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In addition to yesterday’s cleaning spree for my car, it now has a nice new coat of polish. The wheels were wayyy too complex and had wayy too many spokes to do, so I only did the chrome rim on the outside of them, but the rest of the car is looking as good as new (if you ignore the scrape on the bumper panel on the passenger door, which I still haven’t gotten around to replacing)

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Clean as a whistle

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Well, my car is now washed inside and out (including special attention for my wheels), fully detailed, cleaned, wiped and empied of all the rubbish (Ange 😉 Actually no, there was only one thing of yours this time, the rest was mine).

Also, Tyan FINALLY ADMIT that there is a broken capacitor on my motherboard, but it’s still going to take about another week for me to get it back. Total fuckers.

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Top Gear is BACK

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Yippee! There’s a new top gear to download! (Click here if you have Azureus). Gahhh I can’t wait to get back from my -1st day at work (I quit on Thursday but they asked me to come back on Monday to do some training for the new guys that start). Yummmmmmy.

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Damn you to hell Tyan

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Tyan, FUCK YOU. You had my motherboard for a MONTH AND A HALF and ALL YOU SAID WAS “Powered, POSTed fine, no fault found”. GOD DAMN FUCKERS I TOLD YOU IT POSTED FINE, ITS THE BOOTING THAT DOESN’T WORK!!!!! AND! Not only that! But its WORSE now! At least before it was intermittant, now it doesn’t do SHIT. It’s a $500 piece of PCB. AND ITS GOT ONE WEEK TO GO ON ITS WARRANTY SO IF YOU DUMP THIS BACK ON ME I WILL KICK YOU IN THE MOTHER FUCKING NUTS YOU PIECE OF SHIT COMPANY.

DAMN, I paid a PREMIUM for a Tyan board ASSUMING that they would look after me, and it, but NO! I had better responses from GIGABYTE. When I first got it it was DOA which they almost refused to replace, and now it’s RMA and they’re refusing to replace it BUT IT DOESN’T FUCKING WORK AT ALL. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh.

I miss my puter 🙁

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Car Capers

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On Sunday I was giving Jess and Jayme a lift to Parramatta when a very strange noise started coming out of my front suspension. A Clang-Clang-Clang noise. Not cool, but the car didn’t fall apart. Took it home and got Dad to take a look and it was definately something broken.

Took it to K-Mart Tyre & Auto at Burwood, and the manager (nice guy) was able to tell me within 10 seconds it was the link pins for the front suspension. Apparently they break all the time on VT-VX Commodores. In fact, I had to get them replaced when I first bought the car (Almost two years ago). So, $180 later (which is $80 cheaper than the last guy charged) I have new link pins and a nice normal car. Except.

1) Where the hell is the lock nut for my wheels? I showed the guy where it was so that he could get them off, but he neglected to return it. Buggered if I’m going back there to get it, so they better post it to me. EDIT: I found it, he put it on the passengers seat so of course it promptly rolled onto the floor and under the seat so I couldn’t find it.

2) They didn’t close my boot properly, so it flies open in the middle of Parramatta road, god only knows what fell out (actually I don’t think I lost anything, but I havent had a close inspection), forcing me to swerve infront of a truck to get into a side-lane so that I could close it.

Also, my Star-Track delivery is almost two days late. This happens to me every freakin time they deliver something to me, which is stupid because I only live about 2km from their warehouse 😐 EDIT: It arrived 2 minutes before their delivery deadline. Lucky them.

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How to impress the ladies

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I love an expensive car. I don’t love seeing expensive cars like this:

Irony is that he was drink driving at the time, so his insurance would be null and void. It was taken outside a pub in Perth. Oh, the irony 😉

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I love dirty jokes

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So we a have a masochist, a sadist, a zoophilic, a necrophile, a coprophilic and a fetichist. They’re all in jail. So suddenly, the zoophilic says “Hey guys, lets fucking rape a cat!” And everybody is like “FUCK YES!”, but suddenly, the coprophilic says “After we fuck it, we shit on it!” Everybody applauds. And the necrophile then says “Then, we kill it. And after that, WE FUCK IT!”
Everybody is orgasmed. The sadist then says “Before we kill it, lets fucking torture it!” So the fetichist is like “And then, we dildo rape it!” Everybody is like “YEAH MAN LETS DO IT!”

To which the masochist says “Meow”

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This better not be an omen

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Worst new years ever. I left Angela’s at about 10.30pm cos I was feeling quite sick. That wasn’t so bad, actually ange and I had a lovely day. But when I got home, I started feeling very sick. I’ve felt like I’ve had the flu or a cold for about 36 hours now. I hopped into bed with a blanket (which for this time of year is crazy), and at 3.30am my fever broke, making me shiver so much I needed another blanket to rescue me. So two blankets and thermal pajamas and I finally got to sleep. Of course I wake up this morning, still a bit sick, but totally covered from head to toe in my own stinky sweat. And my pee smells toxic too.

I don’t believe in omens or that kind of shit, but if I did, I would be hoping that this is not an omen of the year to come.

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