Broom broom

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Mah new broom broom is pretty funkalicious. I like it. Some pictures are below (cos I *heart* the car). It’s a Holden Commodore VX II Executive. Manual 😀 The colour is “Tungesten Mica” and one day it’ll have mag wheels. And yes I realise that I am a sworn holden hater, its just that it was the right price at the right time (as I’ve mentioned a thousand times before). And hey, it’s quite nice to drive and has some vroom power. Pictures follow:

OMG its a manual
In the rain
The best bit - CENTRAL LOCKING

If you’re not using FireFox (hence you can view ALT descriptions) you can rollover.

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No I’m not going to explain

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Yeah yeah well I’ve decided to post again. One of the below options (sorted out, blown over, forgotten about) has come to be. And let this be all that I say on the issue. Oh, one thing I should mention else things might not make much sense is that I’m currently “between jobs”.

Kris Kristopheson comes today. He stayin here for a few days. Ange wants to take him to Auburnon, and go see War of the Worlds. If it’s not too cold we take him on a ferry too. In fact I think Ange is more excited about him coming than I am 😛

I could be house sitting for a friend in a few days. Cool.



Gone again

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On Friday, 17th June 2005, at 11.45am my life was virtually flushed down the shitter.

What happened is not for public consumption, and I won’t be writing in here at least until it’s all over. Whether that means ‘sorted out’, ‘forgotten about’ or ‘blown over’ I don’t know.

To all my loyal readers (yes, both of you) – sorry.

Signing off,

– Mark

P.S. I’ve left my archives up so you can pre-read if you feel so inclined.

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I wish

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This is what one of my servers reported as the drive space for an 18.2Gb SCSI:

If only 🙂

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Alll exams finished. I know I didnt write about them so you may not have even known that I was doing them. But there ya go. They’re over. Finito.

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New wheels

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Well, as of this morning I am officially $13,850 poorer (not to mention the $1100 insurance, $500 rego, $500 tranfer fee, $417 stamp duty).

But I did purchase the following car:
Commode VX II Executive

And I have Angela’s and Mandy’s Dad’s resounding approval. Even if it is a commode.

Some guy has done a full gallery of the exact same car here (the hyperlink is the same colour as the text, sorry). ‘cept mine’s a metallic silver/grey colour. I didn’t realise that I get CD controls in the steering wheel 😀 Oh, and his is an auto, mine’s manual. The deposit has been paid, so now I’ve gotta get the rest of the cash, insure and rego it, pick up the pink slip from them, and pick up the rego plates from the RTA. I can drive it away on Monday. Also need to get my current car evaluated. If they offer me < $1000 I'll sell it privately. So exciting!

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I absolutally love the fact that the following car is advertised as having power steering:

Want proof? Click the picture 😉

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I’m gunna vote republic

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This stupid public holiday! I’m not at work but ppl who are are getting double-and-a-half pay (I wish I was at work) and the car place is closed today so everything for the commode wil have to be done tomorrow morning… let me see… when I HAVE AN EXAM. So Dad will have to go in the morning to check it out and he feels it’s OK then put a deposit for me. I’m going to miss buying my car… again… (I missed buying my first car too). And then Dad flies out to Europe tomorrow afternoon so we can’t even do it together after the exam. Aargh.



Driving in my big red (silver) car

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Look what could and I stress only could be my next car:

Commode VX II Executive

And for those who are awake you will realise that, yes, this is a Holden. Not only is it a Holden, it’s a Commode. Which is a very unusal choice for me considering I very much dislike commodore drivers. But, if the shoe fits… well, you know the rest of it. It’s the right price at the right time. Well maybe a bit rushed, cos I have until this Tuesday (2 days) to buy it.

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I did it again

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I beat the sniper fucks again. Awesome.

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The universe revolves around the Sun

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Freaking Sun Microsystems. They make awesome SPARC systems but they’re too expensive for me to afford. They have an awesome Solaris OS (that is now free, thankyou) but for x86 it’s no faster than Windows and harder to use (for SPARC its awesome). But there were TWO companies that provided ASP with VBScript for Unix. Sun bought the most popular one (Chilli) and the other one is now gone (who knows where, I bet Sun bought them and closed em up). So, if I want ASP with VBScript for Unix I need to PAY $1500 US DOLLARS, and even if I DID I COULD NOT USE IT BECAUSE IT ONLY COMES FOR LINUX (*vomit*) SOLARIS SPARC AND FOR SOME GOD UNKOWN REASON, WINDOWS!!!!!!!!!!



