Eddy Murphey

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I watched two Eddy Murphey video’s (well DVDs) today – Raw and Delirious. Fucking funny, both of them! Plenty of sexist and dick jokes, and the POO JOKES ohh hyeah!!

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Hey ho hey ho

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It’s off to work we go…. do do do do do do do do… Hey hoooo Hey hoooo




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New layout! It’s just a packeged downloadable one called Rin, see link on the left over there. I hacked it a bit, added my custom pages, ripped apart the navigation, changed the banner image. Thats about it really, no major hacking (dont have the energy and frankly it doesn’t need it). I like it. A lot. I just wish I had made it.

In other news, I had an exam this morning for Intelligent Systems. Piss easy. I have a score of 46/100 for the subject so far, with the final 50 points left for the exam. I only need a 50/100 to pass, which means that I need only 4 points from the exam. I’m sure I did a lot better than that though. Back to work tomorrow, lucky me.

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You put the lime in the coconut

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I just remembered that I don’t like green tic tacs.

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And thats the one thing we got

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I watched Breakfast at Tiffanies today. No, not the film clip to the song. The real movie. And I liked it. Audrey Hepburn is hot. Regardless of that though, I thought I had some serious sexuality issues cos I liked the movie, till another guy at work pointed out that they loved it too and that it’s a total chick puller. That made me feel better, lol.

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Whisked Away

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I cleaned my roooom for the first time in about 234 years. omg I actually have floor space, amazing! And after a vacuum the carpet changes colour too. No longer an off-grey.

Gunna go shopping today too, need new shoes and a new jumper. Anyone want a 10 quid note? I have it left over from London. It’s worth bout 25 bucks!

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Special K – Back from Mildy says:

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“I, Kristof Nagy, of -insert his address here- VIC Australia Earth Milky Way The Universe, heredo apologise to Mark for my abrasive and franky offending statement where I dissed Episode three of Star Wars and I hereby promise to never mention my dislike of it ever again and to just nod and smile whenever anyone mentiones that they liked it”

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I shot the sherriff

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Work was busy today, stupid guy that sits next to me calls in sick (yeah right as if) so I was the only one left in our department (Other girls is on leave for three weeks) and one trainee. Seriously not cool. But it was a satisfying day nevertheless.




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So anyway, I’m back to working full time. Worked sat, sun, mon, doing tues, wed, thurs as well. I was crazy to volunteer for 6 days a week. But my oh my, I need the cash. Oh I need it so badly.

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Star Wars

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So, let me see… have any of you seen Star Wars yet? No, no I don’t think you have! But I have!!!

I may brag, but I honestly don’t think it was worth staying up till 3am just to see it. But it was very bloody good. Good to finally know how Anakin turns into Darth Vader, and why he needs that stupid suit. Great movie.

I was pissed when we got there cos we collected our tickets from the Nova people and went in, and the cinema was almost full. No seats anywhere. So we sat alll the way up the front in some seriously dodgey seats. Until we heard some guys talking about how “Fucking nova reserved the whole 2nd back row”. So I went back there to have a look, and there they were – our seats! Pretty damn good seats they were too. I sat next to David Cambell (DC), you know DC and Lizzie, Nova 19’s? Or Nova Nights or whatever it’s called.

But yes, very damn good movie, but I’m also very damn tired. Go see it sometime soon.

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Stupid tv

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Nothing is on TV at 4.30. Booooo

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Last week

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Wooo the beginning of the last week of semeseter 🙂 Awesome

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Requime for a Dream

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I watched Requime for a Dream at work today. I highly recommend it. But don’t see it if you want to feel good. Don’t see it if you want to forget about it. Don’t see it if you have a weak stomach. It’s not graphic. It’s not violent. It’s not sexual. It is gut wrenching. It makes you squirm. If you ever take drugs, it will make you stop. If you don’t, it will make you think. It will not make you feel good. It will make you feel sick. To your stomach. The visual style is just something else. I recommend it.

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Research Assistancy

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My lecturer for Information Technology for Management (INFO308) has sent me an email asking if I would like to be her research assistant for a grant she has received to study Electronic Government. I don’t know what it means to be a research assistant, but they pay is rather good. I think I’d do it even if I wasn’t getting paid cos that kinda thing Im sure sounds very impressive on a resume. I’m gunna meet with her to discuss it further.

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Got ’em

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I got those sniper fuckers on eBay. I still outbid them for some RAM for the HP Netservers. Three people sniped it and I KICKED EM ALL IN THE NUTS 🙂 🙂 I hate sniper fuckers.


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