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I luuuuurve ki-ki. Ki-ki rocks.

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Broom Broom gone BooHoo

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My broom broom has gone all boo hoo. I was on Paramatta Road with Ange today, we stopped at some lights (as you do when they’re red) and went to put it in 1st gear (as you do when you want to move after being stopped), and it just kinda wasn’t there… Well it was, but the gear lever kinda moves as far as it can in both directions. So I managed to find where first was and got off parra road. Anyway apparently the “brushes” are broken. It’s driveable, just a tad dangerous. I managed to find gears 1,2 and 4. Gear 3 is there just very hard to find and 5 and Reverse I couldn’t get into. Its kinda like someone just took the gears and stretched them reallllly wide so that you have to move the lever as far as you can to get them into it. Oh, and they seem to come out of place when you put the clutch in, and when you’re in gear you can actually move the gear stick (but nothing happens cos it’s in gear). Seriously not cool. Anyhoo it’s at Berts and he’s gunna have a look at it, hopefully won’t be too expensive!

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More attacking of the Ben

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Finally, 13 days after I originally ordered them:

That’s Ben Folds – Speed Graphic EP, Super D EP and Sunny 16 EP. Damnit you’d better all be freaking jelous of me.

Oh and I also ‘aquired’ Windows 2003 Datacenter Edition (which you can’t get for love or money… well, money yes. A lot of money. Like, more money than you or I would ever have if we combined our whole life savings).

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Well I just made initial enquiries into a Virgin Credit Card. In fact the hardest decision when looking at their PDS is choosing which freaking colour for a card! I know that Angela would have chosen a Pink one. I asked for a Blue one.

OMG I just found out that Seth and Summer from The OC are getting married!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Of course, I’m talking about in real life, not in the show lol cos they’re a real life couple. And they’re up to their 3rd season in The OC in the US so they’ve been around for a while.

Had my first exam today. It was bollocks, 70 freaking multi-choice questions that were only worth 35 marks, and one question that was worth 50 marks. And the 50-mark question took about 15 minutes to do, and the multi-choice took the best part of an hour. Stupid lecturer.



Ouch. Me hurt. Again.

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Why do I do it to myself? I gymmed again. And I hurt again. Stupid muscles. Anyhoo. It better pay off one day.

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Yeaahahhhhhh suck it DOWN!

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Which file extension are you?

You are a wildcard. You are everything to everybody.
You can’t make up your mind as to what you want to be.
Which File Extension are You?

Which OS are you?

You are OS2-Warp. You’re plagued by feelings of abandonment and disgust
for your backstabbing step-brother. Oh, what might have been.
Which OS are You?

(For the record OS/2 was an IBM/Microsoft joint OS that Microsoft dropped out on and IBM were left to finish it on their own. And it kinda sucked badly.)



Attack of the Ben

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New layout. I really didn’t like the old one. This one should definately be Mozilla compatible. I’m booting Unix right now to check. It features Ben Folds. I whipped it up in about 3 hours (like all my other layouts ;)) so it’s nothing really all that fantasmical. And yes, I realise it’s green. Very green. And yes, I do realise there is a stray “ben folds” in the banner. It’s not meant to be there. But my original PSD (photoshop file) is corrupt so the JPG is all I have left. When I have more time I’ll photoshop it out from the JPG.

In other news I spent about an hour at the gym today. A full 30 minutes on the treadmill at 15 degrees uphill on 3/4 speed. Then 20 minutes on the weights. If I do that for a few weeks maybe we’ll see some improvement. Maybe. I hope.

I HATE MOZILLA! GRRRRRRRRRRR. Everything is out-of-line and it doesn’t have the background colour!!!!!!!! I mean what kind of freaking browser ignores the “bgcolor” statement inside the BODY tag?!?!

What Windows (IE) looks like:

What Unix (Mozilla) looks like:

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Money must be funny

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Well Dad and I figured out how much it’s going to cost for Europe.

Basically it’s going to come to just over $3800 (Total, including ~$50/day extra). With the $1500 I already have sitting in my savings account, that means $200/week for the next 12 weeks. Credit card will also come in handy because that adds an extra $2000 for if I really need the extra money while I’m there (can just pay it off when I come back). In fact, Credit Card is much cheaper than cash because to get cash (actually – get this, if I use a Barclays Bank in Europe they don’t charge me a single cent extra, but if I use a Commonwealth ATM in North Sydney they flog me $1.50, and any international Cirrus machine is $AU5) whereas Visa don’t charge anything. So most purchases can go on the Visa, leaving the actual cash there for emergencies, or when I come back. So it’s all feasable. Nice.

Bit strange that the damn trip is worth twice as much as my car though!

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The war is won

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It’s been a long and hard battle, but finally – I have an operating system on my computer again. It was a big feat, don’t ask why – I really can’t be bothered explaning. But I now have MS-DOS, Windows 2000 AND Windows XP installed – all to just get Windows XP back. Like I said, don’t ask.

