A hiatus

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Just to let you know that mine and Ange’s and Mandy’s and Kris’s and Nadine’s and Jess’s and well, a lot of peoples, sites are going to be moved from one server to another. So don’t expect any great revelations from me until at least Monday. Not that I ever have any, anyway…

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The wheels on the car go round and round

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Ok, time for me to get your opinion again. Below are my two favourite wheel options (apologies for the poor photoshopping), they’re both about the same price. I’ve also included brake caliper options, as that’s only 50 bucks and a few hours to paint.

Current: 15″ Steels (stock)

Choice 1: 18″ Zinetti with black powder-coat finish (comes in silver too)

Choice 2: 18″ K-Speed shadow chrome

If you don’t like either, please tell me that tooooo!

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I lied

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10 minutes after writing that previous post, I found another set of wheels that I love almost as much as the ones I can’t get any more:


That’s the 19″ version, which of course I can’t afford. And they look like:


Fortunately, the 18″ version is a good 600 bucks cheaper. Now, I know that that’s a monaro and that it’s a different colour to mine, but my car is the baby cousin of a Monaro and I think my colour will look nicer than the red with those wheels in fact. Feedback anyone?

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Negative ghostrider, the pattern is full

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Well, I have nothing to talk about recently. How not interesting am I. Just to prove how un-interesting my life has been recently, my two biggest achievements have been:

1) Discovering that my commodore has a built-in (but hidden) instant fuel consumption guage. Now I’ve figured out the most economical way to not waste my 75 litre tank of petrol.
2) I soldered together a contraption that lets me turn every single fan in my computer to 12v, 2v or off. 12v is noisy at 2500-3000rpm, 2v is silent and about 500rpm, but enough to still keep things moving, and off is well… off. Makes a huge noise difference and the computer is almost silent if the harddrives spin down.

See – how bloody boring am I. Oh, I’m also dissapointed that the wheels I wanted for my car (here) are the wrong stud pattern and will never fit. And I don’t think I’ll ever find wheels that I like as much as those again. Guess that’s a good excuse to save my money, hey…



Top Gear

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Well, after over a month of on-and-off again downloading, Season 1 of Top Gear has finially finished downloading. So, thats all of Season 1 and all of Season 7. Now to get the 6 seasons in-between.

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So happy

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Man I love eBay. I paid $110/each for them three years ago, got them replaced by AMD a few months ago and sold them for twice the price I paid for them. After three years that’s a good investment!

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Overclocking Dual AMD Opteron 242 with Tyan K8WE (2877) and Windows XP x64

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Right, strap yourself in for some serious nerdiness. I’ve been playing around with overclocking my Dual Opterons. I have a WinFast Leadtek PX6600LE 256Mb PCI-E graphics card.

For benchmarking I used 3D Mark 2001 SE as this is representative of the games I play (and was 24Mb not 500Mb). For Graphics card tweaking it was Riva Tuner and for CPU clocking it’s ClockGen. All CPU temperatures are in C and the highest during the benchmark.

Please note: These are ALL under Windows XP x64 edition. For some unknown reason I get a better score in x64 than 32. Go figure.

First of all, find out what the CPU does totally stock, no modifications whatsoever:
CPU Temperatures: 45

Next, crank up the FSB to 227Mhz, leaving a clock speed of 1816Mhz (+200):
CPU Temperatures: 45

Ok so that’s still stable. After a few more jumps, go to 237FSB, 1901Mhz (+300):
CPU Temperatures: 47

Right, now, let’s un-lock the video card’s extra pipelines and leave the CPU at stock – 200Mhz – to see what kind of difference this makes:
Stock, Unlocked Pipelines
CPU Temperatures: 45

Ok so that’s about the increase expected. So let’s crank up the CPU to the maximum stable (1901Mhz):
+300Mhz, Unlocked pipes
CPU Temperatures: 47

Now is it just me or is that score LOWER than the overclocked processor with STOCK video card? After two more benchmarks with the exact same result, yes it is. So. I locked the piplines again and then went and overclocked the GPU speed by 12%:
+300Mhz, Locked pipes, 13% GPU O/C

That’s lower AGAIN! So. Lesson learnt: O/C the CPU, and leave the graphics card as it is. It’s a very bloody good 3D Mark score as it is anyway. Jayme’s PC only scores 11067, and his is one of the best gaming machines I’ve ever used. I hardly play that many games anyway.

