Oh wow!

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I just had the most fantastimcal excelletellous day EVER!!

It started at 6am with Uni, bleh, then at 1:15pm, I CLIMB THE SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE!! It was amazing!! They make you walk all over these rickety little platforms to get to the bridge, and that’s freakin scary! You’re only 40m up but you can see the ground and its just freaky. Then when you climb onto the arch, it’s great – much wider, and the view, well!! Fantastic!! Wonderful! I could see the Olympic Stadium, you can JUST see Penrith, Chatswood is in plain view, it’s fantastically awesome! Ultra-expensive, but it was Bec’s 18th birthday present to me… and WHAT a present!! It was just…. I’ll scan the photo to show you later on!

Then after that I popped out to Pymbal where Bec picked me up and took me to a nice hotel in Ryde… I’m running a big risk typing this in case certain people read it… but we had a wild night of passion. She had it all planned so perfectly, the room, she bought balloons, she dressed really nicely, she did some things I dont think you wanna know about, she cooked Lasagne for dinner, strawberries in chocolate, Lindlt chocolates, white wine… it was absolutally wonderful!! She watched half of Home and Away… she couldn’t stand to watch the rest of it – there were better things that needed doing!! Then we watched Good Will Hunting, which she fell asleep half way through… it was just a wonderful, perfect, amazing day, all thanks to a wonderful, perfect, amazing, fantastic, great, beautiful woman called Bec.

I hope she realises how much yesterday meant to me. It meant more than most things on this planet… I never dreamed anyone would do anything like that for me, but she did… she keeps surprising me… she’s wonderful, she really is. There’s a certain person who’s jelous of our relationship, and I say this: I dont care. She’s mine. All MINE. And nobody else will ever get any part of this fantastic woman. Nobody. I love her just too damn much to share her. Sorry guys!

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I found the numberplate I want today – but it’s $400 a year!!!! They don’t seem to be offering NORMAL personalised plates any more. I don’t really want em, but anyway, hehe. This is what I want:

Why? Cos in a rear view mirror it’ll look like:

Which looks like, well… 😀

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What is wrong with me… I’ve only been rolling out of bed at close to 10:00 and I’m STILL tired!!!!! I’m not gunna make it to uni if I get up any later 🙁

I’ve also decided that I HATE this layout… time to make a new one!

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This is kinda cool – I’ve finally made it to being treated like an adult!

Yesterday I went out to the Airforce base with Aaron (We’ve known eachother for years, and he’s been posted to out near Richmond, the outer skirts of Sydney), and we were in the car having the kinds of conversations that we wouldn’t have had 3 years ago… And today I went out to lunch with a family from church – just me, and a few others of us from church. But I was invited, not my parents. And it was great 🙂 When my parents are around, I’m treated as “the son”, not an equal… Mum and Dad treat me like that too, to an extent.

Other than that, not much to report… except:

My mate Stewart at Uni – knows Bec!! Has known her for a while from the internet. They’ve never met, but something in his mind CLICKED “Bec… Terry Hills… *looks at my MSN picture* :O THATS BECSTER!!” So yeah that was one of those things again. Also the ppl that I went to lunch today – his sister taught me PE in Year 8 and 9! So there ya go, it really is a teencie weencie world!!

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Well, first week of Uni down, 71 weeks to go! It was good. Mate stewart introduced me to Julia? Jessica? I thnk it was Jessica. Anyway she’s nice, short and a frikkin NERD! :D:D Like almost as nerdy as me, but she’s got, like, boobs and stuff. Cos she’s a girl. And she’s short. That was cool.

Also spent $178.30 on THREE textbooks today – I had NO IDEA they were so expensive :O And that’s not all of em yet! Got a few more to go…

Annnd for all the nerds out there: I FINALLY downloaded XP Service Pack 2 Build 3222 (Pre-Release) – got a HEAP of new WEP stuff for Wireless which I find fun – but it enables the firewall by default, which is shit, cos I got an SPI firewall at the router end, so I dont need it. Can’t use Style XP (cos it changes your build number and it won’t load) but includes some tweaks to the UI which makes it NICE in Anti-Aliased mode. A lot of the UI’s have changed actually, but a LOT of changes to the wireless 😀 Might try disabling the Netgear software, see what happens 🙂

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Heh today is a bit of a bludge day at Uni 🙂 Info Fundamentals and then Operating Systems & Hardware… FUN FUN FUN!!!

