Busy busy as a bee

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What a busy day. Had car inspected with the NRMA, went to Jess and Jayme’s and the amount of cat poo made me nausious (thanks ange!). Got a call while I was there that I can take my car to a repairer (he must have given it to one of his mates instead of getting people to tender as usual. As they say its not what you know its who you know).

So then its off to the post office to post something COD and had the chattiest man ever. I didn’t mind but I think everyone behind me did! Still haven’t received my replacement motherboard, but I did get an e-mail from the guy that bought my servers off eBay saying that there was a bit of physical damage to them – Im guessing cos of the car accident, so I’ve put another claim in with the NRMA to get a replacement part for him so that he can still have a happy ending.

Work today is hideously busy cos all the little kiddies are back at school today. The backlog is the biggest I’ve ever seen it. It’s insane. We’ve hardly made a dent in it in 4 hours, mainly cos as soon as we get one knocked off another two have come into the list. How fun. So I guess I better get back to it.

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Back from the dark side

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Wow – Garrett’s 21st was AWESOME. He had a live band and dozens and dozens of people, 11 slabs of beer, and for a change I enjoyed the company of everyone except Trevor. But I could never enjoy the company of Trevor – in fact I blame him for failing maths in Year 11 and 12. Here’s a pic of some of the aftermath (sorry about the quality it was taken on my phone):

49 bottles of beer on the wall

Now imagine that times three, plus about another one of them scattered down the street and in the neighbour’s places and that’s about accurate.

The drive down was harder than the drive back, always is for some reason. Got great economy though! Filled up at Yass (full 65 litres of regular unleaded) and the trip computer gave me the following reading (as in how many k’s I can go for till I run out of petrol, given my current driving style, which was 5th gear, 120k’s, freeway):

I didn’t even know it WENT that high. Amazing. Thats bloody good economy – 7.6l/100k’s. A diesel doesn’t do much better 😉

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You take the high road and I’ll take the low road

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Oil – Check
Radiator – Check
Wiper fluid – Check
Power Steering – Check
Tyre Pressure – Check (needs about 4psi more all round)

I took a cut and polish to the front of my car so now except for the gaping hole in the bumper it doesn’t look nearly as bad.

Ange took me for a drive today – she got her license recently and this was her first ever solo drive. She’s not bad for a first timer 🙂 I remember my first time… oh the memories. I drove to work though, and there wasn’t a single corner, just straight up homebush bay drive. She scared of merging though. Merging is fun cos you get to put you foot deep into the accelerator.

So, driving to Melbourne tomorrow. Hence the checklist above. Should be an experience. I did it with Dad a few months ago but now it’s my turn on my own in my own car 😀

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The carnage

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*sigh* Another 900 bucks down the tube. Fucking car.

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The start of a hopefully better week

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Well, one courier down. Finally. DHL have got my shit stuck in customs they reckon, so much for their promise to have it to me by Friday.

Fortunately a got a Dead on Arrival for that damaged item, so I’m getting it swapped over before I go to Melbourne. I’m not gunna say what it is cos it’s a surprise. However, after two weeks, still no response from AMD. I’m trying to climb the corporate tree to see if I can get SOME kind of response from SOMEONE about an RMA!

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So like fully sick bro

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Tomorrow – courier’s come. I hope 😀

Kris put me onto this new band, The New Pornographers – they’re not half bad!

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Old school

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I found this four-and-a-half year old picture in my computer:

For all you kids under 18 this is what MSN Messenger used to be like, and this version that you’re looking at was the very first versions to have proper smilies. And I was very lucky cos I had v4 which shipped with Windows XP, and I was one of the first people in the world to get to use Windows XP – nobody got to see MSN v4 till at least 2002. There ya are, a bit of nostaligia for ya.

You may notice that I am a man of habit and have not changed my MSN name in at least five and a half years. Or my font for that matter.

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Not a good fucking week

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THREE couriers were meant to deliver something yesterday.

