Oh the heat!

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Well, I managed to pass all those missions outlined below (bar Zero’s mission but I’m not fussed about that one). Moving back to Los Santos with Madd Dogg now.

Well, it’s not quite September but the heat is back. And I like it. Not that it’s been a particularly cold winter, but as I was telling some people last night, I prefer ambient heat, none of this jumpers + blankets stuff. Hate being cold. Hate it.

Did I mention that the other week I got booked for doing a U-Turn at traffic lights? Well I did. I was driving to Uni (which I rarely ever do) and I turned the wrong way onto the pacific highway, so I did a (rather fast) U-Turn at the traffic lights and span my wheels whilst doing so, and a copper saw it and booked me for 182 bucks. Expensive day that was. Speaking of which I should log onto the RTA website to see how many demerit points I lost.

Eww someone in the puter room farter (I’m at uni) so I’mma go now. Bye.

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Firstly, my apologies

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I know I know, I’ve been slack in here. Yes, GTA: SA has been keeping my occupied, but I’ve also been debating the worthiness of keeping this site alive. Just don’t know if it holds any meaning to me any more. Mind you, my domain renewal isn’t up for quite a while and I don’t really want to waste such a pretty domain name. So, we’ll see.

Has anyone her played/finished GTA: SA? It took me two bloody days to get my flying license, and now that I have it all I ever do is crash the bloody planes! I’ve got four missions to choose from at the moment – three of them flying ones. I have Zero’s RC Plane mission (I’ve had it for yonks, I’m hopeless at it), Calligua’s “Lets fly a small plane into a big plane” mission, that government’s guys “D.O.E” where you have to fly the plane to drop off contraband – I always make it there and drop it off but I always crash and die on the way back. Stupid trees. Oh, and Woozie’s heist mission where you gotta spank the girl from the hotel to get her security pass. I’ve done them all at least three of five (million) times… Argh. I’ll get there. Any tips anyone?! I know the RC and the spanking missions are optional but I’d like to complete em all if I can.

Hey, I jsut noticed. On the rockstar website you can swat the flies. Cool. If you kill all the flies you get a screensaver. Not so cool. Oh well. Interesting nevertheless.

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I know sorry I’ve been neglecting everything. I been busy. With GTA: San Andreas. Sorry.

Now, where the hell is my lecturer?

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Broom broom

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Well, been to Melbourne and back again. Went to Daniel’s birfday. Didn’t know anyone (as I was suspecting) but still, it wasn’t too bad. Good to see him again after all these years. He hasn’t changed at all. Same red hair, same height (not very high, that is). The drive there and back was uneventful and I have decided that I don’t like Dads car to drive. Which is OK by him cos it means that I won’t drive it.

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Another 21’s

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Well, it’s my old friend Daniel’s 21st birthday on Saturday. I haven’t seen him in 3 years. I’m driving down to Melbourne with Dad tomrrow for his party, driving back on Sunday. Should be a good experience 🙂

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Fee fi fo fum

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Maths test today. Wish me luck!

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Death & Friendship

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Once upon a time, people had friends in the immediate vinicity of where they lived (I hope people still do). When people move away from this area, they leave their friends behind and make new friends in their new area. They might get the odd phone call from a past friend, or their past friend might be passing through wher they live now and they catch up and have lunch or whatever. Quite often friends part ways on good terms, but there ends their relationship, both parties move on and nobody feels bad.

Skip forward to todays generation. With instant communication (SMS, E-Mail, IM) at our fingertips, one form or another is avaliable to us 24/7. Now, people of our generation move from one neighbourhood to one on the other side of the country, or even the world, but with all this E-Mail & IM, I wonder if our friendships will end and new ones will start the way all other generations have. Moving from Queensland to Melbourne I transferred no friends, because IM/E-Mail didn’t exist back then, and Iwas too young to have developed any really meaningul friendships. Eight years later, the move from Melbourne to Sydney and I find all these relationships tagging along. Now I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, but a lot of the friendships that have been transferred (through the help of IM & E-Mail) are not particularly deep ones. And of course I feel guilted into keeping the friendship somewhat beating so that I don’t feel bad when after 3 years I get an email “Hey what happened to you?!” to which I could reply “I moved interstate, dumbass”. It woulda worked once upon a time, but these days it’s not so much of a reason. I wonder if in 10 or 20 years to come we’ll still be chatting to the same people we did when we were young.

