Blast from the past

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My friend Bec J showed me this email that Bec V sent her at the beginning of our relationship:

From: *~* BEC *~* []
Sent: Friday, 6 June 2003 9:23 PM
Subject: Mark

Dear Bec,
I’m taking this opportunity to tell you how I feel. It isn’t the best way to express my feelings, but this is the only way that is possible at the moment. Chances are you will stop reading now- but if you have morals, and care about others, you will continue reading.
I know that at some stage in your life you had a “crush” on Mark. Mark believed that you were past that, but, i believe otherwise. In fact, I’ve spoken to someone, who will remain nameless, who mentioned to me that they also believed you had a crush on him. Having a crush on my boyfriend doesn’t affect me, if that’s all it stays, a crush. But, I read an email you sent to Mark, which said things, that you don’t say to a friend. Mark was oblivious to your actions, but, I had the “girlie” instinct that you still liked him, and that’s when I started to endeavor the situation further.
Your selfish actions have affected me a great deal. To a state where I was so hurt, and that I cried and cried, until I could make some sense of your pathetic ness. You have no right to interfere with anyone’s life, or relationship. Maybe you didn’t know what you were doing, and that, I can understand, if that is the case, so be it. Just make sure it stops.
I attempted to speak to Mark about the way i felt, about the way your actions affected me, at first, he didn’t listen, why? Because, he felt sorry for you, he didn’t want you to get hurt, but when he finally realised that I was being hurt, he understood what I was saying. And simply realised he needs to look at the “bigger picture”, which, he has done. He has apologised for his unthoughtfullness, and understands that now, especially when it comes to you, he needs to understand how both people are feeling, and now just automatically jump to your needs, because he doesn’t want you to get hurt.
Mark has mentioned to me the way you feel. Maybe at one stage I started to have sympathy for you- but, I woke up to myself. Why? Because I’ve felt like you before. I’ve felt unwanted, depressed, suicidal, you name it, I’ve felt it. But, I didn’t want sympathy from anyone, nor did I make it a big deal (Yes, I saw the school counsellor, and spoke to my Mum, but that’s it). It’s my life, I had decided what I wanted to do with it, and I did- I wanted to LIVE it. And that’s what I’m doing. Maybe you need to do the same. He can only be there for you for a certain amount of time (He, being Mark). He’s knocked you back once, and he will do it again.
Mark is my boyfriend, and that’s how it is going to stay, no matter what you say, or do. You might be emotional, upset, depressed, annoyed, pissed off, and think I’m a major bitch, BUT, you can’t do what you are doing. Mark has put up with it for so long, but I won’t. And now, Mark has realised he doesn’t have too either.
Stop what you are doing, it leads you no where. You have no right to ruin my relationship, because Mark and I LOVE each other. Nothing you will do or say will ever change that, not now, or ever… We will be together forever (you might just have to get used to it!). You should be ashamed of what you are doing, because you wouldn’t like it if someone tried to ruin the relationship you have with someone special.
Mark knows i’m writing this email- and he specifically said to me he doesn’t want to read it, because he thinks it should stay between the two of us. So, do something right for once, and don’t forward it on to him.
You might want to reply, or you might not, but, from my point of view, you should, i would find it interesting to hear what you think about your actions,and the effect you have on others, it may also give you some self esteem so express your feelings and emotions, and not to keep them bottled up.
One more thing, I am nice person, otherwise Mark wouldn’t be with me, i just don’t have time to waste with trouble makers. If you spoke to me nicely from the beginning, I would have had the time to speak to you about the way you feel about life, and Mark, because I’ve been there, and done that, but you didn’t. So it’s really your loss. Don’t think you have Mark wrapped around your lil’ finger, because he was more than willing to stop talking to you to keep me happy, but I’m not that selfish, I told him to continue a FRIENDSHIP with you.

If I’d ask to see that email 18 months ago I think our relationship would have gone along a completely different tangent. Not only did she lie about MY intentions, she really had a dig at one of my bestest bestest and closest and oldest friends… Grr…

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Ice is back!

