you can use my usernames on forums, even on this blog. I’ve even let you sign into my internet banking. I’ve never asked for any of your passwords. Ever. I don’t really want them, because they’re none of my business. And I know that if I did ask for them, I wouldn’t get them. I’m not even allowed to sign into your LJ (one password I DO know) to read your friends-only posts (which is everything now anyway).

I’ve left you with plenty of privacy. I don’t go looking through your stuff. And when you ask me not to do things (like pre-read your LJ from before you met me) I didn’t. I still havent. When I ask you not to do something, you still do it anyway. I know you signed into my MSN the other day when you though I was avoiding you, when you promised you wouldn’t. I don’t go prying through your phone, even last Tuesday when we swapped (believe me, I didn’t). All I would like is a little privacy and not have to explain every single tiny little thing. And if there’s something I dont want to tell you, there might be a reason for it. A good reason.

There’s the drama queen. “I failed my HSC Im gunna fail my HSC” BULLSHIT. ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT. Your MSN name even says that you passed!!!! “YAY I PASSED” it says. Your subject marks were ALL well above half way. So WHY do you say things like that??? Every little thing has to be blown wayy out of proportion – especially when you don’t get your own way. Need I mention Mandy? Or Bec? The Bec that you hated so bad that you now talk to regularly. God forbid if you ever remember Kym.

There’s the kind loving pereson. The person that saves her granddad, the person that keeps a level head. The forgiving person. The person that would be a social worker. The person that loves her brother, even though she spends most of her time telling me how much she hates him. I’ve seen you two together, I’m not as thick as I look. There’s the person that kisses me gently on the head when I fall alseep on your bed (in the middle of the day).

There’s the explorer. A person that’s not afraid to step out (rollercoaster anyone?).
There’s the homegirl. Who doesn’t want to leave Sydney, or Terrey Hills. Ever. Sometimes these two people conflict in my head.

There’s the person I fell in love with. The person that runs under water fountains, goes to wonderland, wins scholarships and does good in her VCE. HSC. That Year 12 thing. There’s the person that sits around in her undies and watches TV with me. There’s the person that bought me 52 hours of DVDs. There’s the person that dedicates a love song to me with Richard Mercer, the Love God. There’s the person that tries to scramble eggs for me (even though I hate eggs).

There’s the sad person. The person that cries when I go away. The person that’s easily hurt by other people’s rash behaviour. The person that cares so much it hurts. The person that just has ‘those kinda days’ (don’t we all?). There’s the person that’s been hurt in the past, badly. Not all my fault, but some of it. There’s the “medication”. There’s the doctors. There’s the illnesses. None of it really helps. There’s the person that crys on the school steps when she finds out her boyfriend has a black eye and a bruised ego.

There’s someone who loves me. For all my faults. For all my temper. For all my bad days, and my good. Who loves me enough to visit me during her exams. Who loves me enough to feel like a part of her goes away when I leave. But I always come back.

And I’ll always come back to the same person.


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Fly away Peter…

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Well if I don’t post from now until January it’s acos I’m not here! Mum and Dad drive to Adelaide today; they’re arriving there on Monday. I fly out at 4:15pm on Sunday to Adelaide, then drive to Melbourne and atm I’m on hold to Virgin Blue just confirming my booking at the moment (they had problems on their website).

Btw, if you’re planning on flying anywhere from Feb-Dec next year, book NOW – they start at 39 bucks!!!!




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*watches 24*

GUESS WHAT! MICROSOFT SENT ME AN MP3 PLAYER!! Yay! It’s a 128Mb MSI MP3 Player, FM Radio, Memory Stick, Voice Recorder…. it’s pretty sweet! Not the smallest on the block, but it’s pretty damn nice!

*goes back to 24*

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Christmas has come early :)

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I got some christmas presents today 🙂 And they roxors! I’m gunna be infront of the TV for about ohh…. 30 hours straight… cos I got the DVD Boxed Set of “24” – Both Series!!!! AND Back to the Future Boxed Set!! And a nice shirt…

I wuvv my bubby – she roxors!

P.S. I bought her a FugiFilm Digital Camera! 🙂

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Eh the server got hacked again 🙁 What a pity *makes SQL backup of his blog*

They didn’t delete anything this time, unlike last time!! Just a wee little refresh was all that was needed!

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The wheels on the bus…

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Here’s my broom broom car! It’s got 4 wheels, see:

My Broom Broom Car!
My Broom Broom Car!
My Broom Broom Car!
My Broom Broom Car!

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John told me some icky shit today, so if you’re squeamish, avert your innocent eyes!

We were just discussing things that make ya go MMmmm, and he was telling about when he was a taxi driver and the types of things he saw:

– He found a person with their face all cut off and a knife through their eye and had to call the police/ambulance
– He was first on scene at a car accident where there was a hole about
so big through a guy’s head (to scale) and you could see brains and shit
– He had people shoot up heroin in the back of the taxi and then vomit all over the seat

It just kinda made me realise how fragile our human existance is – a blow in the wrong spot – BANG dead. A kick to the head – dead. Our entire existance is contained within skull no thicker than about |——|. It’s freaky. Our ENTIRE life is just electrical signals rushing around our head, no more than 15-20cm away from eachother…. more like nanometers away from eachother. And it’s all sooo…. surgically accurate and when it works, it works so perfectly. Until someone stuffs it up….

