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I think I blog about this every single time I do it, so I’m going to do it again.

Going to the gym hurts.

I’ve been four days in a row, for 40 minutes at a time. I want to get fit before I go back to uni. I’m not so interested in changing ‘shape’ as it were, but Im just so sick of being so unfit. Not that I’m that unfit, but I’d like to be fitter.

I’ve done this before, and it never lasts more than three visits, usually all spread apart, so I’m now on a roll. I have a feeling that this time I’ve got the motivation to stick with it for at least three-four weeks. Well I hope I do.

In other news, Ange has a new domain at Actually she’s had it for ages but I needed to shuffle things around on my hosting account to fit (which is still propagating, how slow) so I moved chemical-shine to there to encourage her to use it πŸ˜‰

Other news? hmm, well Mum and Dad are in Europe for a few weeks, not sure if I mentioned that before, umm… that’s about it! Oh I’m meant to get a payrise this coming financial year (next week yummy). Other than that, nothing to report.

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Stomping the 410

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Well, Stomp was awesome. Very entertaining, with a great mix of music and comedy and roleplaying, all without a single word being spoken. If it comes to a theatre near you, I highly recommend you go see it! Interestingly enough, their most complex act (with them swinging from place to place in sync to reach their instruments) was the one that received the most mediochre applause! But it was still wholly entertaining.

Mind you, the day wasn’t without its hiccups! We went to Harbourside (on the other side of the harbour from Darling Harbour) for lunch, and the over-priced Kebab shop was fucking me around and made it incredibly difficult to get what I wanted (A kebab) anyway the manager eventually intervened to get me what I wanted after I kicked up a stink, and to top it off while I was getting pissed off Angela went outside to eat her lunch (a huge slice of pizza) when a stinky dirty seagul went and stole it! Knocked it right out of her hands and then they all swamped on it. What rude motherfuckers. I’ve never liked seaguls. Mind you it’s our own fault for feeding them. Mind you apparently Swans in England are even worse, they’ll physically attack you and if you don’t have food then they’ll peck you, and you can’t touch them cos they’re protected by the queen!

Anyway onto the other apart of the post title, I’ve registered a new domain, for putting all my non-personal things on so that I don’t have to give this URL out to people. If you’re wondering what it means, it’s my birthday (4th October), it doesn’t mean I’m behind on the 4-11 (Kris!). Anyway I’ll develop that site in the weeks to come. It’s not online quite yet as its still propogating.

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Ange and I are going to see Stomp today – not in New York like the website says, but at Star City. I can’t wait – it should be good fun! Dad went when he was waiting for a flight in London and he said it was great πŸ˜€

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Balls balls the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot

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001. Ever cheated on a boy/girlfriend?

002. Ever been cheated on?

003. Did you lose a loved one this year?

004. Do you agree with abortion?
To be honest, it’s never really going to be an issue for me, you know, not having a vagina or anything.

005. What are your views on the war in Iraq?
I view it on the TV, but they don’t offer multi-angle viewing so I guess I only have the one view.

006. How do you want to die?
Um, shit… I don’t.

007. What is the worst way to die?
By having your intestines ripped out of your body slowly and then fed back inside you so you create an infinite loop.

008. Have you ever been backstabbed by a bestfriend?
Not really

009. What do you think of Adolf Hitler?
He was the only person to ever look good in the back of a four-seater convertible. At least according to Top Gear he is.

011. Do you think Osama Bin Laden is alive or dead?
Ummmmmmmm……. pineapple.

012. What do you think of the rising gasoline prices?
I don’t buy gasoline. I BUY PETROL. And it sucks balls. But I guess we have to keep paying for it cos there’s no other method of driving atm.

013. Do you think Bush only wants oil?
Fuck you, what I do with my bush is my business, why do you want to know?

014. What’s one thing you regret doing?
Not winning the lottery

015. Recall the time you were badly injured?
This one time, on band camp, I stuck a flute up my ass and I had to get it removed.

016. What are you worried about right now?
Nothing at all.

017. Are you failing any classes at school?

018. What do you think of global warming?
Bring it on! I hate being cold!

019. Do you care about pollution?
I care that my car uses lots of petrol, so I drive frugally, and when I drive frugally I release less emissions, so I guess in a way I am.