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Awwww someone found Jess’s kitty cat wandering around where they live and rang the number on the collar, what a nice old fella, so he’s come back home! Yay!

And it’s Ange’s birthday today! I got some pink flowers and chocolates delivered to her place, she liked them 😉

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Mum laughs at the most pathetic jokes after she’s had a few 😉

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It’s Ungala’s birthday tomorrow! Happy birfday girl!



R.I.P. Ice, wherever you are

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Who the fuck steals a kitten? What more, who the fuck steals a CUTE kitten from the front of woolies?

Jess took her kittie for a walk (cos she always took her dogs for walks, so she’ll be damned if her kitty doesn’t go for walk too) to Woolies to get some cat food, tied him up for 3 minute out the front of the store, came back and someone had stolen him. He was gone. And they must have done it deliberately, co there’s no way he could come accidentally untied.

Needless to say Jess looked horrible today, she’s had no sleep cos she was riding all around her suburb trying to find the kitty cat until some ungodly hour of the night, then posted posters, contact the vet she got him from as well as the council, so if he ever goes to a vet, the microchip will set off a warning.

Poor Jess and Jayme, and it’s her parents are coming to stay on Friday too and they never got a chance to meet him… He was a one of a kind kitty. For starters, he LOVED water, would prance around in the shower or in the rain, soaking up every little bit he could. He was taken away from his mother too young we think, so he was very immature in such cute ways… his name was Ice, by the way.

Hopefully he’ll be returned. If not, then, well, I hope he’s gone to a good home…

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More more more

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Went out with Ange again last night, had a good time. We didn’t do anything, or go anywhere in particular, just went to Newington, then drove around, then went back home to watch The OC, but it was a nice good ol’ “Lets do nothing but have fun doing it” kinda day.

I was googling and I found this artical:
(Click on Contiue to Article if it asks you to regster)

From SMH basically slamming everything that Dad was in the news for the other day. I assume Dad’s work has already read it, but it’s interesting to see someone else’s opinion on the matter.




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Bec left a comment in Ange’s journal, a not-so-very-nice comment. I wish she could just leave me alone and not have a go at those close to me…

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The Age

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Sorry about last night, hehe Nadine really did turn the arcade back on right then and I went a bit crazy cos I wanted to ownz more highscores.

ANyways guess who’s old man is on the front of the Sydney Morning Herald this morning? Well he was quoted in it at least, Front page and Page 2. He’s having a live interview on the ABC news at midday today, and The Age in Melbourne had a similar article to the SMH, which reads a bit like:

The Age

Full URL at:

If it asks you to register, just hit “Contine to Article”.



La di da

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I guess I should blog in here, but what aobut?


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Had another nice night with Ange last night, we saw I, Robot with Will Smith – and for opening night the cinema was almost empty, lol. Ok admitted, the cinema we were at isn’t exactly the most popular one in the southern hemisphere, but it was a nice night. I swear she’s got to be one of the warmest people I’ve ever met, with the exception of her hands. BUt as they say, cold hands, warm heart!

Did the finishing touches to my C++ assignment, and hey I even uploaded it! The source and the exec are here, I’d apprecate some feedback, especially if you know anything about C++ or coding. It’s the most basic of basic programs, but it’s a start. By the way, it’s also a DOS executable, so don’t stress when it starts a DOS session! Win32 is a bit of a way away for me just yet.

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Bad boy Mark

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Oops, I’ve already finished our group assignement for Uni, and I haven’t even met the rest of my team yet (we were only given it yesterday)! We had to write a very basic program in C++ so I set down tonight to take a look at it, and low-and-behold, 30 mins later I have a compiled EXE with no errors that does it all beatifully.

It could be coded better, nicer and neater, so maybe I’ll work on that later on. At the moment it’s in a linear format, but it does the same recursive task just with different (static) values, so I could re-write it to be recursive and simply grab the values out of a static array. Would make 3/4 of the code absolutally redundant and would be easy to do. Just gotta read up on how to do FOR NEXT statements in C++, so easy in ASP and VB!

I’ll post it when I’ve cleaned up the code more!

