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13-40. Thats my score for Maths. 13 out of 40. Its OK though, Stewart got 9. But he’ll still pass the subject cos he did better in the past tests. That’s 2 out of 3 that I’ve scored <50%. Ack.

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I have to change a few things (i.e. the title still has the old URL in it), but I’ll do that tomorrow or something, not in the mood for doing it at the moment. Had a horrible, shit day at work, and have had enough of the WWW for the time being!

Ohh I’m excited, kinda… I can remove all my shit from the old server now. I’ll add a re-direct here from the old one in a few days. Those that I want to know that the site is here, know that the site is here. The people that I don’t want to know about it, won’t know. Thats why I’m leaving it as it is for the time being.

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Arse, the work’s server went down again, and I didn’t do it, I swear. Stupid computers.

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70’s must have rocked

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Heh had a maths test today, I’m pretty sure it’s gunna have anal sex with someone, cos I fucked it in the arse. It was HARD. All that stupid Matricies shit.

ANYWAY I saw Starskey and Hutch just before, GREAT movie, highly reccomend it, it’s good, clean fun. Not quite safe for the little kiddies but say, 15+, GO SEE IT! NOW!!

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Haha I was just in net banking, and I see this deposit:


Nice. I know who it’s from though… *chases after them making a stabbing motion*



MX-5 Goodness

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MX5 infront of Telstra Stadium
MX5 Infront of Tesltra again!
Look! Its not Shannon Nole’s big black car, but it’s Dad’s small red shiny one! More photo’s if you click.




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Wonderland Sydney closed today forever… that’s soo sad, it was such a top place. I’ve only been there once but it was awesome!! Sucks…

Heh they’re doing a car safety thing on the news, we’re #10 out of 13, which is the third best. Thats pretty good.

Aww look at the cute puddy cat!

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Some people pointed out some problems I’ve been having with the site (see comments to previous post) – thanks guys, I’ve fixed it so it should be compatible with Mozilla (and XHTM as well!)



A little doubt goes a long way

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I’ve had these thoughts running around in my head for a few weeks now. They first hit me on the way to Uni walking through Greenwood Plaza. But first, some background information.

When a child is young, they think in certain patterns. As they get older, they break free from these patterns and start to think laterally. By about 15, most people are at the stage where they wonder “Hmmm… I wonder if the green that I see is the same as the green that everyone see’s? What if what I see as green, someone else actually see’s as Red, but they’ve been told that it’s called ‘green’ so thats what they call it.” If you get me. Then as the brains continue to progress, these thoughts get deeper and deeper. People that can think these reguarly often become philosephers, or fantasy/science fiction writers. I feel that my comprehension of intanable topics passed another notch. It probably would have been better if I’d been sitting down when it hit me.

What I want to say is hard to put into words. I know what I mean. Maybe you’ve thought this very thought yourself. It’s possible:

Take life as we know it. Born, breath, breed, die. We live in Australia (or wherever), in the World. In the Milky Way. In a larger solar system. In the galaxy. Which never ends. BUT if we were never born, we would never have a comprehension of any of this. If there is no other life, then galaxy really is just a total collosal waste of space. BUT going further back, what if humans had never existed? Then what kind of comprehension of space would there be? BUT what if the galaxy was just empty? BUT what if the universe had simply never existed? There would be ‘nothing’? Nothing does not even begin to encompass the collosality of that statement.

Perhaps the best way to describe it is in the terms of programming. Riddle me this, if you may: What is being said here: “”. If you said ‘nothing’ then you are correct according to common logic. There is nothing between the quotes. But this ‘nothing’ is still something. A program still recognises it simply as an empty string. It looks, finds it empty, and moves on. If a string were defined as NULL() that’s a different story. Then the program looks at the variable, and finds nothing. Computer’s don’t like “nothing”. If faced with a blank variable, they’re fine. But a NULL variable, they often crash.

I realise that computers are just machines, that follow set patterns and are defined by electrical signals that are either “on” or “off”. But, isn’t this all that our brains are made of? Chemical signals following synapses, nerves, and creating ‘real’, pain, smell, sight, sound. To say that our brains are the ultimate computer is true. They are based around the same principals.

The thought that there could have been null, zip, nada, not even the universe (Its a bit like turning the TV off and then watching the dot in the middle of the screen shrink. The screen is black, but the tube is still firing, and then it closes from the outside in – thats what makes the “zip” noise when you turn it on or off). Freaky shit.

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Here I come WWW

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I’ve registered a domain name, www.abcrashpad.net

Boring, I know, but easy to remember? Abattoirs is hard to spell. It should be up soonish, by next week. Silly public holidays slow everything down.

Stay tuned soon!!

P.S. Photos of MX-5 later. Promises.



Zoom Zoom Zooooom

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You all know how it works, it’s happened this ways for eternity, and almost all babies come out like this:

Girl gets knocked up. Baby grows for nine months. Baby comes out.

Well, my Dad just gave birth. :O Here’s how it went:

Boy meets girl. Boy lusts after girl for 10 years. Boy gives birth to the girl he’s lusted after: A RED SHINY MAZDA MX-5

Yes we have a new addition to our family, and it’s gunna be going topless a fair bit I think! Photo’s to come later.

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Uh oh…

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Deus Ex: Invisible War just crashed, so I think that means its time to go to bed….



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No it’s not a bird, and it aint certainly no plane! It’s my copy of Deus Ex – Invisible War that arrived today, and makes the perfect ending to a perfect day with a perfect person!!

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Im awake ;)

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The only good thing about being sick is getting well afterwards, and how damn good that feels.

Don’t make me go to work Mummy… pleeeeeeeease??/

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And we all sing La di da di da

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I’m in a creative mood, but I can’t think of anything creative to do…

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