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Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily briefing. He concludes by saying: “Yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed in an accident”

“OH DEAR GOD NO!!!” George W. Bush exclaims. “That’s terrible!!”

His staff sits stunned at this display of emotion, nervously watching as the president sits, head in hands. Finally, the President, devastated, looks up and asks………. “How many is a Brazillion??!”

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Big kitty keeps sneezing and I don’t know why. Maybe he’s allergic to his own fur. Serves him right for leaving it everywhere,



F.E.A.R is not S.C.A.R.Y.

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The new PC game F.E.A.R can be summed up in five letters: S.U.C.K.S. It wasn’t scary. It was boring. It was only the slightest bit challenging. The lack of variety of gameplay sucked ass. The puzzles were so simple a 5 year old could have found their way through them. Now, if the whole game had been compacted into, say, 3 levels, and then the next 5 levels were a continuation of the story – THEN it would have been a good game. And it was so predictable. Gah. The graphics engine was nothing to wank over either.

I dunno, one day someone will release another game that will be as good as HalfLife, or Little Big Adventure. One day…



Wrong way, turn back

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Dad’s borrowed the satnav for his trip to Canberra today, to see if it’s worth investing in a copy of it too. He was mighty tickled by it last night, but I agree with him when it says it’s eerie. We walked right in front of the house and it goes “You have reached your destination”. Not a second early, not a second late.

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I love it! The 512mb card DID turn up yesterday, but at the wrong address. After fucking spending hours and hours trying to get it installed, this morning I realised that there was TWO copies of the software installed (one on memory card, one on phone memory), so I formatted the memory stick, un-installed the phone copy, re-installed ONLY on the memory stick, and VOILA! “Turn Left, Here… after 300 meters, turn right at the roundabout and take the third exit.” It’s wonderful. Absolutally wonderful. Worth EVERY penny!

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Absinthe Memories

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I’ve loved this ever since I saw it on Kris’s site:




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This GPS hoohah is cool 😛 I got the GPS receiver today (memory card was meant to arrive too, but poo head it aint here). The receiver is pretty damn good, even works when it’s in the glove box of the car (which is great, saves me having to mount it).

It’s pretty accurate, I was doing 40 and it read 39.8, but it was also reading as 18m below sea level (I think that could just be some calibration issues). Now, when that DAMN MEMORY CARD ARRIVES, I can put on an Australian street directory and SatNav, here I come!

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I love new toys. I love them a lot. And my latest toy, it’s a doozie. My Optus contract expired last week, so off I trodd to the Optus store to get a new phone and renew my contract. The phones they were offering me were shit. They were the same phones they had 18 months ago. Bollocks to that, I say.

Dad just got a Nokia 6260, so I investigate it. Everything I read is outstanding. Top phone, best in its class, amazing functionality. Price: $447 from Dick Smith. And typically, it’s not on ANY Optus contracts. So, I bought the phone outright. They now give me a discount on my bill for the next, ooh, forever, I can upgrade my contract to one with a phone and forgo the discount at any stage (not that I would now).

And the best bits? It has a standard 32Mb RS-MMC card, which will be in there for less than 48 hours, as I bought a 512Mb card for cheap as chips (thanks eBay), AND: Sattelite Navigation (thanks Torrent Spy!). A not-so-expensive Bluetooth GPS receiver (thanks eBay) and some very expensive (if you pay for it) TomTom software and maps. I can’t wait 😀 It even operates as a remote mouse for the laptop (so you can do powerpoint presentations remotely), and you can view PowerPoint, Word and PDF’s on it. It runs Symbian OS, so there’s no shortage of applications for it.

It’s great.

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Protected: A solution to one’s dillema

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No no no no no, yes yes yes yes

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Sorry but Carmen Sandiago wasn’t what I was thinking of in the previous post, sorry! I never played those games, only heard of them, so I had no idea that Broderbund made them. Here’s another screenshot to help yee along:

Take 2

I’m also very pleased with my latest eBay aquisition. It’s been ages since I bought anything off eBay so it sure feels good 😉 Now I know what it’s like to stop quitting smoking 😛 Seeing as I have so many computers and not so many keyboards or monitors, I invested in a 4-Port KVM. Best 50 bucks ever.

Ignore the watermark ;)

KVM’s have come a long way since I last used one. This one detects certain keyboard responses and acts accordingly (pressing scroll lock twice within 1 second activates the KVM, etc) and they’re keystrokes you’d never normally use so it’s all good. I think I’m going to find it incrediblyt useful. Too bad it’s not rack mountable, but given it’s size (and you can use the kbd shortcuts) I think mounting it in a 0RU position won’t be a problem 🙂

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When I was but a wee little boy, on our old 486SX-25 (that is to say, a computer that is 160x slower than my current machine) in around the year of ninteen hundred and ninety two, I used to play a kickass game. If anyone can tell me what game it was, simply by using the screenshot below, you will make me a happy boy (cos anyone that remembers this game as fondly as I is a good man).


I was so happy when I found a copy that I could download, and it worked perfectly in VMWare 🙂

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Protected: A dillema

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Top gear

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They’ve finally installed lynx on the server that this machine is hosted on. So I downloaded some software I wanted to install on the server. 1.23MEGABYTES PER SECOND. It’s NOT FAIR! In the UK they can get 24Mb broadband (thats 3Mb/sec) for 24 POUNDS PER MONTH. Whereas Jayme is paying 80 bucks a month for 1500/256 with probably the shittiest ISP in Australia. In South Korea they can get fiber optics to their homes!

It’s so pathetic the way Australia gets left behind with all the technological stuff. Every time. Every thing. It’s also heaps expensive to get anything too. It’s pathetic.

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Taste in music

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Little kitty just changed the radio station. Bah.

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I’ve been investingating hosting solutions. Not just to move this site to, but so I can play around a bit more, have some more control over the server.

Co-location is when you buy a server and put it in someone elses rack, generally at an ISP, and use their bandwidth. The costs vary, but it’s an aweful lot cheaper than I thought. You don’t pay for outbound traffic, but you do pay for inbound traffic. Some places charge to have some physical time at the server (to reconfigure, load new software etc) but most places it’s free if you book more than 48 hours in advance. One place wanted 77 bucks an hour, to access YOUR OWN SERVER, they don’t even have to do anything. Insane. The best co-location I’ve found is in Melbourne though, which doesn’t help me much. However I might be able to sneak one in for cheap courtesy of a friend at work who has contacts. Big bandwidth, here I come 😉

Freakazoid, I just saw an ad on telly for Phonica, which is the new product that my work has taken on. Sounds like their marketing campaign is moving into gear!

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