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Today we went sailing again and I am totally exhausted. We wanted to get the spinnaker (huge front sail) up, so we sailed somewhere that there should have been a lot of wind. We battled the way up, takking up the river, stopped, had lunch, turned around to come back with a tailwind and then bang, all the wind was gone. So typical. We still put it up but it didn’t do anything that a normal sail wouldn’t have done.

I’m still not very good at sailing but I do like it. I just don’t get the physics of it, although I’m a hell of a lot better at it now than I first was. Frans, who’s teaching us, is a good teacher cos he’s been sailing his entire life. I have the feeling he’s being very patient (i.e. much more patient than ususal) with all of us!

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More projects

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Well I have another project heavilly underway. The domain name 41085.org is being registered thanks to Nadine. You can preview the site at www.markness.net/410/. If you go to ACU and then IT Project that’s my main piece of work. The other stuff on the site you can ignore as it’s not really relevant. Everything is fully functional, but a lot is still missing. It’s going to be a full Document Management System. So far I’ve done the user management, access permissions, site configuration and category management. Still have the obvious parts (like the document management) to go, but the rest shouldn’t be too hard. It’s going to be my major assessment for my whole course.

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Why am I caring?

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Well the four nicest breasts ever to have graced reality television have been evicted from Big Brother. I dont know why I care seeing as Adults Only has been axed and I haven’t actually watched the show for about 2 months…

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It’s early

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It’s 5am and I’m cold. I’m picking Mum and Dad up from the airport this morning, they get in at 6.05. Fun stuff.

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Well, even though Jesus was born a mere 300 years ago, I think this semester will be pretty good. I have easy subjects, a good timetable, and the biggest subject I have I only have to go to two lectures and one tutorial for the rest of the semester. My other subjects have decided to make tutorials optional (except for Ethics), so I can just do the work on WebCT and hand it in there. Finally, they’re starting to act like a PROPER university. Now, to get proper lecturers…

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Just so typical

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Well, I’m back at uni, and nothing has changed. My lecturer for the subject “Virtual Organisations” seems to think that Jesus was born in 1760 and that the wheel was invented sometime around 1800. And this is a Catholic university!

Brilliant. Clearly this is the best university in Sydney.

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Hurdle #1

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Well, we got our proposal past the first important level of management. He’s wrapt with it, thinks it’s fantastic and can really see the value in our proposal. Next step, because AIM owns the phone system, but RCS owns us, we then have to wait for AIM to give us permission to interface with their systems, which should take around two weeks. I don’t want to wait two weeks 🙁

But anyway, this is a major step in the right direction 🙂

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Topsy Turvy

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What an interesting weekend.

On Saturday, Ange and I celebrated our two-year anniversary. Our anniversary was actually on Sunday but seeing as Ange had to work on Monday we did it a day early. We went to see Pirates of the Carribean at Gold Class. I hadn’t seen the first one, so the 2nd one only made minimal sense, but Gold Class is still the way to go to the movies, even if it is 3x the price of normal tickets. At least the food is reasonably priced and quite good. We had wedges and a chocolate icecream sundae. It was gooooood.



Happy Snaps

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Mina took a photo of me at the work office with our mascot. Just thought I’d share it 😉

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Good deals

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Man, there are some good deals on eBay at the moment! Quad CPU server for $600 (4x 1.4), Dialogic Line Cards for $500, Fully loaded Proliant Xeon servers for $700, 1RU Dual CPU rack-mount servers for $1600. *shudders* if only I had the money.

Speaking of money, many projects have been coming to me recently. I’ve finished a website for an ecology company, I’ve signed on to develop a system for an accounting firm, and I don’t think I’ve mentioned this here but for work we’re trying to implement Voice Recognition software for processing some of our customers.

I’m back to Uni on the 17th. Which is too soon if you ask me. It’s going to be a very busy semester.

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The jury is in (again)

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Well, my Uni results are in:

Professional Experience: Credit Granted
Graphic Design 1: Pass
State of the Art: Credit
Decision Support Systems: Credit
Occupational Health and Safety: Pass

I was rather hoping that Decision Support Systems would be a distinction or a high distinction, but I did mess up the exam something shocking, so I guess its only fair. I got 100% on my assignment and consistant 75% on all the quizz’s which should have lined me up for a distinction at least. I wonder how badly I really did on that exam. Hmm.

Anywho, this gym thing seems to be paying off. I havent lost any weight that I can tell, but I am a LOT fitter after just one and a half weeks. The first day the easiest program on the treamill on the lowest setting had me breaking a sweat, but now I can do the intermediate on twice the default speed almost effortlessly. Next step: Advanced 🙂 Hopefull some of these spare tyres will start to reposition themselves too soon.

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Yay new tax year

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Ahh the most exciting time of year – TAX TIME! YAY! Hah or not. But I do rather enjoy getting tax refunds.

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