There’s nothing wrong with ending a pointless friendship. If you both no longer have anythign in common and the only reason you still talk to eachother is out of habit, then I say it’s best to end the friendship. There’s nothing bad about that. Two friends that have grown apart, helped by geographical boundaries. No big deal. Happens all the time. I have a feeling however that this is not going to be the case in the future (thank god for “Block”). I’m also not saying that IM and E-Mail is bad, ther are a few life long relationships that you can sustain through email and IM after you no longer live closeby (or maybe you never lived close by in the first place?). I’d be interested to see what happens.

On another note. I think that people who want to end their own lives because they think their lives suck really haven’t thought through the issue properly. I know a few of these people, who say that they’d rather die than go through (insert every day problem here). And most people who have thought through the concept of death really don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. It scares the shit out of me. I like my life too much to want to die. But even if I didn’t like my life, I wouldn’t want to die, because I’ve thought about it. So, let’s think about it shall we?

I think many people think of life in the form of, say, an oil painting. When you fuck up the picture, you can either correct it, or you can take some turps and wipe it all away. Correcting the picture is a slow process but at least you haven’t wasted all the previous effort. Getting the turps gives you a clean slate but you have to start again from scratch – useful for if you’ve painted the wrong picture all together. But neither of these are final or definate. Taking the whole canvas away and throwing it in the bin – that’s final and definate. Getting the turps and starting again has the same effect to the oil painting, but you get another chance at it.

So to people who want to die (you know who you are): Think about it. All you want is to get rid of the fucked up picture, right? So why throw away the whole damn canvas when you can just delete the ugly picture and start again?

Now while you’re all contemplating this, tell me why the hell site-to-site VPN routing isn’t working.

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Let’s kill some shit.

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Apparently all this pooing outside of the litter tray was caused by the litter not being in a pristine enough condition for the kitty cats to use.

Kris & I just played a good old fashioned war game – C&C Generals – online. Good fun. Thers nothing more satisfying than seeing 10 of his Commache helicopters and 5 of my marauders absolutally slaughtering the enemy. Now thats what I call efficient.

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Pussy from hell

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J & J, if you’re reading this, your cats are feral. Little kitty won’t leave you alone for more than 10 seconds before walking all over you or sitting infront of the PC screen demanding your attention. Big kitty doesn’t do much except SHIT EVERYWHE. Twice he’s shit on the carpet, and last night he shit all over the shit cleaning stuff that I left out! So I can’t clean the shit because he shat all over the stuff I was gunna clean the shit with. And he pissed on the carpet too. Now, if they wer woof dogs I could understand. But cats are meant to be refined, articulate. Bahhhh.




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Centerlink have just redeemed themselves. They have re-instated my centerlink and given me a full payment, in arrears for the time (> 1 month) its taken for them to sort their shit out. Finally, some money. And I start my new job today, which means that I’ll get paid for that at some stage. It never rains, or pours!

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Fucking centerlink again

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Centerlink have DENIED my re-application for Youth Allowance becase “We did not receive all the information we requested” – riiiight, so umm WHAT was that letter that I posted to you from North Sydney on the 22nd of July? WHAT was that phone call that I had from one of your guys to ask me about my application? Was that NOT the information you requested? Don’t give me that bullshit that it’s MY FAULT because YOU HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION REQUESTED! THIS IS THE FOURTH TIME IN A ROW YOU HAVE FUCKED ME AROUND AND I AM SICK OF IT!!! IF ONLY I DIDNT NEED YOUR SERVICES SO BADLY.

You will be receiving a letter from a very pissed off Mark very soon.



I got it I got it I got it

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I got a job 😀 Guy goes to me “I’ve never done this before, but I’m going to offer you the job on the spot” during the interview! Sweet. It’s tech support for some educational software. It’s not very glamerous, but I don’t care. It’s work! Yay! It’s in Pymble too, so easy to get from at home and from uni. Minimum of 15 hours/week, maximum of 40. Not bad.

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Two medals ;)

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I now have two “Top Bugs” for Vista – the one about the tooltips and the one I filed about the failed installation. Cool.

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Yet another one

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Gah I’m enrolled in another beta now. I don’t know why I took it on, I don’t really want to do it. It’s Windows Installer 6.2. Still I guess I can take a look, build a bit more of a reputation?

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