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Since I lost the auction for the head unit, this is what Im thinking of getting Bec now:


Its not bad specs, looked after, one owner… we’ll see how it goes 🙂

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So sick of it…

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I’m SICK and TIRED of people trying to rip us of:

He tried to buy heaps of shit on credit card, had a fake license and everything… it declined the sale but it still really drives me insane that people are ALWAYS trying and ALWAYS trying us here!!




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Latest aquisitions:


Beccie doesn’t like it… but I LOVE IT 😀 Sleek and black, and don’t worry, I’m gunna change the drives to black so they don’t look so stupid 🙂

In other news, Bec came and visited me at work today… it was reallly nice 🙂 She bought me a shirt that reads “Requires Constant Supervision” which is true I guess!! She’s soo sweet and I lubba her heaps!

Had to be a referee for Justin today so that he could apply for a job at Coles Express, and he got the job, so he’ll be leaving sooon, which is good for him cos I can see Toney and Lee driving him INSANE!!!!!!! Good for him!!

More from the newsdesk later!

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Damn those JPGs with the white backgrounds… anyway thats what Im thinking of getting Bec for her birthday, we’ll see how it goes 🙂

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Check it out

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Check it out 🙂

Arriving tomorrow… I spend too much money on that thing…

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Freaking heck, the power has been on and off all day since 11am, it was off from 11-8, then on from 8-8:15, 8:15-9:30, now it’s back on, but it’ll go off again.

According to the security dude, some cables have melted underneath a few houses, and they’re going to have to re-lay some cables tomorrow. Someone fucked up bad, half a suburb without power 🙁

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La la la not listening not listening

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Man I wish this blog thing had a “friends only” button… but I gess theres only one thing to do and thats to say it and hope that the wrong people don’t read it.

My sex life is great. It’s as simple as that. “What sex life? You’ve never mentioned a sex life before” I hear you say? Well, meh, I dont write everything, but I’ve decided to be more candid from now on.

It had something to do with a conversation Bec had with someone, and I just figure, stuff it. I dont wanna keep any secrets any more. La la la 🙂

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Remind me to avoid hanging around after church on the last sunday in January, last year I was scammed into doing Data Projection, this year I was scammed into renewing my Data Projection committment AND I was talked into doing Sunday School AND M.A.P. (Ministry to Adolescence Program) which is like sunday school for teenagers where they deal with life issues and stuff.

I think I’ll choose to do MAP, cos I did it when MAP was a brand new program and nobody in Sydney thats old enough to teach it has done it before!! It’s just for an hour on Sunday, so it shouldn’t interrupt my social life, and even if it did, it’s a VERY good cause cos it helped me deal with a lot of issues in ethical ways and I wanna share what I learnt with other peoples…

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Back to my old (and personally more favourite) style of layouts, black!

I know the layout looks a bit fadooked with the text on the left there <-- but thats cos the pictures below are stuffing it up, when they get pushed off the bottom it'll all go back to normal! Let me know what you think. If you hate it that much I’ll change it!!

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Hi Ho Its off to work we go!

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Got cousins staying over at the moment for Big Day Out, as it’s right across the road, it was kinda convenient!

Not much else to report, if you’re wondering what my last post was about, then keep wondering cos I’m not telling.

Been to Bec’s place three days in a row, it’s good – bit like being married, come home from work, go to her place, go to work, come home from work, see Bec, go to work, come back from work, see Bec, go to work. Which is where I am at the moment. Work. Australia day long weekend falls on my normal day off too (monday) which sucks cos it means I dont get a long weekend, when every other employee here does.

Meh, it happens.




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Why did I do it?

Cos I wanted to have some fun. I had a genuinely good time that night, I had a great time. Great time spent with friends, mates. We watched crap movies, ate snags, chips, watched gay porn, watched Moulin Rouge, sang along to the love songs, took some stupid photo’s. Stupid stupid photo’s. Stupid photo’s that were all set up. Photos like Mandy and I pretending to kiss, like Evan and I pretending to lick her boobs.

