Just cruisy

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I’ve fitted half of the factory cruise to my car. I have the Stalk from a VY Commodore, the clutch-switch from a VX and the stepper motor from a VT. I’ve fitted the clutch switch and the stalk, but the stepper motor is still on its way from Perth.

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On the way out

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Just to prove my point< i will not be fixing any of the typing errors in this post. Afer eight or nine years it looks like our trusty Logitech wireless keyboard is on the way out (I'm not 100% sure how old it is cos the place on the bottom for the manafacture date stamp is blank, but it says "Designed for Windows NT/98 on the bottom, and that IS old). Keys have stoppedregistering unless I stomp them very hard, even though the receiver is right next to it. I gotta say though, eight years is a damn long time for a wireless keyboard, and I think it's only had two or three sets of batteries in that tme. Impressive. I'll probabyl replace it with another Logitech keyboard, but I doubt I'll be getting 8 years out of that one. Or maybe the keyboard just needs new batteries. I hope thats all it is cos I'm kinda fond of it. ANGE WILL be pleased cos it also means I'll replace my mouse (which is also a logitech, albeit non-cordless and also about 6-7 years old), which has been broken for about a year now. You have to click the to of th ebutton cos the suppors at the bottom are broken and it won't click.

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Time to do what I have to

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Yay it’s time to go to the polling booth, how exciting! (not) – just as long as Mandu Habib doesn’t win for Auburn I’m not that fussed. If he does, I’m moving back to Melbourne. No extremist is going to have any sort of control over me.

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Whilst I’m on the topic

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I took this photo (on my phone on the move, so apologies for the graininess) in our carpark today:

Does anyone but me spot the irony of a Mercedes CLS 500 being parked next to a Toyota Prius? Although, did you know that the Mercedes was the first car to be awarded some Europen award for environment conciousness? Because it’s made of the most recycled metals and plastics than any other car. Beat that, stupid Prius.

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Everyone’s doing it

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Man, everyone is getting new cars! My sister got a new Getz, Ange got a new Swift, Nadine got a new Mazda 3, Dad’s getting a new Passat… 🙁 I want a new car now!







It’s a brave new world

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When my motherboard came back from Tyan it was a newer revision, and as a result half of my ram was incompatible (so I was down from 2gb to 1gb, and with Vista that’s not a pleasant thing). So I scored an addition 4gb from Grays Online and am now up to 5gb 😀

So with this newfound 5gb of ram and the fact that Windows wants to re-activate, I decided to re-install the whole shebang and given FreeBSD’s serious lack of support for nVidia 64-bit drivers, I decided to go for Ubuntu at Kris’s suggestion. So far, the experience has not been pleasant, but I’ll give a full report after I have all my hardware working properly, I guess.

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Trying to be good

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I’m trying to be well behaved and not neglect this place like certain others do their sites, but I just have not stopped since getting back to Sydney from Noosa. It was Noosa, then Victoria, and this weekend my friend’s 21st up past Terrigal. The day started at 5.00 to get all the way up there for paintball. And I love paintball. It’s fuckin fun. I have 25 welts that I could find and every muscle is very sore because I’m about the most unfit person I know. I also know that I would be dead in about 30 seconds in a real warzone as I am a hopeless combatant, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying it 😉

So enjoy a picture of me being stabbed in the eye by Terry and a plastic knife:

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