Courier 1) The item isn’t even in the fucking country, which is 2 days later than they PROMISED
Courier 2) Waited all day and he didn’t turn up. This morning I’m told that he DID arrive but nobody answered. I WAS OUT OF THE HOUSE FOR 10 MINUTES ALL FUCKING DAY! How FUCKING typical and why the HELL can’t he just leave it at the door like EVERY OTHER COURIER ON EARTH DOES.
Courier 3) Have heard nothing. He didn’t turn up and I dont know who the courier is so I can’t even call them.

On close inspection of something I ordered (for a pretty price) it looks like it has some damage. I haven’t tried it yet, but it better fucking work.

Still no fucking response from AMD. I sent them an even more pissed off email today. I’m just really not having a good week. Next week had better be fucking better.



Corporate entities

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7 days after writing to AMD to try and raise an RMA I have not received ANYTHING from them. Only a fucking automated response. Really pissed off now. Not a good fucking week.

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Pissing away my money

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Damnit so many stupid fucking mistakes in the last few days.

1) The shipping for the ebay item (see prev post).

2) Bought a new PSU for my PC, assuming my motherboard was ATX (Cos its an ATX form factor) – but it’s NOT. It just so happens that this case came with a compatible power supply, so I never looked and never realised that this mobo does NOT take ATX power. I didn’t even know ther was such a thing as non-atx. Till now.

3) Bought new HSF’s for my PC (two massive fuckers) – so big that they don’t fit next to eachother. I think I can get them to overlap (its made of copper sheets a few mm apart) but its not what I was looking forward to

Yep think that’s about it. For the moment.

So yeah, feeling a bit odd and down tonight. Not just cos I’ve pissed away my whole paycheque (and cos petrol is at 128c/l), but this weather. A drizzly night with a chilly wind when it’s meant to be summer reminds me of when I first moved to the city from a small country town. It was a strange time for me and this just takes me back. Makes me feel strange all over again. Can’t wait to go to sleep tonight.

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Fuck fuck fuck

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Well we all know I’m not crash hot at Maths but it would seem my English skills are not that great either. That eBay item I showed last post, well there were two identical items, same price, different sellers. One seller wanted $US80 for shipping, the other wanted $US20. So you can guess what I did. I fucking got them mixed up and bid on the wrong fucking one. Bloody pissed off.

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Why isn’t stuff from Australia this cheap?

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Ouch it buuurnnss

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The cause of my system instabilities:

Two CPU’s at 75 degrees each, under idle, and I can’t seem to get them any cooler. So, I’ve written to AMD to get an RMA. Yay.

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Yayyy back at work today 🙂 Right now, in fact! Feels good to be earning monnneeyyyyy.

So, Mandy came over today, her puter is busted (again), had to recover all her data. Her puter is busted for good though this time, no POST, no nothing. Sucks ey. She asked what she should wear (cos she’s goth), so I said “Normal clothes, please” so she turns up what looks like normal clothes but the legs of her pants are chained together?! So she can’t take too big steps or else she trips over. Go figure. Apparently they’re bondage pants. I don’t get goths, I reallly don’t. Sorry Mandy!! But she is making her own clothing label and is selling them, so thats a bloody good effort!! Onya MandyPants!

So yeah, I got more stuff on eBay, my one of my server and my array. It really is the end of an era. Sad, but looks like they’ll fetch a decent price 😉 If I get a decent price for the HP server then I’ll sell my other one I got. If not then, well, we’ll see.

About time I get a new layout I think. This one, as tops as it is, has the same banner image I’ve had for like 6 months. Time to move on, methinks! ANGELAAAAA I NEED A NEW LAYOUT KTHXBYE

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Up again

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Stupid SQL was offline again. Gahhh *tears his hair out*

So, more accessories for the car:

Choice 1 (Daytime & Nightime):
dash off
dash on

Choice 2 (Daytime & Nightime):
dash off
dash on

Honestly I want the nighttime from #1 and the daytime from #2. I don’t much like the idea of silver staring at me all day, but #2 backlit looks silly with the other lights blacked out. Oh and #1 is also $70 cheaper…

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