An epic battle

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Finally, Kris FINALLY has access to a computer that’s capable of running C&C Generals Zero Hour at faster than 10FPS and we were able to have our FIRST EVER 2v6 game! And we fared pretty well, even if we did have the AI tuned down a bit:

(click for enlarged version)

Next step – 2v6 of hard AI. Wow, I know, nobody cares! But meh!

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The end is growing near…

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I don’t think I mentioned this but I’ve been borrowing Angela’s Dark Tower books. There’s seven in total, and I’m half-way through Number Six. Odd thing is that these seven books stacked together are probably about as long as the old testament, yet strangely – much easier to read 😉 It’s getting really wierd though. Has anyone else read these books? Stephen King is writing about himself and sent some of his characters to visit himself, and one of the characters (actually a few of them) are from other books he’s written and have just discovered that they’re fictional characters and yeah. It’s all wierd. It started out pretty normal! I promise!



Some people

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I don’t understand how some people get to the way they are. I mean, really, yelling, screaming, swearing, being abusive, threatening, and generally being a dick is not going to get you what you want from anyone. At least not anyone in our company because we’ve heard it all before and we’re genuinely not interested.


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Lots of swear words

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I bloody HATE those STUPID ads that go “Shopping isn’t a hobby, it’s a full-blown SPORT” – Fuckkkk it is NOT! Thats like saying that Cheerleading or Stripping is a sport. Don’t be stupid. I hate ads, but most of all I hate those stupid, stupid ads, which I might ad, are almost always aimed at women. Fuckkkk.

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Done and dusted

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Well that assignment that I accidentally deleted is all done. All 18 pages, 16 slides, and one 5 minute video’s worth. Now, back to some computer games *dances*

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Arse fuck

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Shit. I just saved over my entire fucking assignment. I just lost about two hours of work. So not fucking cool.

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I’m a yachting yuppie

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Well I had a taste of the wealthy life today. Not just the rich one, the wealthy one. Me, Mum and Dad went yachting on a friend from church’s 40-footer, out at Pittwater.

It was good fun. I didn’t have to do much, Dad and the guy from Church did most of the work. I drove it for a while. But over all it was very relaxing and not in the slightest bit sea-sickening. Well ok a little bit, just after lunch, when we were in the cabin of the ship, but thats all. It was a lovely day for it too, but damn it got chilly.

So now’s as good a time as ever to try out this new gallery and all its features 😉
I think you can click-through to the album…

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All SQL’d out

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Well now that we’ve moved servers, the past few days I’ve had enough of SQL to last me a lifetime. Some of the databases didn’t move accross properly, so I had to dump/re-create them, and then they had problems with permission and SSH wouldn’t let me in and gahhhh. Anyway. All sorted. Also I’ve got a new gallery underway, one that integrates with wordpress, and is a fuckload nicer than the other gallery I used to use. Cya then 🙂

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It only took almost three weeks, but we’re on a new server! Hopefully one that’s more stable than the last! Yay!

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