Bi-weekly roundup

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So I know I’ve been a bit slack lately.

Last weekend was Grandpa’s 80th birthday in western victoria. In 72 hours I spent more than 24 of them driving and less than 15 of them sleeping. So I was a tired little boy when we got back, but it was nice to see all the extended family again. I hadn’t seen most of them in about 5 years, particularly my cousins. They’ve grown a lot – almost grown up. Its scary :p

New job is progressing well. For a change I think I’m actually going to respect the confidentiality of the work I do, especially seeing as it’s work that directly affects a reasonably sized company. After several days of training I’ve had the oppertunity to do real work, which is nice, and it’s all coming along nicely.

Ange has bought a brand new Suzuki Swift, which she picks up on Thursday. It’s a pretty swish car 😉

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Going away again

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Work this week has had me flat out, but this weekend is no rest for the wicked! We’re DRIVING to Western Victoria and back (about 14 hours each way) for Granddad’s 80th.

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A brave new world

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I start my new job today! Wish me luck!

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Well, Ange and I are back from our trip to Noosa. We took three days to drive up, stopping for two nights in a town some of my friends come from (its a nice sea-side down about 2/3 of the way to Noosa), and then went to our beach-front villa on Monday. It was a nice relaxing weekend, and the photos are up in the gallery. Some of the photo’s are missing because either Ange forgot to copy them to my memory stick, or because Ange is in the photos (she doesn’t like having her photo on the net, and fair enough). Here’s a brief rundown with some commentary:

Just to give you a rough idea of how far it is from Sydney to Noosa, here’s the map on the GPS. We drove the whole way back in one day.

The road
Fairly typical of about half of the road from here to Queensland. The other half is single-lane, non-divided and the deadliest road in Australia.

First day
This was the weather on Monday when we arrived, courtesy of the view from our villa 🙂

The 2nd day
This was the weather on the 2nd day, courtesy of the view. Not so great today 😉

The beach
There were some beautiful beach days – and yes, that is a yellow plastic bowl in my hand.

An alien sand castle!

These jellyfish were all over the beach when the tide was coming in. One just like this stung Ange and I several times (they were fairly harmless, just stang for a while).

Australia Zoo
Never smile at a crocodile
Never smile at a crocodile 😉

One of the birds at one of the shows at the zoo

Me with a Kangaroo. As Ange said “They’re all nice and cute until it kicks you in the face”

Not exactly a native Australian, but cool nevertheless

Somewhere in the darkness is a Koala

And just to top it all off, the trip odomoter at the end of the journey:
And all on three tanks of petrol. Who said a 3.8l V6 is in-efficient? Got 950k’s from one tank!

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Fly away peter

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Well, unlike some people when they go away, I’m leaving a note to tell you that I’m not going to be here, so you don’t just think that I dropped off the face of the planet.

Ange and I are going to Queensland for a week, driving up on Saturday Morning, spending two nights half-way up in a small town just below the Qld/NSW border (I’ve been there before, it’s nice), and then 5 nights at Noosa at a beach-front resort (everyone get jelous now).

When we get back, Ange has another week’s holiday however I’m straight into my new job. Wish me luck 😉

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Finally, sorted!

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Ok, re my previous post:

They FINALLY agreed to place an insurance claim because they lost my motherboard, and they have ordered a brand new replacement motherboard. Catch being it won’t arrive till next week. But by this stage I just don’t care. It’s on its way back to me and that’s what matters.

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Oh, it’s on!

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Digicor, the company that has the motherboard from my computer, are now stating that they might not replace the motherboard because they’re stating that my CPU broke the capacitor. I’m sorry… WHAT?! Thats like saying that because I put a PCI card in they’re going to void my warranty! My CPU is fucking fine and it sat in the socket perfectly with no intrusions, if there are any intrusions its because their fucking board wasn’t designed properly.

It’s now over two months, and I’m going to Queensland for a week next week, so this whole mess isn’t going to get sorted out. It’s fucking rediculous. But I am accepting nothing short of a replacement. No way. Damn fuckers.



