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Well I did alright off eBay this time around. I sold two of my phones, and sold some of Dads stuff at the same time. I got 105 bucks for my Nokia 5210 and 99 bucks for my Nokia 7250i (I sold myself short on that one by a lot, I didn’t realise they were worth so much more than that). Sold some of Dads Meccano which fetched 70 bucks and his old Palm Vx got 40 bucks.

Now, to resist eBay further! Must. Pay. Debts. First.

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No more Macgyver

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Well, I finally got to the end of my Macgyver collection. I dunno what to do now, I’m a bit lost! Unfortunately I already knew how the last episode ended, cos I was looking at a Mac site a few months ago, and THERE WAS A HUGE SPOILER and absolutally NO WARNING. I wasn’t very happy about that. Still it was pretty kick ass.

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Moving house

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I helped my friends move house yesterday. They moved to a two-bedroom apartment in Homebush, on the THIRD floor. How fun. One of the first things I managed to do was jam my finger in the car door, where the door actually latched shut and I had a telly under my other arm, so I had to yank my finger out. I haven’t really been able to feel my finger since.

I certainly got a months worth of exercise though. They hired one of those trollies that can climb stairs, but with the way their staircase was designed, it was no use at all. We ended up carrying everything up all three flights, and in typical style, the one time we COULD have used it, we didn’t bring it. Speaking of which they weren’t very organised or prepared, which only added to the stress of the day. They weren’t 100% finished when I left, there was just a few small things to go, took over 6 hours to do a one-bedroom apartment. If they’d been a bit more organised could have done it in 3 I reckon. Oh well. I had a good day, but I dunno about them 😛 We had a few other helpers which was tops too, couldn’t have done it if it was just me and them!



After 115 hours finally success

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When I was a kid I used to watch Macgyver on telly, and when I heard that I could get all of the episodes of 7 series, there were two scenes that jumped instantly to my mind that I remember. I dunno why I remember them, I just do. So, I started watching each episode in the hope that I would see those two scenes again. The first one came quickly, in Season 2. The final one, which I just watched, took around 115 hours for me to find – it’s one of the last episodes in the last season of Macgyver. How typically murphey’s law 😛 But I can say that it’s 115 hours wisely spent, cos I’ve finally seen the two scenes!

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Not seeing the point…

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Tell me something, why would I buy a Ford GT, or a Maclaren SLR, or a Lamborghini, if a Renault Clio can OVERTAKE YOU while you are doing 370kph? Need for Speed Most Wanted would have you believe that a Renault Clio (Or a VW Polo for that matter) can go as fast as, if not faster, than a Porsche GT. I know, because a fucker in a Clio keeps beating me in my maxed-out Ford GT. Yeah. Right. Good one EA.

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The problem with us all

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The internet is the sole cause of impatience, I believe. Let’s face the facts, we’re all impatient mofo’s these days. Why have dialup when you can have broadband? Why have ADSL when you can have cable? Why have cable when you can have ADSL-2? Fuck it, lets go for a circuit-switched ATM connection!

Impatience is the prime reason for the uptake of broadband in Australia. I’ve already got Episode 7 of Lost, Season 2 and that’s not due for Australia for several months. Broadband means that people no longer have to wait for anything. As soon as it’s avaliable somewhere in the world, it’s avaliable everywhere in the world (assuming you know where to look).

Is all this impatience good for us? I’d love to see the internet’s backbone revert to 56k, just for a day. Yes, the internet backbone was once 56k. It’s like the age old dillemma of taking a shit. Do you push it out, or wait for it to come out on its own? Pushing it out is heaps quicker and more satisfying, but waiting for it to do it itself Im sure is better for your ass mechanisim in the long run. Is all this broadband going to come back and bite us on the ass?

I wonder…

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I have succumbed

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Need For Speed: Most Wanted kicks more hiney than Hot Pursuit, and Hot Pursuit 2 rolled into one. I’m addicted! I plan on building a garage of Mercede’s and Monaro’s. So far I have an SL 500 and a Vauxhall (Read: Holden) Monaro VXR. And a porsche, but I sold it so I could buy the larger supercharger for the Merc 😉

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Apple 12

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Well, I’ve got Office 12 installed, and it’s… interesting. Word and Excel are layed out totally different and things have moved. I was saying to Jayme the other day that Office hasn’t really changed since Office 6.0 – no longer. It doesn’t look like anything you’ve ever seen before, but it’s very functional.

Outlook has some new interesting features (mainly the To Do bar, and the way it opens/views attachments), hoever I can’t use it because every time it tries to open a new window, it crashes. Not much use to me at the moment (Back to Outlook 2003).

I’m installing Apple OSX into a VMWare at the moment. It won’t install native, mainly because I have an unusual non-intel chipset (Dual AMD MP systems are not particularly common, hence not supported widely).

Kris, get back from wherever it is that you are.

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Monaro Drifting

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Click me!
A few minutes of footage from BBC’s Top Gear show (which is a kick ass show), showing off the Holden (or in their case, Vauxhall, or American Pontiac GTO) Monaro VXR being drifted by some professional japanese drifters. Pretty cool stuff. Not quite sure how legal it is to post, but it’s 30mb so I doubt too many people will be downloading it 😉

If you’re on broadband and a bit of a car nut, it’s good fun to see a true blue Aussie car being kicked around by the poms! If only they’d do a FPV!

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The not-so-phat-pipe

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Office 12 was released today. Sweet. Cos of my not-so-phat-pipe I got Jayme to download it from his work, so I pick it up tonight. He says its pretty sweet. I can’t wait 😀

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What’s the go, Joe?

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Has anyone else’s internet been UNBEARABLY slow for the last few days? It’s been shitting me to tears. No, I’m not over my dowload limit, and no, I haven’t got Azereus running, it took literally about 2 minutes to load the WP Administration page. Forget trying to open any pages even slightly complex. Its painful. Dialup would be quicker than this.

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Now I KNOW I’m a god

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I have the solution to New South Wales’s rain shortage. I’ll just wash my car every single day. Because it’s guaranteed that no more than 3 hours after I wash my car, nomatter how much of a nice day it is, it will rain. It’s happend the last 4 times, and I’m sure any scientist will agree that if it happens 4 times without fail, then it’s a fact

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There’s no laws against making a fool of yourself

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I was bored today, so I decided to play with Adobe AfterEffects. What a dumb idea. Now I’ve gone and made a video. The only thing I had to make my video about was my car, so I did. I’m not in love with my car, I promise. It just seemed like an interesting thing to do at the time. Right-click the image and Save Target As if you want to save it (It probably won’t stream very well).

DivX Video
Or if you prefer, WMV format

– Update: The stupid FTP server is broken AGAIN so I can’t upload the video. I’ll let you know when it goes up.
– Update: The stupid FTP server is back online. Hopefully permanantly.

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The way it’s done!!one!

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Well I finally finished the download of the new Need For Speed: Most Wanted, can’t wait till it’s released, for just one reason:

*drools* – so the first car I’mma buy when I’m a multi-bajillionaire! Finally, some high-end european cars to smash up!



Bye bye Club Kilsyth

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Hehe the local near where I used to live in Melbourne has just had a makeover:

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