Responses from people’s comments in Bec’s LiveJournal mostly negative towards me, one person went as far as to say: “I don’t think he is being completely honest with you and my gut instinct tells me that the excuse of “it was staged” is not a good one“, the same person that said: “he has behaved inappropriately… you don’t get into bed with someone for a joke (NO MATTER WHAT THEY TELL YOU)”

Now fucking tell me WHAT is so unbelievable about “It was staged”?? Are you such an old bag you’ve forgotten what it’s like to have some fun? WHY do you think I’m not telling the WHOLE truth?? Huh? What makes it so unbelievable that we were just out to have some FUN. Yes, ok, I acted inappropriately. Burping at the dinner table in inappropriate. LOOOK at the photo, woman. Are we close? NO. Are our faces in close proximity? NO. Are our faces obscured? YES. FOR A DAMN GOOD REASON – TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE WE WERE MAKING OUT! Cos it was humerous, here’s the guy that’s having a holiday in Melbourne and pashing a girl that his girlfiend hates and doesn’t know is there… except the irony is THAT WE’RE NOT DOING ANYTHING! Look at our bodies, they’re in no way in an intimate position, our faces are nowhere near eachother. Look at the boob shot, look at my hand, Im avoiding her boobs, reflex action! If I was that much of a bad person, I would have had my hands all over her! But I didnt! Not once!!!

Grrr… Yeah OK so I shouldnt have kept it from her. But it’s not true that she would have been “OK” with it if I had told her. You’ve all seen how much she HATES Mandy with a vengance! Without reasoning! It’s something that I have to deal with, and in this situation, keeping her ignorant was the only way of dealing with the situation!

Can ANYONE see where I’m coming from? I know I dont ahve 234 people reading this blog, and even less commenting, so I dont have the advantage of other people’s opinions, or other ppl leaving coments, or other ppl telling me what think, but I’d LOVE it if someone could at least kinda see where I’m coming from…

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Act your age: Never!
Born on what day of the week: Friday
Chore you hate: Putting clothes away
Dad’s name: John
Essentail make-up item: Uuhhhhhhhhhhh none
Favorite actors/actresses: Hugh Grant
Gold or sliver: sliver.. lol… someone can spell!!
Hometown: Dalby, Qld
Instruments you play: NONE!
Job title: Assistant Manager
Kids: None
Living arrangements: Home!
Mom’s name: Valmai. Its MUM by the way.
Number of socks you own: Too many
Overnight hospital stays: NONE
Phobia: Death
Quote you like: Fuck you too, shorty
Religious affiliation: Lutheran
Siblings: Bro, 15, Sis, 20
Time you woke up today: 8:05am
Unusual habits: NONE
Vicious thing you’ve done: Meh dont go there
Worst habit: Not listening
X-rays you’ve had: NONE
Your favorite season: Spring
Zodiac sign: Libra

[the alphabet survey] brought to you by BZOINK!




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So tired, didnt sleep last night. Going to sleep like a log tonight…

Nice? I hope so, sent them to Bec. Cost a fortune but she’s worth it…

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I think/hope we’re getting somewhere:

~B~ says:
Where do we go from here?
! says:
Let me say a few things:
! says:
(DOnt worry they’re not bad)
~B~ says:
! says:
Neither of us have been particularly honest throughout our entire relationship, usually by omissions, I didnt tell you about Mandy, or I’ve done stupid things, you’ve neglected to tell me about fairly major things in the past too
! says:
So how about we just tell the truth from now on
! says:
No bullshit, no lies, no dodging the issue
~B~ says:
Bubby, i didn’t tell you i was depressed because .. OMG get rid of that picture!
! says:
! says:
You were saying….
~B~ says:
because, I was over it.. it was in the past, i didn’t want you to think i was some crazy looney person
! says:
I wouldn’t ever think that…
! says:
If Id know that I might have done things differently
~B~ says:
like how?
! says:
I knew you were on anti-depressants at the beginning of the year, but I didn’t realise it was an ongoing thing
! says:
I dunno, said things earlier, or phrased them differently
! says:
I used to get so pissed off when you used to tell me that you didnt wanna wake up in the morning or that you’d cut yourself
~B~ says:
I’m still sensitive.. and I’m not who i used to be before I was depressed, but i am better
! says:
And I want to help you get un-depressed
! says:
I want you to look at me and think “He’s the reason that I’m still around”
! says:
Not think of me and go “Thats the bastard that put me back into depression”


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