A lesson to women

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This is how you shop! Today I went shopping for clothes, got what I wanted and was out in under 20 minutes, and spent under 200 bucks:

1x Work Shoes (Colorado) – $70
1x Comfy Shoes (Colorado) – $30 ($60 half price)
4x Work Shirts – $50 ($12.50/each, which was 75% off)
2x Ties – $40 ($20/each, which is still pricy but I liked them).

And, most importantly:

0x Pain – Priceless

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Things that I hate

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1: My (ex) university

They always fuck EVERYTHING up. My enrolment was fucked up. My course marks were fucked up. They enrolled Jess at a campus on the other side of the country! It’s going to take EIGHT WEEKS to get an official transcript. And, finally, the last nail in the coffin – they DENIED ME PERMISSION TO GRADUATE. Because THEIR records for ME were INCORRECT. AGAIN. THEY fucked up. They punish ME because of it. And now I had to get THEIR mistake fixed, and now I have to RE-APPLY, however I have MISSED the cut-off date by FOUR MONTHS. So. If they deny this application due to it being late, I AM GOING TO MAKE SOMEBODY IN THEIR ADMIN DEPARTMENT CRY BECAUSE I AM GOING TO YELL SO MUCH ITS NOT FUNNY.

2: Digicor

Who is Digicor? Digicor are the people that TWICE now have screwed up the replacement for my Tyan motherboard. I paid $570 for that thing, and TWICE it’s died on me and TWICE they’ve fucked it up. THe first time, they tried to refuse replacing it because, actually, I forget why. But it was a pathetic excuse. This second time, I sent that damn thing away at the beginning of DECEMBER. It came back MID JANUARY with NO FAULT FOUND. Bullshit. I promptly took it back to them and SHOWED THEM IN PERSON the problem. Its now been three weeks since then AND THEY DIDN’T SEND IT BACK TO THE WAREHOUSE TO GET REPLACED. THEY FORGOT. And now I’m banging my head against the FUCKING wall trying to get them to replace something that is THEIR FUCKUP. The board is NOW OUT OF WARRANTY, so I swear to god if they use that against me I WILL GO THERE IN PERSON AND BANG SOME HEADS TOGETHER.

3: People taking about Windows Vista


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Busy little bee

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I had one of the busiest weekends I’ve had in a loooong time.

Friday Ange and I went bike riding around Olympic Park. We went all the way from the bottom of the park up to Hill Road (near Newington and the prison), back down and around. Ange hired a bike, wheras I took my brother’s old mountain bike. And I swear, next time, I’m hiring a bike. It’s just not worth the hassle of an 8-year-old bike that hasn’t been looked after and is damaged.

Saturday, I was up at 3.30am to help the Pastor from our church pick up a whole bunch of furniture from Dad’s city office to take back to the Church. They are selling the floor of their building as-is, so anything thats left there is up for grabs, so they took advantage of the situation (fair enough). So we got back to the Church at about 6.30am, whence I couldn’t help un-pack (fortunately) as I had to get to Angela’s place to direct an electrician for the installation of a new security system. After countless trips to Bunnings and Jaycar, the electrician had to leave early, so I only actually got one (of four) points finished. By this stage it’s 1.30pm (6 hours after I started, and 10 hours after I woke up) and I’ve done all I can do, Ange is getting pissed off cos I’ve spent the whole day doing this and not with her, and so we go shopping where we drive past a HUGE fire just off Parramatta road (which smelt like very toxic burning plastic, a smell I know all too well from mis-adventure ;)).

Come Sunday, and it’s back to Angela’s house to finish the installation. Another trip to Bunnings to get the right pieces, several bouts of getting Angela’s brother to drill holes in the overhangs, re-location of the only thing I managed to finish the first day and again after about 4 hours it’s all finished. Finally. I’m never doing another security installation in a double-brick house ever again 😛

Come today and it was off to the gym for 40 mins with a 10 min swim in the pool at the end to cool off. I won’t be able to keep it up though because in my new job (starting end of next week) I won’t have the time to go because I’ll actually be working a 9-5 job (well, 10-6), meaning no more lazy mornings and it also means batteling lots of traffic (no direct public transport to where I work).

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