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I had a lovely day today. A real lazy sunday. Ange and I bummed around, she got some photos printed from her digital camera, she fell asleep (as you can read below), we watched Sin City (hehe the bit where Bruce Willis rips the other guys testicals off, oof), and I’m gunna go to bed soon cos Im still quite tired.

On a vista note, one of my bugs is currently the 2nd highest rated bug, and I THINK my first bug was also the 2nd ever bug submitted for Vista. But I’m not sure abt that. See my first bug is bug 1802, and I think it only started at 1801.

Anyway, my bug:

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Rock-a-bye baby

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Angie Fangie Fe Fi Fo Mangie had her birthday last night, and what a birthday it was 😀 Great party, didn’t go till too late (was alseep by 1am). Drank plenty which was a change from usual. Had a call from mum cos I wasn’t able to be in Adelaide for my grandparent’s 20th wedding anniversary. Ange has a hangover 😉 Thats funny. She’s alseep in my bed at the moment, cos we walked to Rhodes from my place to get some of her photos printed out from her digital camera, and I dont think she got much sleep last night. Out like a log she was.

Now, I have to decide whether or not to take advantage of her in this state…



Its quick

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I’ve already had a whole bunch of people googling for “Download Windows Vista” – and the fact that they find my site is amazing cos I’m on about page 3827. Sorry kiddies, you want Vista then you should sign up to the beta. You people shit me.

Going to Ange’s for a birthday lunch, I take her out somewhere nice.

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On the ball & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

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Microsoft are certainly on the ball – they’ve already replied to one of my bug reports asking for more information. Nifty 🙂

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGELA MCFANGELA!!!!!!!!!! She’s a big 21 today! Going to her party tonight, wee!!!!



It works :D:D

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I turned my puter on today, and it booted into the Vista installer without my knowing. I then went out to drop my brother off at the airport, and the computer did its thing without me realising it. I come back – Vista is installed and working :D:D The whole system being automated is a pain in the ass but it did just save my life. It seems that the vga wasn’t initialised during the installer, but it was still working int he background. So I’m blogging from Vista right now, on my desktop 😀 Which I didn’t think I’d get to do 😀



Far from perfect

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Nine bug submissions for Windows Vista so far, and I’ve only been using it for about 3 hours this morning. It’s still quite usable however, but I can’t have sound (driver BSODs Vista) and of course, it’s very slow (P3m 900, 384Mb) and I can’t install it on my desktop (installer crashes). I’d post some screenshots of Vista but I’m not allowed to – sorry! (there might be some old screenshots of Longhorn in my gallery, I don’t remember. The GUI is a bit different from previous alpha’s and there’s a few extra features and re-designs here and there. So far, a pleasureable experience.

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The Island

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Ange and I made an impulse decision and went to watch The Island last night. It was pretty cool – great movie! I wish they hadn’t given so much away in the ads though, because it does kinda ruin the surprise. But that doesn’t stop it from being an awesome movie 😀



Windows Vista Step 2

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Well, the Vista x86 image is downloaded, and I tried to install on my desktop – to no avail. It just goes black, the monitor turns off and nothing happens. I’ve submitted my first bug report about it. Fun fun. It’s installing on my laptop at the moment. It should work on there, because the Alpha’s did (so the Beta bloody better). I got a few things I wanna play around with first before I give up on this puter, but I’ll try them after I have the laptop going.

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Windows Vista Step 1

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Well I decided I wasn’t going to hang around till 3am to download Windows Vista from Microsoft, so I started it this morning. 16 hours to go 😉

Download Manager
If you have good eyes you can see all the goodies avaliable



Windows Vista

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Goodbye Longhorn, Welcome Windows Vista. Am I the only person that realises Microsoft now have two products with the same name? The word “Vista” is the latin word for “Outlook” – which is the name of Microsoft’s email/calendar/organiser/run-my-life application…

According to Jayme who works for MS, Beta 1 is being posted at Microsoft Connect tonight, so I’ll have it by the morning. I hope 🙂

(P.S. I keep typing “Windows Visa” so if you see any comments about Visa, its probably meant to be Vista)

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Finally, a response

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But not the response I was after. I got knocked back from a job – but I’m still happy because AT LEAST THEY REPLIED. UNLIKE EVERYONE ELSE! So at least now I can have a slightly more accurate estimate at my chances of getting a job.



