So I’m back

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… from outta space, I just walked in to FIND MY CAR ALL FIXED 😀 Yay. I have my broom broom back!

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New build, televisions and Macgyver

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Well I finally got around to downloading the new build of Vista. Now, to install it when I have some spare time (tomorrow I think). I hear it’s a lot more stable – I’ll have to read up in the beta newsgroups to find out whats new.

Angepants bought an LCD TV offa eBay. A 17″ Widescreen LCD. Nothing fancy and an absolute bargain. 450 bucks. I’m afraid I might have got her addicted to eBay now. Next on the list is a surround sound system & DVD player (to be investigated when Ange has saved more money).

So far Season 2 has been my favourite Macgyver one yet. I’m half way through 3. 1 was too ‘experimental’ and 3 is too soppy. Mac is weird though. He ran his clock on potatoes. Crazy hippie. I’ve been absolutally killing Jess and Jayme’s internet connection with Bit Torrents. Including Series 2, Episode 1 of Lost (see prev. post).

Fun fun fun!

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The previous post is passworded because it contains spoilers about Lost (Season 2). The password is LOST if you wish to read it. Enjoys!



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More problems

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Well, the NRMA sent my car to the wrong kind of smash repair. This place only does body and structural work, not mechanical. Even though the back end was shuddering it didn’t occur to them that there might be mechanical problems (gee being hit in the back wheel might not mess up the IRS would it?). So it’s gone off to somewhere else now to have that done, then it’s going back to the smash repairs and they’ll fix up the rest of it. Not very happy at the moment cos I’m still without my car.

Also they tried to cut my hours back at work, but I kicked up a (polite) stink and got my hours back to where they were, effectively unchanged. Also, Ange had me up at some god forsaken hour of the morning to take her to the city. I don’t mind taking her to the city, I just don’t like being up so early in the morning. But it’s just the once so I’ll let it slide 😉

Kris is on CLW at the moment. Poo. No more C&C Generals till he gets back. Which is probably a good thing cos I’ve been going to bed very early the last few days.

I’ve put lots of hyerplinks in this post. Don’t know why. Just felt like it.

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When a bottle of milk says it expires on the 19/9, does that mean I can still drink it on that day, or do I have to throw it out on that day?

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Meh I’m tired. Too many late nights. Early to bed for me, I think. Although, I’m not going out Monday night any more – still a long day tomorrow though.

Car is at the repairers, hopefully I’ll get it back tuesday. I reallllllly hope so. Been rather difficult without my car, and with Ange not having a license we hardly get to see eachother now. Still, it’s only a short term thing.

Why do bad guys never just shoot anyone? Why do they always have to go to elaborate measures to kill people? Man, they’d win a lot more often if they just KISS’d.

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Angela did it

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Look! Another layout! Two in two days 😛 So disregard my previous post, this is no longer a tweak to the old layout. Ange made this one for me. We’re kinda twins now, we both have similar layouts, just different colours. Aint life funny like that!

I’m slowly becoming addicated to Macgyver. It’s sad. I watched some Mac yesterday, then watched some James Bond, and James Bond is just so, inarticulate, compared to Mac. Mac never holds guns and never kills anybody. Mind you, James Bond is still hella cool.

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Red like the bloodshed

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A small hack to the layout. I got bored of blue. So red it is 🙂

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Computers and cars. What more could a boy want?

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Well my car was inspected by the NRMA yesterday, they couldn’t see any major mechanical damage that would render the car unroadworthy, but I should avoid driving it cos it’ll chop my tires up. So, I’m not driving it at the moment.

And, I got a copy of VMWare ESX 2.5 server – FINALLY, I’ve been waiting for MONTHS for it to come along! Yay, now I can play properly 😀

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Oh so sad

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Very sad:

I was turning right out of the driveway here and a red celica went straight into my rear-right wheel. It’s dented the wheel rim, probably put the hub out of position and maybe damaged the brakes, and a scratch on the bottom of my back door. The celica suffered a broken headlight. If I’d been driving any faster it woulda hit my back bumper and any slower it woulda hit my door. Got lucky. Still a $900 excess though, but because I’m on a Maxmimum No Claim Bonus (thanks Dad) the premium’s won’t increase unless I put the insurance under my own name.

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How excitement

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Well, I now have:

2 Series of Mythbusters
4 Series of Scrubs
7 Series of Macgyver 😀

Bit by bit I’ve been putting them on DVD (Of course I’ve run out of DVDs now) and making covers for em and everything (If you’re gunna do it, do it right I say). Scrubs I’m not so sure about, gotta watch a few eps before I decide whether or not to spend some DVDs on them.

In other news, I have my first staff meeting today. How excitement (not).

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Forgetting about your mid-semester exam: Bad 🙁
Doing your midsemester and knowing everything anyway: Satisfying 🙂

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