Anyway Bec owes ME BIG TIME!! Annd I mean BIG TIME!! When we first started talking, I asked her a question that I always like to get out of the way – which is “Are you a virgin?” Cos its kinda a major thing to me. Anyway she replied with “No” and I was, well, uspet about it. I almost didnt go out with her cos of it. Cos I was one then too. And proud of it. ANyway I used to get realllly worked up about it, and I used to have bad daydrems about her ex-boyfriend fucking her and I used to get REALLLYYY angry over it…. anyways SHE TELLS ME TODAY that like, well, maybe she just said that to impress me and that it didn’t quite work and that she was a virgin when we got together…

ANd I was like OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I KNEW IT!! Cos I had always had a feeling that she was, but I just wasnt sure.. but OMGOMGOMG I dont think she realises exactly HOW MUCH it means to me. OK sure it woulda been nice to have known 12 months ago, then I wouldn’t have got upset about it, but… well… its nice 🙂 Better now than ever as well..!

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Well another day, some more Uni stuff 🙂

I gotta do some “Professional Experience” which is like voluntary work at like a hopsital or something – that kinda sucks… And I had Maths today… Now I remember why I hate Maths soo much!! Discreet Maths its called, working with base numbers, cos Binary is base 2 (maxium of 256) and other numbers are base 8 (Max of 25635 or something like that).

Also talked to a girl called Ashley, happens that she went to Bec’s school and lives round the corner from her. Dude she’s a BIMBO, skirt is about < --------------------------> that big (to scale), really short… the only reason she was doing the course was cos it was either that or maths – and she didn’t want to do Maths. Bec and Her didn’t really get along at school… I dont think it would be a good idea to catch a lift home with her 😉

So far it’s all panning out great, yay!

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My next car:

Image was stuffing everything up, so click to see it!

One day… *smiles*

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Bec didnt have the best time at TAFE today – she started today as well. She hasn’t got any mates yet. She did have one, but he decided to enrol at a different TAFE. She’ll make some though, she’s pretty hot so she’ll get there 🙂

I lubba her to bits, and I want her to know that. I really do, I feel a bit, well, empty, when she’s not around… Mwah snuggums!!




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Uni was gooood 🙂

Had two different lecturer’s today, 2 lectures and a tutorial. Joanne, the first lecturer was good – Communication Skills she was teaching. That looks easy and fun. The other one, dont remember her name, was in a shitty mood and kept telling people to move and stuff. She was good when she got on a roll though.

10 mins between lectures is a pain in the butt if I start at about lunch time, leaves no room to eat much, and slamming down a coke in 4 minutes flat leaves you *burp*ing.

Looks like fun….. 😀




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I start Uni today…. at 12:00… wish me luck!



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Wanna know what I find quite wrong and kinda sickening about the world:

Are you a virgin?

Yes % n=271

No % n=150

12 and under






















How long had you been going out with the first person you had sex with?

Total % n=150

One week or less


One month or less


Two months or less


Three months or less


Six months or less


One year or less


More than a year


No answer


13% of ppl UNDER the age of 12 have had sex! Dammit your “BITS” dont even WORK when you’re 12!! Also they were with the person for LESS THAN A WEEK!

Now before you start calling me all hypocritical, bec and I were going out for over a full year, and we’d talked about it LOTS and we’d put it off many times, and it was a decision that we’d talked about and discussed and we decided that it was the right time.

When you’re 12, 13, 14, 15, you dont have the knowledge to think about those kinds of things!! Hell when I was 12 I didnt even know what a virgin was!! Bah these things make me SICK!!

For the full analogy: http://www.girlfriend.com.au/display.cfm?ObjectID=7B93CEAE-C584-40C0-93B551BD30DB58AF

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Warning: this post contains a few pictures!!

Yesterday was Valentines day, and it was also my brother’s family thing for his birthday (which is tomorrow). He’s soo being cheated on by his girlfriend, and if she’s not cheating, she’s either going to or is going to break up with him soon. Just the way she talked, acted, and she spent more time with another guy than my brother, and it was even obvious to Dad and Dad had only been home for 2 hours!!

