Diesel Power

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So, I’ve blogged about Diesel Sweeties a few times here before (see here, here and here). I have religiously read every single comic. When I was at Cisco I was so bored I went from the first comic all the way through to the most recent – it took about three days of downtime (and I had a LOT of downtime).

There’s a little competition rstevens is running, and I’m not expecting to win anything from this of course (hell I’m not that creative), but I thought its about time I give it another plug. Any comic that talks about poop is a good comic. And just in case someone really does read this:

omg rstevens clango is hot omgggggggggggg he is the bestestestest robot ever and maura is so not a porn star she is too beautiful to be a porn star but she should lay off the booze wow omg im entering a competition sweet as motherfucker.

Hah talking like a teenager is over.

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Not so interview

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Well it would appear that I was too late on the last job I was talking about, because they had already filled the position but they had forgotten to mark it off as done in their database, so I missed out.

Oh well, I’m not so sure I wanted that particular job anyway but it was a place to start!

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I have interview!

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I started applying for jobs yesterday, and I got a call today about a job as a technical writer. I have to do a small test which they want emailed back to them, and then if it all goes to plan, I will get a face to face interview. Awesome.

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Sailing and Sunstroke

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Dad and I went sailing with our church friend on Saturday again. It was nice, we actually went out into the open ocean and bounced up and down whilst leaning on a 45 degree angle. It was all going swimmingly until someone felt sick and vomited, and then the smell set me off and I vomited and then we decided to head back to calmer waters.

I also forgot to sunscreen my face so I got badly sunburnt and as a result had sunstroke, giving me headaches and making me nausious. Brilliant.

One thing that was interesting though is that we were about a kilometer off shore and I still had perfect mobile reception with Optus! Jayme rang me and I could talk to him clear as day. Nice.

Oh, and my copy of Windows Vista Retail has been posted on Connect, so Vista Final, here I come 😀

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Global Warming do your worst

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Well, it’s 8 degrees today. EIGHT. 8. By this time of morning it should be at LEAST 20. C’mon Gloabl Warming, bring it on! This is rediculous! Im freezing and I hate it.

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You Too Noise Polution

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As I’m sure most sydney-siders would be aware, U2 have been having their big concerts in Sydney over the last few nights, and don’t I sure know it. Not only is the traffic around here horrendous because of it, at 10.30 last night I could hear every word, every chorus, and every single person in the crowd screaming, clear as day.

And I’m over a kilometer away from the venu! Damn it must have been LOUD there!!

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I can’t believe it’s not harddrive!!

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I don’t believe it. I can see it. Im using it. But I don’t beleive it.

When I told kris that my hard disk died he told me to stick it in the freezer. I laughed. Then he told me he was serious. So I did. I left it in there for 12 hours. Today, I took it out, plugged it into my comptuer again – and nothing. Same as before. So then I waited for it to start defrosting (and melting the ice on it), popped it in an external harddrive case I had, booted up Vista, put the hard disk in, windows immediately re-initated my RAID and BOOM. All back!! It will only work for a few hours, but at least I can get the important stuff off it.

Fuckin crazy.

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Dead as a doornail

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One of my trusty 120gb Western Digital drives died on me today. I’m a bit annoyed because I bought the one with the three year warranty which expired THREE months ago. THREE months. Man why did it have to die?

The worst thing is that it was a drive in a RAID-0 array. Meaning that I had two drives linked together to make one drive. And if one drive dies, goodbye everything. I mean sure I had the important stuff backed up – outlook, uni work, some music and all my movies, but alll my CD images are gone, all my website data is gone, all my past projects for people are gone, my entire downloads folder is gone – anything that you keep in My Documents is pretty much gone (except for my actual documents, I’m not that stupid).

So yes. Not a happy camper right this second. But that said, I’m not as upset as I would otherwise be, perhaps because I do have the important stuff backed up.

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Final Project

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Well, I got my final final final major big project back for my entire course (what would be my thesis were I doing a masters or a PhD) and I got a nice round score of 75%. And I am stoked. Thats a distinction even WITHOUT scaling!

I only lost points for my reports I handed in – for things like not using the right typeface (times is sooo boring and didnt fit with my presentation stylesheet), not referencing my images in-line (I had an appendix at the back instead), and for actually stating that a competitors product was better than mine (but they had years of experience and a team of developers and thousands of dollars) – because frankly, it was better, and I was ranking my product honestly in a list of all avaliable products.

But hey, Im still stoked 🙂

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All done!

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Well I just had my last Uni exam ever today. And it was a hell of a lot easier than I was expecting (or maybe this time I just knew the material?)! Went to the bar to have a drink after the exam to celebrate. Although, I still have to do the summer course, but that’s so easy its a non-event and it doesn’t have an exam. Awesome.

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The Departed

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Ange and I went to gold class last night to see The Departed, a re-make of a Hong Kong film called Internal Affairs.

I won’t say much about it so as not to give anything away if you’re planning on seeing it, but it’s quite an awesome movie. Fairly straight forward until you reach the end, when there’s plenty of twists so make you say, very loudly “Oh GEEZE” (Angela… ;)). So if you’re over 15, go see it.

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Shattering news, Mister Anderson…

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The Glass House has been cancelled by the ABC 🙁 That’s really sad. It was an awesome show and I loved it. Terry from Uni is going to try and get us tickets to the last show, but I doubt he’ll have any luck.

I’ve watched it as religiously as I can for the last two years and this is a sad event 🙁

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