Shock! Horror!

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I went to Bible study last night and I mentioned my loss the other day and needless to say they were shocked. Not shocked at the loss, shocked at the AMOUNT of stuff I lost. The first thing said was “My computer only HAS 40gb! How can you loose 800gb!”, so I guess they have a point. I shouldn’t have stockpiled so much stuff 😛

I like having a public holiday in the middle of the week. Two two-day weeks instead of one five-day week suits me fine, hehe.

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It’s gone. Everything. Everything is gone. 800gb of stuff. Gone.

My Windows installation did an update it didn’t like and was being very gay. Like 7 minutes to boot up gay and when it did boot up everything crashed. So, I re-installed it. Iw as VERY VERY careful to select the CORRECT partition when formatting it. I doubel checked it. I chose ’20gb partition on 250gb drive’ – NOT my 600gb drive. And what does it do? Starts formatting my 600gb drive! So I hit the reset button very very quickly. And then the RAID complains the array is broken. So I repaired it. Then I went back into the windows setup and guess what – everything was corrutped. It couldn’t format anything. It couldn’t recover anything. So I tried chkdsk from the recovery console – no good. I tried the seagate tools. Nothing. So thanks Windows, I’ve lost everything. 800gb of stuff. Every top gear episode, ever. Every south park episode, ever. My entire stash of Veronica Mars, Lost and Heroes. Gone. My uni work was backed up, but my outlook is gone. Daria, gone. ALL MY SOFTWARE – GONE. It took me FIVE years to build up that stash and its ALL GONE. And now it’s throwing up CRC errors when I install Windows again, so I’ve just decided to leave it, I can’t be fucked, I’ll try and fix it later.

Needless to say I am ropable right about now.

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Value for money

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I was just listening to the radio and they had kids calling up telling about their jobs and how much they get paid. One kid got paid $20 for delivering the Manly newspaper once a week, another kid got paid $10 for packing/unpacking the dishwasher, hanging out the washing and setting the table every day (which I originally though was a bit rich, but actually for 10 bucks a week I’d probably do that too)!

It took me back to my first job though. I had to deliver 700 newspapers to my local area, it took me about 3-4 hours on my bike on Tuesday nights, and often I didn’t finish it so I did it on Wednesday as well. I took it very seriously, and used to check to see if there were any complaints, Dad spent hours rigging up my bike so I didnt have to come back to the house too often, and I’d spend hours folding every newspaper to load into my bike so they would fit into the letter boxes. Know how much I got paid for this? $7.50. Not per hour, just $7.50. Per week. That’s about $1/hour. Absolute slave labour it was, and at the time I didn’t mind. Keep in mind this was only 10 years go, not in the ’60’s when 7.50 a week was pretty alright! I got paid monthly and I had to open a bank account just for them to put the money into. I bought a sound card for my computer and I upgraded it from a 386 to a 486. I did that job for about 18 months until the company went bankrupt. Im sorry, how do you go bankrupt when you’re paying your staff $7.50/week?

Anyway that’s my reminsce for the day.

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The cheap wireless keyboard I bought for work is shit. Really shit. It drops keystrokes and repeats others and the mouse jumps around a lot (although that could be thanks to the desktop it sits on and not fault of the mouse). That’s a real pity considering it’s Logitech. My one for home has been fantastic (albeit it was $100 more expensive than this one)!

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As bad as a woman

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I shouldn’t ever go shopping. Today I went out to buy two cheap wireless keyboard/mouse combo’s – one for work, one for home. Sure I got a nice cheap (CHEAP) one for work, but I ended up with a Logitech MX5000 set for myself (dads had one for about a year and it’s pretty awesome, bluetooth, laser mouse, lcd display, all that guff), as well as 2x 320gb SATA-II drives to replace my super noisy 2x120gb’s. But I did refrain from buying another 20″ LCD monitor. I think my next monitor purchase will be a TV.

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Stuck between a rock and a… well you know

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Please prepare yourself. I’m about to say something I thought I would never say…

I’m starting to prefer Firefox. Now, don’t jump the gun. I still hate Firefox. I still hate the people that talk about Firefox as if it were their first born child. I still wish Firefox was a pre-beta version flloating around for hardcore super geeks. But at work I’ve been doing a LOT of Javascript and AJAX programming and IE has memory leaks, poor support for decent Javascript. So I’m a bit stuffed because I hate Firefox and I hate IE. I hate Firefox more however. But the main piece of Javascript we have (which we purchased I might add), works fine in IE but not in Firefox. But in IE it has a memory leak (which isn’t really working fine I guess), however in Firefox it gets rendered but you can’t actually SEE it on the screen anywhere.

I’m sick of IE choosing to use different function names for things that do the same thing, or returning different values for the same function than a different browser doing the same thing. I’m sick of having to use Javascript to adjust my CSS depending on which browser you have, and I’m MOST sick of Firefox not having .NET support (we have some embedded applications which I’ve had to re-write with AJAX from the ground up simply because there’s no .NET for Firefox). Although that’s not really Firefox’s fault. But it is. But oh I don’t know. I still hate them both.

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Sexcellent, the cruise control in my car is all installed and working. It’s not actually bolted down very well, but thats something I’ll have to fix this weekend. It should last a few trips to work I think 😛

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The Brotherhood

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I just finished the NOD campaign of C&C 3, and I must say – the ending is pretty shit. I didn’t even realise that I was heading into the final battle until AFTER I had finished it! There’s no conclusion or anything. It feels quite un-finished. Oh well, on to the GDI campaign now.

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