Uh oh

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The Sims 2 is addictive. Like, really addictive. I never played the first sims, but this one is addictive. I played it till about 1am! The only problem is that my stupid Sim that I made fell in love with this black guy who’s a TOTAL slob, doesn’t pick up after himself, you invite him to stay the night, so he does, but he watches TV and drinks coffee and then leaves his mess all over te place for you to pick up. I should have designed her a hubby I think. THere was this nice doctor guy that she was hitting on but him and the black guy got in a fight and now the doctor guy never wants to come around. Baahhhh. Oh I think the black guy’s gunna cheat on her too cos when we were having a partay, he followed TWO ladies into the toilet!! I mean, c’mon, what a pervert. He just stood there and watched while they pee’d too. So anyway my Sim and him are engaged, so maybe we’ll have a baby to continue the family with and then she can fuck him off or something. I dunno. This is really just a practice family anyway considering I’ve never played the game before. Although she is a drill commanded in the special ops in the armed forces! Thats kinda cool. Oh and she has a habit of walking around in her underwear too. Not that that’s too much of a problem.

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I’ve been doing these stupid assignments since 9am and I’m fucking bored. Bah I’ll finish them another time.

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CSS fix

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Ok the site should now look respecable (read: readable) in Mozilla browsers. When my laptop finishes d/ling packages I’ll pop back into xwin and check it just to make sure. Comment and let me know if it looks proper now! (Refresh it if it doesn’t).

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BSD and Wireless

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Well I finally got around to checking to see if my (new) Toshiba wireless card (internal) would work with BSD – and it does! Didn’t even need any configuring, it connected to the closest AP, DHCP’d, NAMED and bingo, I’m using it right now. I finally got Mozilla installed properly, so now I can use Web Messenger as well (which Im also doing right now, until I find a decent BSD MSN client).

Netgear also shipped me ANOTHER wireless card!! Silly people’s. I’m so not going to complain though. They must not have booked it out properly the other day when I picked up my new one. I was served by the new guy, which explains it. Which is good cos it means that when/if I get a server I can just whack it straight in. Sweet. Also watching The OC so that I can up to date for tonight! Yay!



If you dont see it you don’t get it

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Well Dads back from Thailand again. Except this time, he came home with less stuff than what he started with. SOmeone broke into his bag between Chang Mai and Sydney and stole his digital camera, all the batteries, memory sticks etc. Fortunately he always carries his Palm and his Laptop in his hand-held luggage or they’d probably be gone too. They stole all the jewlery he had bought to bring back home, and that was quite a bit, about 50 pieces or something I think. Which really sucks. He’s trying to place an insurance claim at the moment but of course it sounds like it’s gunna be quite difficult. At least he’s gunna get a brand new camera. His old one was worth $1000 (it was a damn good one), but that was like 3 years ago, so there’s a lot better ones for $1000 now!

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More more more

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I now have 1048Mb of ECC (Error Checking & Correction) RAM in my puter, as compared to 768 of regular RAM. And yes, it is 1048, not 1024, because ECC has extra memory for parity. Basically it means that if any data in the memory becomes corrupted (which is the main major cause for programs crashing), it can overcome those errors. Coupled with Windows NT’s memory partitioning, makes ALMOST any program un-crashable. Awesome.

Anyway Im off to Angela’s now so byebye.

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Tough stuff

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I believe that one of the hardest tasks in the world is sucesfully microwaving a donut. Three seconds too long is all it takes to turn a fantastic krispy kreme into a big puddle of sugar 🙁

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Powerpoint for INFO106 DONE. Whohoo. I totally forgot that our group is doing our presentation for Programming tomorrow so I whipped up a very basic but effective powerpoint this arvo. Only look 90 minutes 🙂

In other news, Mandy and Dan broke up. Sorry Mandey!!! Hope you feel better soon!

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Krispy Kreme for me! I picked up 2 dozen for us and 2 dozen for Angela’s family. Yummmmmm. Angela’s family has never had Krispy Kreme so hopefully they’ll find them delightfully enjoyable!

I also found out that I might have missed out on a trip to New Zealand!! 🙁 Mum and Dad are thinking of going over Christmas (nothing definate or planned) and I gotsa work through Christmas, I only have Newyears off, and people have booked either side of me so it’s too late to extend my holidays. Bahhhh.

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What an exhausting day yesterday! Standard up at 6 to get to Uni on time, got home, played Tennis with Jess and Ange and Carla (I sucked at Tennis, I think Carla and Jess were glad when Ange and I retired!), watched The OC, then went BACK to uni for last tute, then came home from that, my tummy was feeling all churny and topsy turvey (lack of nutrition maybe), then went out with Angela to Burwood to see Cat Woman, but I didnt realise that there was something on at Telstra Stadium (which is like, OUR personal driveway to Parramatta Road/Hill Road/Newington, how DARE anyone else clog it up!?) so I had to take the long way there via Underwood road, but I got to Ange’s place just in time.

That was a long sentence.

I’ve also been having weird dreams recently. For the last few nights I’ve had strange dreams that have all involved horrific car accidents, but American-Style where they blow up as soon as they make impact. And they’ve haven’t been the centre of the dream, just something that’s happened during it. Like last night I dreamed I was at Pitt Street at night time with Ange and then three Commodore’s were racing down the street in reverse and then one of their engine’s blew up and they span outta control and then they hit a B-Double truck and of course all the commodore’s blew up in some kinda chain reaction. Maybe that’s just got something to do with my hate of Commodore drivers. Dunno.

Work time (again). Fun fun.

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Hungry hippo’s

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I ate a big dinosaur once! Really I did! I started at it’s tail and worked my way up. It was still alive when I started, but its ok cos I killed it when I bit into its heart, so it didnt suffer for long.

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Courtesy of my sister

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Go to google, type in “miserable failure”, and click the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button.

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Fly Away Peter

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Totally forgot to mention that Qantas have special deals on christmas/newyears flights, so I’ve booked mine for Melbourne.

I fly out at 10am on the 29th December, fly back in at 6pm 5th January. Cost me $156 bucks which is pretty cheap for that time of year. And it’s with Qantas, not virgin. Nothing wrong with virgin, just was surprised that Qantas were three times cheaper than them over christmas!

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And as promised:

http://www.becandmark.net/SCSI – photo’s of my latest investment (read: liability). To be honest since Friday I haven’t even set it up yet cos I’ve either been at work or been at Ange’s place. I’ll have a go at it this arvo and benchmark the thing.



It arrives

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Well, it’s here. I drove to Northmead this morning to pick up the Array. It’s big. 19″ big to be exact. And it’s loud. Damn loud. So loud you might cause a disturbance of the peace with it.

Ok so it’s not THAT loud, but it’s pretty loud, mostly due to the excessive number of fans installed (which I think I can safely disable half of). Where it’s mounted there’s ample ventilation and it’s not going to be on 24×7, so should be right. Only catch being the dude had a cable, but it was a 68HD-68HD, I needed a 86HD-68VHDCI, so now I’ve ordered THAT from Toney and will pick it up Monday Morning before Uni. Now I’m just waiting for my IBM RAID controller to tell me that the drives are OEM and it doesn’t want to use them! (If that is the case I still have my older Compaq card which will run them).

I’d take a photo of the rigs, but Dad has the camera in Brisbane at the moment. When he comes back, remind me.

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