Why I don’t like WordPress 2.0

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Well I upgraded to WP 2.0 – and I wish I hadn’t. It’s become a lot like Microsoft Word – over bloated and over-complicated, but unlike Word it doesn’t really have any new features.

1) I don’t like the AJAX presentation. It’s unnessesary. It’s complicated. It takes longer to load. It doesn’t increase or enhance the functionality at all.

2) I don’t like the new editor I liked the old fashioned text box that you could hack away into. This one is too… braindead.

3) I don’t like the new dashboard. Its just too… blue.

4) I don’t like the way it emails you with the sender “wordpress” – if you have more than one sites moderations coming in to your email you actually have to search through the body of the email to see which site it came from. I liked it better when it emailed with the site title.

And I know its my fault, but its also now impossible to roll back to v1.5 cos I couldn’t be arsed making a site backup before I upgraded, and the only way to roll back is to restore an old SQL backup. Oh, poo.

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Go away!

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You people who seem to think you can spam my site and get free advertising for your stupid illegal money making scheme website scams. They all end up in moderation and all it ends up doing is pissing me off having to daily go in and delete the four or five comments that you fuckers have tried to sneak by, unsuccessfully. I hate you. I hope you also rot in hell.

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To whome it may concern:

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To the faggot who called me at 3am this morning and then hung up as soon as I’d dragged my sorry arse out of bed and answered, I hope you die and rot in hell.

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Time to muster the custard

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Ok, some ways I can finally recoup some of my cash losses:

1) When I get my Tyan motherboard back (after 6 weeks it better be FUCKING soon) I can sell my Athlon MP 2800’s, which is gunna net me about $500
2) If I ever get around to going to the NRMA to claim the SCSI card that was damaged in the accident, thats an additional $500

So that at least covers a few things which means that I’ll be able to buy uni books. Man I hate being poor.

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Well well well

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Well, I’m afraid that I’m guilty of my own annoyance. I haven’t blogged in days, and I haven’t blogged about anything interesting since The Aristocrats. So I do apologise for that. I’m afraid that this post isn’t going to be very interesting either.

I’m back at Uni tomorrow. Hooray for me. First day of the last year, hopefully. Seeing as I’m a subject behind (cos I failed Maths) I have to catch up somewhere, which will be 2nd semester. So if I do fail anything, particularly a core subject, I’m totally stuffed and I’m up for another year. Still, can’t have it all I guess. So, time to charge up the iPod!

I wonder if I should upgrade to WordPress 2.0…

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There’s a hole in my pocket, dear Lisa

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Well I got my car back. Yay. Feels sooo good. What doesn’t feel so good is that I’m so poor. The place didn’t take Credit Card so I had to go around digging up all the cash I could, as well as borrow money from Mum, cos I couldn’t wait 2 days for the other money to come through. So I’ve gotta re-coup that money, on top of my regular car repayments, as well as get the cash for the credit card bill when it comes. Man. So poor.

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Broom broom

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Yippee! I get my car back today!!!!!! I HOPE!!!!!!



The things you notice

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Hey, did you know that I have an Archives button? I didn’t know that. I just learnt something new!

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Monkey balls

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It’s not fair 🙁 Ange doesn’t blog in like 23232 years and she gets heaps of comments but when I post something vial and disgusting I don’t get any comments. I look totally unloved. Not fair. I’m going to go and sit in this corner over here and cry now. Bye.

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The Aristocrats

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So, I saw a movie called The Aristocrats. I loved it. Its a documentary about a joke. I’m not going to tell you the joke, rather I think I’ll let the boys from South Park tell the joke.

The Aristocrats
The Aristocrats: DivX (2Mb) | WMV (4Mb) – AVI for most people, WMV if you don’t have DivX.

The joke is MOST CERTAINLY NOT WORK SAFE, and if you’re a prude, DONT WATCH IT, and if you’re easilly offended DON’T WATCH IT and if you can’t take a joke DON’T WATCH IT. It’s by far the MOST VIAL JOKE I HAVE EVER HEARD and I have heard a LOT of incredibly rude jokes. It’s awesome. I love it and I hope so do you.

By the way I’m sure I’m voliating a dozen copyrights by posting the clip so, uuh, I didn’t do it?

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Boo hoo

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I miss my car… it’s at the repairers at the moment. I really wish I had that stupid hire car option 🙁



The future arrives

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Transparent LCD-Style screens are finally coming a reality. I’ve waited many years for these things and I can’t wait for it.

The only way of achieving this kind of technology at the moment is with a projector onto a frosted-glass kind of surface (you can see this at Federation Square next time you’re in Melbourne). Some Japanese cars used this a few years ago to display your speedo on the windscreen. I can’t wait till it becomes a proper reality for large-scale devices…

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Off we go

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Well, just been to Jess & Jayme’s wedding up at Evans Head. It was a nice wedding, very simple, very straight forward. The kind of wedding I’d love to have. But it was sooo hot and humid. The humidity was so high you couldn’t tell the sweat from the tears on some people. The reception was at the same place the wedding was, so at least there wasn’t much travel involved. We forgot to take the camera, so the only photo we got was one I took on the phone:


The drive up and back was uneventful. Lost count of the number of speed cameras, and the Pacific Highway really is incredibly shit. I can’t believe how long it’s going to take to expand it. The system here certainly is failing.

We went to DreamWorld on the Sunday. That was awesome fun. Started the day by going on the first run of The Tower of Terror (which goes at something like 300kph in a straight line for about 500m, then goes straight up in the air and falls back) – it only lasted 6 seconds DAMN what a wakeup call! We went on The Claw (which is like the pirate ship kinda rides only the seats spin around in a circular motion too) about a half-dozen times before we left. I felt a bit sick after that. The only ride I didn’t go on was The Wipeout, and that’s cos I know my limits 😉

So all in all, a great weekend. I’ve driven over 4000k’s in the last week and a bit. Time to lay off it for a bit I think!

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Athlon MP 2800’s

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Well I finally got around to going to AMD to get my processors swapped over. They were Athlon MP 2000+’s – now they’re Athlon MP 2800+’s – that’s an increase of 1.6Ghz! Not bad considering they only had 2 weeks of warranty left!

So remind me again why I bought opterons? Mind you I’ve never had a chance to use the opterons given the fact that I STILL DONT HAVE A MOTHERBOARD FOR THEM!

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There’s no substitute for quality

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Well I purchased a Tyan K8WE motherboard weeks ago – a very nice, rather pricy, dual opteron motherboard. It didn’t work. It had never worked. So I send it back to the place I bought it from and requested a DOA (Dead on Arrival). What I got was an RMA (Return to Manafacture Authorisation) – which I was happy with cos the end result is the same (DOA is usually quicker, no questions asked kinda thing).

Now, over a week later, I’m told that it could be up to another 1-2 weeks before a replacement board is offered, and even then that they MAY NOT REPLACE IT and may flog me the FULL PRICE AGAIN for another motherboard! This is rediculous. Tyan are meant to be a top of the line motherboard, specifically designed for high end systems – and priced accordingly. And now they’re dicking me around like this. Crazy. Not very happy at all. At least the place I purchased it from are doing their best for me.

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