020. What pet of yours was the last to die?
Our last kitty went to the vet after about 10 years.

021. Do you cry when your pets die?

022. Would you ever consider plastic surgery?
Plastic doesn’t need surgery, you just melt it down and re-mould it.

023. What`s one thing about yourself that you dont like?
I wish I was a woman

024. What`s one thing you want to ask somebody but can`t?
Hi Mr Boss Person, give me more money cos I am a poor bastard.

025. Do you have feelings for anybody but they don`t know it?
Yeah this girl on this billboard the other day was pretty cute

026. Do you secretly hate one of your β€˜friends’?
Pft I hate all of them equally and they all know it

027. Would you marry someone only for their money?
Nope, I almost fell into that trap once though

028. Do you have a low self-esteem?

029. Do you usually want things you can`t have?
Every single day

030. What do you usually get made fun of for?
People stopped making fun of me after that incident with the train…

031. Would you dump your boy/girlfriend if they gained weight?
Hell no. Bring it on.

032. Is it all about looks with you?
Of course. I’m a man.

033. Do you think you`re overweight or too skinny?
Yeah a little bit overweight but nothing serious.

034. Have you ever been in an abusive relationship?

035. Ever been rushed to the emergency room?

036. What age do you think is right to have sex?
Whatever age they are when I try to hit on them

035. If you got pregnant, what would you do?
I’d try to get on the front page of Time magazine and I’d make lots of money being the first man pregnant.

036. Have you ever gotten drunk and did something you regret?

037. Do you believe in God and/or Satan?
Even Satan believes in Jesus

038. Do people push their religious beliefs on you?

039. When`s the last time you cried?
Dont know

040. Ever loved someone so much it hurt?

041. When was the last time you and your best friend got into a fight?
Uuuhh when was the last time we didn’t fight?

042. Do people talk about you behind your back?:
Probably, but if they did, then obviosuly I DONT KNOW ABOUT IT COS ITS BEHIND MY BACK. Stupid.

043. Did you ever make yourself throw-up?
Helll no

044. Did you ever try and starve yourself?

045. Do your parents criticize your looks?

046. Do your parents approve of the way you dress?
Yeah, well, I dont ahve much fashion sense though

047. Do you think in some cases that cheating is acceptable?
Not really

048. Did you ever say β€˜I love you’ and DIDN`T mean it?
Yes, every time in my last relationship

049. Have you ever been dumped?
Many times

050. Have you ever been used by someone?
Yes! See #48.

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Did any of you know that PARIS HILTON is releasing songs?! Shit! Why have I not heard of this?! It’s PATHETIC. And whats even MORE PATHETIC IS THAT PEOPLE ARE VOTING THE SONG ONTO THE RADIO!!!! Shit! Its making me sick! Pass the fucking coat hanger! Geezus its not like she’s not already RICH ENOUGH or FAMOUS ENOUGH. Kill me now. Please.

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Your horrorscope for the day

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In the back of the Good Weekend magazine in the Saturday paper they have funny horrorscopes that are meant to make fun of the whole astrology thing by saying stupid stuff, but this weeks one for my sign was really quite accurate πŸ˜‰

Blind Freddy can see you’re gagging for a holiday at the moment, but committments are keeping you chained to your desk. Compromise by calling someone in your preferred destination (say, Tahiti) and getting them to describe their surroundings in detail. Make sure work pays for the call

How irony that the one horrorscope that is actually deadly accurate is in the funny section on the back page of the magazine. Hah. Maybe I should do something like what Lozza is doing!

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Whoo so dizzy

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Well Dad and I went sailing again on our friends yacht (see here for photos from last time). This time we tried to venture into the open ocean but unfortunatly I started to feel sea sick, which is a real pity, cos the boat was on a 50 degree angle (sideways) and the bow of the boat was being splashed with the waves and it was good fun. Next time I’ll take some Kwells and we’ll do it properly.

Mum and Dad go to Europia next Saturday. So my bro and I will be home alone for about three weeks (time to set up the robber-traps and film it all, then fade from the publics image except for when I get arrested on drugs charges). This of course means no sailing for at least three weeks, and having to cook (not cool), but hey, its not like I ever get to see Mum and Dad when they’re here anyway!

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Protected: The subaudible?