Just to re-inforce my findings, I ran C&C Generals Zero Hour & Need For Speed Most Wanted (the only games I really play) with the same settings using FRAPS as a monitor, only changing the CPU & VGA settings, and exactly the same findings. The best results came with o/c CPU and stock graphics card. Very very strange, but I guess thats the way these things go!

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Blogging from the moon

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This is fantastic 😀 After 3 years of wanting and 2 months of waiting, I’m now blogging to you from my new computer. With Dual AMD Opteron 242’s, 1.5Gb of RAM, well over half a terrabyte of harddrive space and Windows XP x64 edition.

Wheee. So, I hear you ask – is it fast? Well. Yes. Stupidly fast. From the start of the Windows XP x64 splash screen to fully logged in and ready to go – around 5 seconds. Wonderful. Absolutally wonderful.

P.S. Ignore the fact that the screenshots only say “1.00Gb” of RAM – the ther .5gb is powering my old PC so I can copy the stuff off its hard drives.

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At least this time it wasn’t me

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Well finally there seems to be something convenient about not being on nadine’s server (cos ours always crashes and hers always stays up):

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MY TYAN MOTHERBOARD IS BACK!!!!! AND NOT BEFORE TIME! Two months I have waited for it to arrive, and IT HAS! I’m at work till 10.30 tonight, but man I am hooking this up when I get home, I don’t care if I’m up till 1am to do it. ITS HERE! So excited!

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A winning idea

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My lecturer just made me think of something really useful, something I’ll ever have to remember if I ever write an online multiplayer game.

South Korea has insanely fast internet to every home (or so I believe), and they’re also one of the biggest gaming nations on earth per capita. Their two major games are Starcraft and World of Warcraft. So, if I ever want to make a game thats an instant success and played by Koreans world over, I just have to have it end in “..craft”. Awesome.

On other topics, whats the go with parents carrying their kids schoolbags? Twice on the way to the station today I saw parents doing that. One dad had 3 schoolbags, a cricket set and a guitar, his kids were carrying nothing. Another Mum was carrying a schoolbag and a violin and her petite little daughter didn’t have to carry a thing. Stupid kids, I had to walk to school with my school bag AND my laptop, which is bloody heaver than these little primary school shits have to carry. Spolit bastards. I’m gunna beat my kids and make them work for their tucker.

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Graphic Design my ass

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Well, I finally did some work outside of class for the first time since, well, as far as I can remember. For Graphic Design 111. We had to create a CD cover to “Portray a musical genre” without the use of words or text. Just images. See if you can figure out what I did:


And then please, tell me, cos I’ve no bloody idea what genre it should be. I just think it kinda looks cool. ANd yes, I did make it myself.

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I know it’s been around for a while, but I finally got around to using it. www.akismet.com – a free, very popular, anti-spam filter for WordPress. And yes Ange I installed it on your blog too 😉 So we can say g’bye to spam (finally). I just want to know WHY I had to sign up for a stupid wordpress.com account to get an API.

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All in all a rather good day

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Well, for once insurance companies have come good for me. Even though they flogged me a $900 excess, they’ve just given me a $500 cheque for some equipment that was damaged during the accident. Fortunately I no longer needed that equipment so thats $500 off the $900 excess, making the excess $400, which is a MUCH more reasonable amount.

I still haven’t received my Tyan motherboard back, but the lady that was doing that has left (or been sacked?!) and someone else is handeling it now so MAYBE, just MAYBE I can get some decent service from them and get the mobo back. Then I can sell the Athlon’s for a pretty penny. Finally, things are starting to come together!

And to top it off I had a nice time with Ange, which is, lets face it, more important than all this money and computer crap.

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The dashings of a hungry hungry hippo

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Man, I’m tired. Real tired. My fucking lecturer got me up at an ungodly hour to go to uni JUST SO SHE DOESN’T TURN UP. She obviously KNEW she wasnt going to be there cos she put a sign on the door, so WHY DIDNT SHE EMAIL US to tell us! Its not that hard!!!! So I turned up at Uni for NOTHING.

Other than that as soon as I got home I just went straight back to bed. And I slept. And I slept. I only just woke up in time to get to work. That’s how tired I am. And I’m gunna be out like a light when I finally get home from work.

This whole not sleeping thing is killing me.

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