Annnyyway here are the pics I was talking about – one is the sub and amp I got for becster, the other is the vals day pic I made for her:

Click to see



Love is in the air…

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Yep, it’s that day again today… in case you didnt hear what happened to me last year:

Well, yesterday work was fun, as it was the day before, and I was about to leave the damn place, and low and behold, a customer walks in with $3500 in cash that I had to bank for a computer system. THey were 50 bucks short, and THEN the wife rememebers that her Husband has it, so funally it all adds up and I can get out of the store, 5 mins later than I’d planned on. WHich meant I missed the train that would get me on the 6:30 bus to Bec’s place by about 30 seconds. So I catch the next train, hopeing to make the 6:50 bus. I get to Town Hall at EXACTLY 6:50, and I’m not really sure where the bus leaves from, so it took me 10 mins to find it, and I’d missed THAT bus. The next and final bus left at 8pm. So I’m like “Bugger this, I’m not waiting till 8pm for a bus” and rang Dad to see if I can get a lift from our place to Bec’s place. He says “Maybe. Call me from Strathfield station” – so I go to Strathfield and call him again. This time the answer is “Hmm, maybe in an hour or so” – by this stage, it’s 7:30. Then, the answer is “No, we can’t take you, it’s not worth our bother”. THey had people from around the corner over, by the way. So they decided that their visitors were more important than me seeing my girlfriend on Valenties day. So when I actually GOT home, I didn’t talk to them, say hello to them, I just went to my room and broke some stuff (I really did break it, btw). By this stage, it’s 8pm, and I COULD have been on that bus from the city if I’d just known my parents a bit better and known that they wouldn’t take me. So I went downstairs and had it out with Dad, and just as he was leaving, I just said “Please” and he goes “Oohh, ok, go get your stuff”. Mum was too drunk to take me. So eventually, at about 9ish, I made it to Bec’s place. And hell it was worth it I hadn’t seen her in over a week, and it was starting to drive me insane, and it meant so much to me to see her.

Similar thing happened this year, only… different 😛 I’m not working for starters, but we did have some nice things planned for today, up at Mona Vale and the beach and yeah *sighs*, but my brother turns 15 in 2 days time, and Dads not going ot be here (typical) so we’re doing everything today, and cos my parents couldn’t give a shit about Valentines day they decided to do everything today and basically said to me straight out: “You cant go out with Bec today Mark. If you do anything she’ll have to come here”. Sooo she’s coming here instead and we probably won’t do anything special…

I have got her a present though; I sat down for a while infront of Photoshop. It’s nothing special, and my photoshop skills aren’t THAT great (and damn I hope she doesn’t read this before she comes here):

It’s mounted in a nice photo frame, and I got her a card and it’s all in a nice bag that I bought as well (she saw me buy it all, thinks its for Mum!)

I’ll post a link to the blown up version once she’s actually seen it 🙂

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Oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my… I had a day at uni.. and I LIKE IT! I wouldnt say I LOVE it, but I LIKE IT! Everyone’s sooo friendly, and I got along with ppl that wern’t even doing my course and just.. ohhh it’s gunna be fun, I can see it 😀

I’m doing at Bat. of Info Systems (its a double-major), and I’m impressed to find that the class is a split 50/50 of male/female! And its about 1/3 Asian, 1/3 Aussie and 1/3 assorted. Theres between 50 and 60 ppl in our year level, and only 2000 at the whole uni. Theres 11,000 students accross the whole ACU in Australia, making it the 4th smallest uni in Australia.

My timetable is easy, but not the best planned. Cos its a small uni, resources are limited.

Monday: 12pm-4pm
Tuesday: 4pm-5pm
Wednesday: 1pm-3pm
Thursday: 6pm-8pm
Friday: 8am-11am

Soo yeah only 1 hour on Tuesdays which sucks, and 2 hours on Thursday SMACK at the END of the day, in the evening, and then first up on Friday… everyone’s planning on going to the pub after Thursday’s, but I dunno if Ill be able to stay cos Ill have to get up at 6 to get to Uni at 8 on Friday :O But Friday is also Bec’s day off TAFE… *breaths*

Only 1 aussie teacher who I dont get till 2nd year anyway, 1 asian, 1 german and 2 indians…. 1 of the indians and the aussie speak GREAT english, the other indian, german and asian speak good english but have VERY thick accents and are a bit hard to understand sometimes… but it should be good!!!

I’ll keep you all informed as to how it goes, first day is Monday! WISH ME LUCK!!

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