In other news, Dad sent me this in an email, quite… insightful:h

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Many a things

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Courtesy of My Sister:

“Another problem with the net is that it’s still ‘technology’, and ‘technology’, as the computer scientist Bran Ferren memorably defined it, is ‘stuff that doesn’t work yet.’ We no longer think of chairs as technology, we just think of them as chairs. But there was a time when we hadn’t worked out how many legs chairs should have, how tall they should be, and they would often ‘crash’ when we tried to use them. Before long, computers will be as trivial and plentiful as chairs (and a couple of decades or so after that, as sheets of paper or grains of sand) and we will cease to be aware of the things. In fact I’m sure we will look back on this last decade and wonder how we could ever have mistaken what we were doing with them for ‘productivity.’ ” – Douglas Adams, 1999

And in other news, I went to the Gym today. Yes I know, shock! Horror! I’ve been planning on going for a while and now I actually got around to doing it. It felt like having my legs chopped off with a rusty chainsaw. But I’m going to go again. And again. And again. Baaahhhh.

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A change of events

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Ok scrap my previous post, I’m gunna start saving some serious ca$h. Too bad I’ve already bid on them, because if I win I think I might need the money soon!

So, let me start from the beginning. At dinner Dad says to Mum “Have you found out if you’re coming to England?” and Mum tells Dad that she can’t go. So I (being silly) say “Hey I’ll go!” and Dad goes “Ok!”. Long conversation short, I have an oppertunity to spend 12 days in England (Dads going for work and visiting a heap of people there), and then a side-trip for myself. Dads going to Geneva (possibly by flying to Madrid and then driving there overland), so I could go there with him and because Switzerland is in the middle of Europe, I can go ANYWHERE in Europe (often on just a day trip on the train) and entertain myself for another 9 days! I mean, Paris is an 8 hour round trip (4 there, 4 back), and just as long as I take a passport (well I’d need to GET a passport first) I’d be able to anywhere in Europe, and if I join the YHA (Youth Hostel Association) accomodation is only 60 bucks a night (just watch your shit or it’ll get nicked).

I’d have to pay for my plane ticket, and if Dad and I book together he’ll get free car hire for the 12 days in England, so he’d give me the money that he’d save on the car hire. I’d need about another $AU1000 for expenditure on the way and I may miss a week or two off the beginning of Uni (big deal). Sure the beginning is with Dad visiting his rellies/mates, but who gives a shit! A great (and cheap) introduction to overseas travel. Awesome.

I’m all excited now ๐Ÿ™‚

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Me me me me me me

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I want:

2x Proliant 1U Rack Mounted Server (P3-1Ghz, 386Mb, 2×18.2Gb, Dual NIC) – here and here.
1x Proliant 5500 5U Rack Mounted Server (4x P3-550, 1024Mb, No HDD, NIC) – here.
60x Proliant 9.1Gb SCSI-2 Drives (Thats over 500Gb of SCSI RAID)- here and here.

Actually I don’t really want the hard drives, but if I win, then awesome. I want the two rack mounted servers (Well at least one) so I can move my SCSI Array to somewhere else (It’s just too damn noisy).

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Make me feel tiny if it makes you feel tall

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Ben Folds – There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You:

No matter what you might do,
there’s always someone out there cooler than you

I know that’s hard to believe,
but there’re are people you meet; they’re into something that is too big to be expressed through their clothes
and they’ll put up with all your poses you throw
and you won’t even though they’re not sizing you up,
they know your mom fucked you up
or maybe let you watch too much TV

But they’ll still look in your eyes, to find the human inside.
You know there’s always something in there to see, beneath, the venire
Not everyone made the list this year, have a beer.

Make me feel tiny if it makes you feel tall…
but there’s always someone cooler than you.
Yah you’re the shit, but you won’t be it for long,
There’s always someone cooler than you,
There’s always someone cooler than you.

Now that I’ve got the disease, In a way I’m relieved
cause I don’t have to stress about it like you do.
I might just get up and dance, or buy some acid washed pants
when you don’t care you got nothing to lose.
And I won’t hesitate cause every moment life is slipping away, it’s okay

There’s always someone cooler than…

Life is wonderful…
Life is beautiful…
We’re all children of
One big universe
So you don’t have to be a chump

And you know (you know) that I won’t, (I won’t) hesitate (hesitate)
Cause every moment life is slipping away (away) it’s okay (it’s okay)

Because there’s always someone cooler than you

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That big green thing

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Yesterday was a wonderful day ๐Ÿ™‚ Angela and I had lunch at Olympic Park. She at almost half a chicken by herself – quite an effort! Then we messed around with the fountains and walked up the big green hill that’s actually a big pile of rubbish that they grew grass over to disguise it. Anyway it was a nice day. By that stage I’d missed the train for my last Uni tute, so we watched most of Jay and Silent Bob, then I dropped her home, played with my new SCSI controller (yes I know, my 4th one in about 12 months), then I had a sleep cos I was uber tired (Hda to get up at 5.30 so I could go to work to pick up something I left there before I left for uni at 7), woke up late, went to see Collateral with Angela and then went home and went to bed. Again.

Collateral was really quite good, Tom Cruise looks OLD, he’s got all grey hair. Oh, and Ange, Bad Boys stars Martin Lawrence, Collateral stars Jamie Foxx. I was right. La la la!




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It may be 800 freaking degrees outside, but it’s about 2 degrees in the office here. THey didn’t just FIX the airconditioning, I think they’ve supercharged it.

I shouldn’t have worn shorts. *shivers*

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