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A picture story

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Well I’ve been beta testing Longhorn/Vista for an awfully long time now, so I thought I’d do a bit of a comparison between the builds Not really sure if I’m allowed to, but hey πŸ˜‰ I only have screenshots from two builds (an early Beta-1 and the currently public Beta-2), but I had collected some screenshots of an early build of Longhorn from a friend.

I might just note at this stage that I obtained all these copies of Vista/Longhorn legally, through the MSDN at my work or though the Connect site as an official beta tester. Also the Beta 2 screenshots are the x64 edition running on my Opterons, the Beta 1 shots were taken on my laptop well over 12 months ago.

Beta 1 & 2
Firstly the installation process hasn’t changed much at all, it expands the image on the CD, then boots into the image, does some setting up, reboots and voila, all done. No user intervention required after entering the serial number. I like!

Start Menu
Beta 1
Beta 2
As you can see, the Alpha start menu is pretty much the same as the Windows XP one, the Beta 1 and 2 hasn’t changed all that much, but for the added “Search” function, which I might add is very useful, as it now doubles as a “run” screen, so if the program name isn’t listed, it searches for a .exe in the ‘path’ and if its there, it runs it. Brilliant.

Windows Explorer
Beta 1
Beta 2
Thank goodness they got rid of that massive title bar. Other than that, not much has changed between Betas.

My Computer
Beta 1
Beta 2
Again, the Alpha is just a copy of Windows XP, and again for Beta 1, thank goodness they got rid of that title bar.

Beta 1
Beta 2
As Kris was saying the other day, what ever happened to Castles? Anyway the networking is a huge step from Beta 1, but I find it quite confusing. But I guess I’ll get used to it πŸ˜‰

Control Panels
Beta 2
Beta 1
Beta 2
Firstly the Alpha control panel is, as you can guess, much the same as XP’s. The Beta 2 control panel also is not hugely different, but the way it handles control panels is quite different. See the Beta 1 screenshot (3rd one), the System control panel is much the same as XP’s, however in Beta 2 (last one) it is more like a web page. This is universal across all the Windows control panels.

Internet Explorer
Beta 1
Beta 2
Again, IE was a, in Alpha, a copy of XP. Beta 1 and Beta 2 there are a lot of functional differences, but only a few noticable ones, which are across the board from Beta 1 to 2 (such as that massive titlebar).

Power Options
Beta 1
Beta 2
Can’t really do a proper comparison of Beta 1 and Beta 2 on power saving, as Beta 2 is installed on my desktops, and my laptop is nowhere near fast enough to run Beta 2 (P3 Mobile 933 anyone?), but my friend who IS running it on his Centrino laptop says the power saving features are quite functional πŸ™‚

Well there you have it. Not really anything in depth, but I never meant it to be. Its just interesting to see how things progress over time πŸ™‚ This Beta 2 of Vista that everyone who wants to have, has, will look pretty much like the final I believe.

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I is scared

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Is it bad that Im finished the exam after only 40 minutes and that everyone else is still in there and has been for the last 20? Makes me think I missed something… Hope not.

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Vroom Vroom

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I totally forgot to mention that last night, Ange, myself and Jess and Jayme went to see the new Disney/Pixar movie, Cars. I scores some pre-release tickets from Nova, for the drive-in theatre on the M4. It was a pretty good movie, albeit quite long for a kids movie. But it was good. I’m not going to insist you go see it because it wasn’t spectacular and there wasn’t all that much adult humor in it, but it was good.

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FINALLY! iiNet is connected! Still have the old modem until about 5pm when the new ADSL-2 modem arrives, but hey, 8mb is better than 1.5mb, but admittedly not as good as 24mb πŸ˜‰ Mannnnnnn it is SO GOOD to have internet after all this time!!!!



Still nothing

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Well it’s been almost two weeks or something since the internet was cancelled and iPrimus hadn’t released our line from their control (didn’t take their ‘codes’ off it), so we rang up and were nasty to them and we finally got them to take it off, but that means that the iiNet connection hasn’t even begin to start being connected so we still have to wait until about Wednesday to get the internet connected and even later before we get the ADSL-2 modem for the proper speed. Man how can something so simple be stuffed up SO MUCH? At least so far iiNet have been responsive, polite, and haven’t kept us on hold for 40 minutes to just get an answer to a simple question (such as iPrimus do, every time).

So long story short, still no internet at home. Sorry.

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