Buy me shit

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Please buy me stuff – hints for my 20th birthday possibly? I’d really like any of the first four items 😉

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Make me unpopular, please

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What I’m going to say is going to make me very unpopular but frankly I do not care.

Ethnics piss me off.

I’ve not wanted to blog on this topic, for the simple reason that I don’t normally write about politically motivated things because I’m usually not well enough informed, but I’ve been of this opinion for an awefully long time, before it became a popular topic to discuss.

I agree with the opinion that the White Australia Policy (WASP – White Anglo-Saxon Protistant) was a great idea. Australia is an easy-going country with very little trouble – except in the areas saturated with ethnics. I worked in one of these areas for almost two years. Now I’m not saying all of them are bad, I met a few nice ones, but they all refuse to become part of the Australian culture. If they choose to come to Australia then they should choose to become a part of our culture. But they don’t. They start up mini-countries inside Sydney and Melbourne. I don’t know about other cities because I have not experienced them. Inside these mini-countries, there are higher levels of violence and crime, in particular robbery.

When I was robbed and beaten on the train it was by a bunch of lebanese kids. The two armed robberies at the store were by people who weren’t even citizens (they had over-stayed their visas). It was a lebanese kid who stole a very expensive laptop from our store. It was a turkish girl who tried (unsucesfully) to my life a misery at work for the simple reason that I WAS AUSTRALIAN.

Reverse racism is rife in Australia. Take the Muslim seik who preached that Muslims are pure spring water, and Australians are sewer garbage and that they must not be tainted by us. Yet a Christian pastor preaches that we should distance ourselves from Muslims (because of the kinds of stuff they say about us) and they try to put him in jail. I should think that it would suit them FINE if we keep our distance from them, because then our sewer water won’t rub off on their pure springs. They come to Australia but are preached to not live as westerners, and to convert their living places into hobo villages, because Western society is evil and if you live in a western society then you are endorsing homosexuality and beastiality. Well then go back to your middle eastern countries! I don’t think anyone is going to mind much!

If you come to Australia you should be prepared to live as an Australian.

Amsterdam, the worlds most tolerant country, has even changed their immigration laws to stop a lot of ethnic people from coming to their country after a film maker who was making a film about life as a muslim woman was shot five times and had his throat slit in public during broad daylight by a muslim extremist. Now this is the country where prostitues don’t pay tax, soft drugs are legal, and you could walk around half naked and nobody would much mind. Yet even they see the need to pick and choose the kinds of people who come to their country.

I’m not saying that we should stop all immigration, by all means, but we should at least be selective in the kinds of people that we let through our borders. We need to keep our sewer waters seperate from the pure flowing springs.




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My first day of Maths today. I mis-read my timetable and came to uni an hour earlier than I had to, but it’s given me a chance to re-read last years maths notes. For some of the things (such as graphing and logarithms) this will be the third time I’ve studied them in three years, and I’ve failed each and every other time beforehand. The stuff I learnt last year (fixed length base subtraction, matricies) I’m fine with. Its just the easier stuff that I’m no good at. Anyway I better pass this year, because if I fail this year, next year is my very last chance I get to pass it, cos its a core subject, and if you fail a core subject three times then you’re outta the course.

Other than uni news, I’m going to start a “Worst blogger in the world” event, and Kris is going to win. Man you need to blog more often and more constantly. Ever since you got scared to mention anything remotely topical, you’re dont mention anything interesting most of the time. You need to live on the edge more often man, do what I do and talk about Bec Cartright having her stomach ripped open by an possessed child!

So yes, what else have I got to say for myself? Not enough people are offended by or agree with my comments on hillsong. I tried to be as abrasive as possible but nobody stood up for them. Gee, I wonder what THAT says…




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Heh my copy of Windows XP validates at – cool 😉

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