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Ba dum da dum

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Courtest of “The License” yesterday I got to see Ange after Uni 🙂

We went and saw King Arthur. You know, King Arthur and the knights of th round table? Was a good movie, but they skipped the only part of the story I knew lol – the part where he gets the sword out of the stone, and the part with the lady of the lake. The sword featured for about a whole 10 seconds and the lady of the lake you meet, but she’s not the lady of the lake. You do meet Merlin the Magician though.

Ange and I had a lot of time to talk, which I enjoyed. It’s been a long time since I’ve had someone to have a proper talk to. We talked about a lot of things. I had a chance to talk about a few things that I wanted/needed to discuss with her. She is the total opposite to Bec in every way. And that’s fantastic. I know I can be honest with Ange about anything at all, which is a nice feeling.

Anyhoo I should get ready for Uni methinks… bahhh



Needs no explanation

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Back to school

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Uni back today. Looks we’re actually gunna do proper nerd stuff this semester.

In Data Comm’s we’re studying TCP/IP layers as well as OSI layers, 802.11 protocols, ATM, Frame Relay, Serial Links, PROPER stuff!

And we’ve got this Systems Analysis and Design subject which looks BOOORING which is led by a russian lady who makes a high-pitched “A” noise at the end of words that end with constonants (which is almost all of them)… her voice is going to get annoying!

350 bucks on Uni books! But Jess and I are going 50/50 cos all our classes are together and we live so close, so thats a bit cheaper I guess!

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Fraction too much friction

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Work was tense today. Yesterday. Whatever day it was that I just worked. Everyone was on edge cos we had a shocker of a morning, and as a result we put all the teams that we report to on edge cos we had to throw them so many shitty people. I had a 40 minute call that bounced around the globe cos nobody wanted to hear what I had to say cos it meant they’d have to work hard. Poor William spent over an hour. I think about 5 calls got escalated to the duty manager simply because we couldn’t find anyone to help the person. Normally its about 5 a MONTH. So nobody was in a good mood.

Dad brought home a whole heap of new toys the other day, which I forgot to write about. He gotsed:

IBM T41 Laptop (The ones from the new IBM Ads) – Centrino 1.6, 512, 40gb, DVD/CD-RW, the usual. It’s the thinnest notebook IBM have ever produced.
Palm Tungesten T3, it’s all sleek and silver and if I ever had a need for a Palm (Not that I do) it would be a Tungsten
Sony Erricson T610 Phone, for the simple reason so that he can bluetooth ALL the devices together – Laptop, Tungsten and Phone, oh and a bluetooth headset too.

So he and I have been playing with the bluetooth for a few hours every day trying to get it all working good. The bluetooth part was fine, down pat, but it’s getting the Tungsten to GPRS with the T610 that we’re having fun with. Tungsten and the T41 bluetooth and sync beautifully.

Mum changed to Optus as her phone carrier because Telstra were being dicks and taking away the freetime option that they’ve had for like the last 6 years, which was the only reason they kept the phone for 6 years. So we now have 4 people in the house, and 8 mobile phones. Yay.

Got my Uni timetable, it’s OK I guess, although I don’t have any classes next to eachother, all got an hours gap inbetween. I’d rather shove them all together and have more spare time in the arvo. I’m working all day Thursday, I have a 5 hour gap on Friday that I’m working, and 11-4:30 on Saturday and Sunday. So that’s not going to leave much Mark time. Or Mark and Angela time. But as Dad said the other day, sometimes you just have to do those extra hours and push yourself to those extra limits because thats what life is like. Anyhow it’s not like the job is permanant, I can give my notice at any time.

Netgear Wireless stuff is still playing up. I flashed the Access Point back to the initial factory image to see if that changed anything. It did, kinda, the wireless still drops in and out, but it connects back to the AP very soon after it drops off. It just used to drop off and that would be it, wouldn’t reconnect till restarted.

Uni starts on Monday! Yay! I’ll have more spare time at Uni than I’ve had for the last two months. Oh and the driving is good too, haven’t killed anyone yet hehe.

What else? Hmm this is turning into a big entry so perhaps I should leave it there lol. Now lets see if it posts before Netgear chucks it off again…

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