Sun Microsystems, the universe may revolve around you buy you gotta look after us by providing us some warmth so that we don’t fuck off to some other universe. At least you’re not afflilated with Firefox.

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I hate firefox

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I googled for some other I Hate Firefox sites. There were a few handfuls. But you wanna know what shits me sooooo bad? Firfox fucked up this guys big post that he had written and all the firefox-fuckers (that is, people who are having sex with firefox) jumped in and told him “You should have done this!” “Do that instead!” “Your browser crashed but you should have SAVED your work!” – EXCUSE ME THE BROWSER SHOULD NOT HAVE CRASHED!!!!



Not cool

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Seriously pissed off guys, three days and only two people commented on my previous post.

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Future self and I

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I met someone from the future today. He told me a lot of neat stuff. He’s from the year 2150. He’s not around any more though. He’s my great-great grandson. Pretty cool, huh? He told me about all the cool stuff they have, cars that don’t pollute the air, run on saliva and if you fart in them it takes your fart gas and turns it into fuel! How cool! They have building three hundred stories high and everything’s all clean and stuff. He giggled at all the music we listen to now, ‘classical junk’ he called it. Whatever – I think he was gay.

But there was a horrible horrible war thats going to happen about 15 years from now. It’s going to change the world as we know it. Lots of people died, some liken it to World War Three (Officially that doesn’t start till 2149, which was why he came back from the future but thats another story anyway). It will be called Blazing Fox War. ‘But there’s no country called Fox’ I hear you say? Well there’s no country called ‘Blazing’ either. But there are factions in this world that exist even today. There was an uprising of the Standards Police. They came, they saw, they didn’t like what they saw. People were doing whatever they wanted to! There were stray

tags in people’s HTML documents and god forbid – PEOPLE WERE USING TABLES INSTEAD OF CSS! For years they met underground, plotting and scheming.

Their first assault on the world was Firefox. A small web browser based on Mozilla. It forced people to look at compliant-only web pages, and encouraged its users to bitch and whinge to site developers and maintainers that “this box is 2cm out of place” and “Your banner is 17px too wide”. They removed support for the most basic of tags that have existed since the beginning of time (such as the ‘background=’ tag). They developed pro-firefox web pages (Browse Happy, anyone?) that over a few years gained support, much like a pro-nazi group. Eventually site developers got fucking pissed off. If a site looked good in every browser on earth, it looked shit in Firefox. If it looked good in firefox it looked shit in every other browser and took 2138x as long to code. They tried to please everyone but couldn’t! The standards police were starting to get their nails in deep! For years this continued, with each release of Firefox they removed more support for every day tags until most HTML documents were EMPTY and people started rasterising their pages into JPG’s – Then they removed JPGs and only supported PNG’s.

Things went down hill from there. Developers were deliberatley making non-firefox pages and the firefoxing standards police in their single mindedness did not see the other side of the picture and started further assaults, even suing large companies for non making firefox compliant pages.

The war “officially” started (I say that in “” as I believe it has already started) when one pissed off developer got a phone call from an irate firefox user who couldn’t see the pretty background colour in a navigation bar because it was embedded in the HTML and not the CSS. The developer traced the caller and went around to his house and promptly put a bullett in his head. It was then normal users and developers facing a fanatic standards police, who after all this time of meeting underground were all wild-eyed and pale skinned. After their small success in having a special firefox-only google page they felt that they were invulnerable. Hundreds of people were killed as pissed off developers attacked firefox junkies with discarded and sharpened AOL CD’s.

The war only lasted for three months. After then all the firefox junkies were dead, and those that still secretly followed their cause did so in quiet. They stopped their whining and went back to life as usual. They realised that “HEY! It actually DOES NOT MATTER that I want to look at websites in their full prettiness, I can do so using a normal browser and my penis WON’T fall off!”. The world then realised the true meaning of Browse Happy – the ability to browse the internet without standards police fucking you in the ass and shooting fire out of their penis’s and burning your prostate. The Browse Happy site was then replaced with pictures of naked women.

So, watch out! Now that we know it’s going to happen we can AVOID it! This war NEVER need escalate! And I would very much love to thank my great-great grandson for letting me know, but he forgot that we still have non-shock absorbing cars and he forgot to look left, then right, then look left again and listen and he’s now being peeled off Ryde Road as we speak.

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Why you gotta act like you know when you don’t know?

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I’m bored. Come back Angela!! I’m bored outta my braiiiiiin…


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