I been naughty

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On Sunday I was very, very bored. Angela was at work and I had nothing to do. So Kris gave me a challenge – to write a WordPress plugin that would create an LJ-style ‘friends’ page using the RSS scripts from other peoples WordPress RSS feeds.

As difficult as this initially sounded, it turned out to be quite easy. The WordPress Codex was offline so I had to learn by pulling apart other peoples WP plugins – easy enough, made a plugin page, found an XML/RSS parser, got it all up and running, made it fully cusomisable, added very flexible options, even added a post filter so you can embed it into a WP page without having to insert PHP code.

And then, BAM. Server dies. When it eventually came up, My account, Kris’s account and Jess’s account were all giving Error 403 (Forbidden). Odd, I think to myself, and so typical – just as I finish this script and want to demo it to Kris it dies. 12 hours later, it’s still 403ing. So I open a support ticket. To which he replies after about an hour with:

You have RSS feed scripts on 3 of the domains you listed, that was killing apache on the server, hence we had to disable those sites. Its generating hundreds of requests in apache. I believe you can cache instead of making a new request each page load?

My bad. My RSS script was generating so many requests it crashed Apache on the whole server. So, with the help of Aussie Bob at dotable.com (he is absolutally fantastic, I have a resold account with him through nadine as well as a direct account for Dads work) I managed to get the script cacheing and all safe and sound so it doesn’t crash the server.

If you want to have a look at the kind of page that it generates, you can go here. I know it’s pretty straight forward, but it has some very flexible formatting options. As soon as I’ve made it all nice and neat I’ll package it as a WP plugin and post it on this site. I won’t make it widely public like on a WP plugins page as I’m 100% there are already hundreds of these kinds of plugins avaliable. I just wanted to do it as a technical exericse.

So sorry Aussie Bob, I didn’t meant to crash your server 🙁

In other news, I have a new desk and a newly re-arranged room. The desk is a 2mx2m corner unit from Dads old office:

See it’s already got junk all over it. I’m so good at being male. That monitor you see on my desk is my new Viewsonic VX2025wm 20″ Widescreen LCD monitor, courtesty of my ex-boss for $470.

I know I hotlinked from the Viewsonic site. Naughty me.

It’s beautiful and I love it. I just wish I had two of them 😀

Anyhoo I’m off to the Sydney Motorshow to see some nice cars and drool over the expensive ones (Bently, Ferrari, Maserati, etc). Oh what I wouldn’t do for a few million bucks…

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New Room

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Well, I now have a brand new room.

Well, not really. Just re-arranged my room completely to fit this (rather massive 2m x 2m) desk. It now sits in the corner where my bed was, and my bed now sits where my old desk used to be. Much more usable space in the room this way, I wish we could have done this years ago.

Next step: a new computer monitor. I’m thinking Samsung 20″ Widescreen LCD.

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Its on its way

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Well, it’s 12:05am and we’ve just got back from the city with my new desk. We nicked it from Dads office (which is undergoing renovations), had to go in late at night or early in the morning so we could park outside the office in Kent Street. I had to go pick up a trailer from North Rocks, and when we got there the plug for the electrics was the wrong kind and the safety chains wouldn’t fit through my towbar, so I drove the trailer home with no safety chains and no lights at 10pm. Fun. Then when we got home we had to jerry-rig some home-made wiring to make the two plugs communicate, that took about 40 minutes, then off the the city and home again.

So yes, an eventful night!

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One down

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Two to go. Just had my Ethics exam, was easier than I anticipated. Sweet.

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So typical

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Where I live in this estate, my car is parked (illegally) about 2 meters behind our back fence. It’s morning and there’s generally never anyone about in the morning, so I figure that I can nick out the back gate in my PJ’s to get something out of my car, nobody will see me, its all good. And typically just as I do so, my neighbour walks past with about 20 kids obviously running late to school.

Just my luck.

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Nooo!!! My laptop screen has finally given up the ghost!!!!!!!! Oh what a poopie fest!!!!!!! The backlight doesn’t come on any more. If you squint and look really close you can see the text on the screen.

Oh arse, just as I’ve got no money too.

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More training required

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Man, people in Indian call centers don’t know how to understand a joke. I just made a joke to this guy at HP and he didn’t even laugh 🙁 He just ignored it and moved on.



Almost all done

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Well, apart from exams and my summer course (which even the lecurer in charge admits I can just turn up to the final exam without attending any of the classes and still get a HD) my Tertiary education is OVER. Woop 😀

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Serially now!

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Ummm… CityRail are slowing down all the trains today because of the heat.

I’m sorry… because of what? Why? Because it’s HOT?! What. The. Fuck! Our trains are slow enough as it is! AND NOW THEY’RE MAKING THEM SLOWER BECAUSE ITS HOT. WHO THE FUCK BUYS A TRAIN THAT CAN’T RUN WHEN ITS HOT? NSW THATS WHO!

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Turning 21

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Well, Garrett and Bec should be here in about 15 minutes, Mum and Dad will be home in about 15 minutes too (they were in Qld, Garrett and Bec are from Melbourne – I’m being attacked from both North and South), so the house will go from 2 people to 6 people. Fun fun!

Anyway this weekend should be a good one, Garrett and Bec and a pub crawl on Saturday night. The only thing missing is Ange, she has to work Saturday night and won’t be able to make it 🙁

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Major Ass’s

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Well four of my six major assessments were handed in this week (one in about an hours time), finally! Two this coming week and I’m done 😀



Happy Birthday

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Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to Markness… happy birthday to me!

Man I’m pathetic 😀

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A clean slate

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Well I’m formatting my 250gb drive to re-install XP x64 and Vista x64 (5278) from a clean slate. I’m sick of having messy Windows installations.

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I hate WebCT

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I am just so sick of it! My Uni used to use an old version of WebCT, and I liked that one. It was fast and easy to use. This new WebCT (WebCT Vista) is jsut horrible.

You can’t bookmark pages (they all just lead back the main page), it uses java and javascript for doing every single function (what was wrong with good old HTML?) and therefor I am constantly harrased by my popup blocker. If you go to download a file, IE blocks the request, and when you accept the request WebCT dumps you back at the main page – not at the downloads page, so you have to go and navigate through twenty levels of menus to find the document you want.

It’s overbloated. Thousands of features that all course providers feel the need to enable but will never ever use. Somehow I managed to change my colour scheme to a disgusting pink/green colour and I’ve no fucking idea how to put it back to a more eye-friendly design (and I look like a fag when I open webct in class).

Thank God this is the last week I will ever have to use that horrible application.

The worst interface colour scheme ever?

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