It scares me :S

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You can play at home too!

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Would love to see other peoples answers 🙂

Age: 18

Where did you grow up (ages 5-15)? Dalby, QLD till 9, then Melb, VIC till 17

What do you call…

a body of water, smaller than a river, contained within relatively narrow banks? A creek

the thing you push around the grocery store? Shopping Trolley

a metal container to carry a meal in? A lunch box

the thing that you cook bacon and eggs in? A frypan

the piece of furniture that seats three people? A couch

the device on the outside of the house that carries rain off the roof? Gutters or DownPipe

the covered area outside a house where people sit in the evening? A Porch/Verandah

carbonated, sweetened, non-alcoholic beverages? Soft Drink

a flat, round breakfast food served with syrup? Pancakes

a long sandwich designed to be a whole meal in itself? Salad Roll

the piece of clothing worn by men at the beach? Board Shorts/Togs

shoes worn for sports? Joggers/Runners

putting a room in order? Cleaning up/Tidying

a flying insect that glows in the dark? Radioactive Mosquiteos

the little insect that curls up into a ball? Earwigs! (I think)

the children’s playground equipment where one kid sits on one side and goes up while the other sits on the other side and goes down? A See-Saw (My sis nearly killed herself on one)

How do you eat your pizza? With fingers

What’s it called when private citizens put up signs and sell their used stuff? Garage Sale

What’s the evening meal? Dinner/Tea

the thing under a house where the furnace and perhaps a rec room are? Rumpus Room? Dunno we dont have them!

an unusually heavy rain which does not last long? Short Downpour

a window covering on rollers that pulls down? Blinds

a new, limited access, multi-lane road? Freeway

heavy garments worn for work? King Gee’s/Stubbies

an area of trees, greater than an acre? A bunch of tree’s or a park

when they ask for paper or plastic they are talking about? Shopping Bags

girls’ lower-half underwear? Panties/Nickers/Undies

boys’ lower-half underwear? Undies

the cloth you had when you were little and always slept with, and perhaps sucked your thumb with? Didnt have one…

warm knitted top typically made of wool? Jumper



Funky Noodle

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I want the Ministry Of Sound Annual 2004 CD for christmas, so I mentioned to Mum that if Grandad asks, thats what I want for Christmas…

So last night, I’m chatting talkin with Mum and Dad and the topic comes up and I said “I want the MOS Annual 2004” and Dad gives me that “What I’m about to say is deadly serious and dont you dare make any jokes about it because I’ve been given hell about it already” kind of look, and he goes “Is there anything else you want… Granddad can’t get you that…”

And it was like a whole taboo subject from then onwards – which made me wonder WHY.. I mean it’s jut a freakin CD *is confused*

Then I realised: The CD has tracks named like “Shit face – Cuntmaster” on it… I mean its just a dance track that has a very innapproriate name… which means that Granddad and his wife probably reckon that I’m living in sin or something, which means at some stage I’ll get a lecture about it over Christmas (which will be the first time I’ve seen them in ages)…



Christmas time!

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Jingle Bells Batman Smells… 🙂

Today = good day. Today = city with Becster. Today = good weather. Today = Becster played PUTY GAMES WITH ME! Today = Me see Rainer (ex employee that I aint seen in a while). Today = ME NOT WORK! YAYS!

Mmmm early start this morning, was on the train that I’m normally on in the mornings, but with becster cos we went to the city so she could have a scholarship interview. It all went pretty well. Then I bought her a box of flowers (overpriced, but it’s the thought that counts) and when she came back to my place she played Need for Speed…. Im the luckiest guy in the world *sighs*

Bec… you rock 🙂 Today was a fantastic day 🙂 We really can have some time to ourselves without fighting like a married couple and it feels good… I wanna see my Beccie every day, and come home to her every night…

Speaking of Need for Speed, Im playing NFS: Underground atm… so far i’ve had a Peugot 206, Subaru WRX, some Nissan piece of shit and atm a 2002 Celica (which does 311Kph :D).


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A few weeks ago, that night I went out with Justin from work, I got a wee bit drunk, and I go home and call people (as you do). I called the other Becca (Bec J) and I thought I told her that IF I was single and IF I lived in Vic that I’d *ahem* fuck her.

So anyway I told my beccers what I said yesterday, and she wasnt too impressed, regardless of the fact that there were more IFs than an insurance clause. So she goes to Bec J:

“Hey.. Please tell me that Mark didn’t say he wanted to fuck you”

to which she asks me:

Bec J: “cann i tell her the truth?”
Me: “Yep”
Me: “No point in lying”
Bec J: “shes gunna hate u”
Me: “*sigh*”

And then she says to my beccers:

Bec J: “he said he loved me and that if he were still in vic he’d wanna be with me…. I said, “nah mate, dont say shit that isn’t true, i know u love ur gf” and then i told him to go to bed, and i left”

And for once I’m completely wrong and NEITHER beccer’s deserved to be hurt by what I said… I think Im just gunna go and crawl up into a hole and never ever drink ever ever again 🙁

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