Fly away peter

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Well I’m flying to Melbourne at about 10am tomorrow morning, so I shan’t be blogzoring in here for a few days. See you in about a week!

Oh, and go see the movie “saw” – it’s fucking awesome.

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Ring ring da ring ring

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Angela got a new phone today 🙂 It’s an LG flip-phone thingie on 3. After she’s bought $195 worth of credit she’s gunna get it un-locked and just use it with Optus as per usual.

Other than that nothing to report excet CRAZY BANANA traffic queue’s to Direct Factory Outlet which completely blocked Underwood Road and Homebush Bay Drive. I didn’t even want to go to DFO. Fuckers.

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I didn’t have anything to do with it

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Funda is having man-problems. Her fiance (to whome she’s meant to be getting married to in 10 days) seems to be a bit of a gambler and has gambled away alllllllll the money they had saved (Well I dunno if that’s the truth, but it sounds like it, and it’s definately gambling related). Anyway I dont know if the wedding will continue (based on what I’ve overheard as she’s been on the phone to other people all day)

That’s why I don’t gamble.

In other news, I have read EVERY SINGLE COMIC on today.

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So what did Santa bring you today?

Today he brought me a Merrick and Rosso Unplanned DVD (Which I’m on, I might add) courtesty of my brother, a $20 JB Hi-Fi voucher courtesty of my Sister, Socks courtesy of Grandma (Mums side), $40 cheque courtesty of Grandma and Grandad (Dads side), a swanky wind-proof expensive jacket from Mum and Dad for the Europe trip, and last (but not certainly least!) a funky bag and a shirt from Ange.

Oh, and a Holden Vectra CDXI arrived on Christmas Eve. It’s pretty swanky too.

Merry Christmas 🙂

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On this christmas eve

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On this christmas eve, I thought I would run through all the major events that have happened this year (starting from 25th December 2003):

30th December – B’s New Years Party
04th January – Ty’s Party
24th February – Start Uni
28th February – Climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge
01st March – Homeless person follows me home
29th March – Changed to Optus
07th May – Bec and I break up
19th May – Bec and I break up again
29th May – Bec gets with guy from TAFE after promising we’d try again
31st May – Bec and I break up. Again.
05th June – Last day at KS
11th June – See Bec for last time ever. She wants to get back together.
12th June – First saturday off work in 3 years
08th July – I got my license!
09th July – Met Ange
16th July – Ange and I start dating
31st August – Melanie Jewson killed
01st October – iPod!
04th October – 19th Birthday
18th October – Going to Europe!
01st November – Virgin Credit Card
16/17th December – Sydney & Ange Anniversary

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New broom broom

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Ohh our new Holden Vectra CDXI is meant to arrive today!

And I completely forgot to mention that Ange and I went to the Drive-In theatre the other day. We saw Oceans 12, which sucked balls (Oceans 11 was 334 times better). But the drive-in was cool!

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Right clicking goodness

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I just discovered that I right-click a lot more than I left-click at work. My right-button has worn out a lot more than my left. *insert jingle here* More useless facts from Mark!

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Protected: Freaking heck

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Angela’s christmas present should arrive today, according to UPS:




Yes, the sliming

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Oh I also forgot to elaborate on the Sliming episode. And before you read on much further I must warn you that this post contains disturbing material. Dangerous immaturity, sillyiness and revenge is graphically depicted.

So, remember Russel? Well, he sits between myself and Jesse. Jesse doesn’t like him much either. In fact, nobody does and we’re trying to get him tranferred to AusIndustries, a government account that we also have.

Anyway, he doesn’t work on weekends, so Jesse and I use his desk as kind of a communal area (the x-box goes there, as does our rubbish, food, bin, feet, etc). Also on weekends, we tend to order pizza. A lot of pizza. And on that day, we had a piece of meat-o-saurus left over (Thanks Domino’s), as well as a few pieces of Garlic Bread (so in other words, an awful lot of fat and grease). So Jesse has the tops idea of getting a piece of garlic bread, flipping it over and running it all over Russles’s keyboard. And his phone. And his mouse. And his on/off button. And on the INSIDE of his head set. Yes, ok so I leant a hand as well with the meat-o-saurus pizza (mainly the bacon).

Then we got a fine brush (which was ctually one of the aforementioned serviettes that burst into flames) and brushed off all the gunk so it was just oil and slime left. And he’s gunna have to use the keyboard and mouse ALllllll day, and he’s gunna get shit ALL over his ears. The (also) aforementioned Team Lead couldn’t stop laughing when we told him about it on Sunday. He particularly liked the sliming of the headset.

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The weekend

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Another reason I love working the weekend shift:

My work computer died on the weekend (no thats NOT what I love about the weekend). It had been on for 43 days straight and I decided it needed a reset. So I reset it. And it did that lovely Windows 2000 thing “Cannot find c:\winnt\system32. Booting cannot continue”. So I had no choice but to recover it. So I went searching, found a Windows XP Recovery CD (preferred XP this time around), pulled a hard drive out of a spare computer we had lying around, put it in my computer and ran the recovery disk.

Now the idea was that I would install on a fresh HDD, then copy my shit from my old HDD onto the new one, then put my old HDD back in the computer I got the new one out of. So far, so good. Anyway it came to the time when I had to copy the shit from the old HDD back onto the new one. Now we have all slim-line Dell computer’s, which do not have room for a 2nd HDD, so I had to jerry-rig it, and the only way I could see of doing that would cause the metal of the power supply to touch the HDD’s circutry. Not cool. So I grabbed some servietts that we stole from Macca’s and used them for insulation between the Power Supply and the HDD.

After about 30 seconds I started to smell smoke. First thing I did was unplug the power. THen I looked at the HDD. It seemed fine. I lifted the HDD up (it was hot, but nothing out of the ordinary), and the serviettes under the HDD had burst into flames 🙁 Needless to say I melted the bottom of the HDD and lost all the stuff I was trying to recover in the first place (Including 4500 emails). I showed the Team Lead, he reckoned it was one of the funniest things he’d ever seen. So I popped the melted HDD back into the Dell it came out of and the team lead placed a case with ITS complaining that the computer wasn’t working. They’ll get a bit of a surprise if they open it up 😉



Like a glove

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Russle has beel slimed. Damn I love the weekend shift.

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In the city, the wild wild west

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Mandy came around this morning to transfer her 18th party video to DVD. Well we got half of it done but my computer doesn’t seem to like the DV encoding and crashes when converting it to DVD or VCD or even WMV. Sucks hey. Oh well. Oh and I lost my Premiere 6.5 CD (Or did my brother steal it?!) which annoyed me to no end.

Anyhoo yesterday I ended up at work again, cos Funda (cough) called in sick. So on my one day I get to spend with Ange I had to go to work. Bah, by Sunday I’ll have done 6 days in a row at that forsaken place, and any money says I get asked to work on Monday too. Ok so it’s not really that bad and I need the money. But Dad’s christmas present is organised, and my sister is taking care of Mum’s I believe, so there’s two expenditures taken care of. And it’s payday again on Tuesday (finally). At least I think/hope it is. Lemme check. Well I haven’t been paid since the 7th, so I assume that means it’s payday on Tuesday. It bloody better be.



Happy Birthday

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Well, been 2 years to the day since we moved here. An awful lot happens in 2 years, doesn’t it?

Also yesterday was Ange’s and my 6 month anniversary. Woo hoo. Kiss kiss sweetie!

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