I don’t normally do this kinda thing…

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You’ve Experienced 40% of Life

You have the life experience of someone in their early 20s.
You’ve seen some of what life has to offer – but you have a long ways to go.
How Much Life Experience Do You Have?
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Worn out

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Today I am tired, was overworked, and realised I have little real chance of meeting my deadline (which is the end of next week). But I’m not complaining because me being overworked isn’t exactly common, other people like Ange work a lot longer and harder than I do.

Anyway I shall leave you with two pictures. One is of a 66 Cobra I followed on Sunday afternoon, what a sweet car. It made an awesome sound too. The other is of a tarago. 10 points for anyone who can tell me what the sticker on it says.

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Since about Year 9 (thats 8 years ago) I’ve been picking at the cuticles on the edges of my thumbs, so bad at some stages that I’d actually take out nice big chunks of skin from my thumbs. It just starts as a little bit of loose skin and pick pick pick pick OMG WHERES MY THUMB GONE?!

Anyway for the past three weeks I haven’t touched my left thumb and it’s ALMOST healed. I’ve almost got texture back on the top of the skin. I think it’ll take several months for the redness (infection :D) to go down, much like when my incredibly in-grown toenail was removed 😛 My right thumb is doing pretty well, but one step at a time, ey?

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Gotta love exchange rates

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Back when I was waiting for my motherboard to be replaced, I was sitting in the reception area of the shop and was flicking through a book called Joel On Software And on Diverse and Occasionally Related Matters That Will Prove of Interest to Software Developers, Designers, and Managers, and to Those Who, Whether by Good Fortune or Ill Luck, Work with Them in Some Capacity

I’ve often thought about the few pages of the book that I read while I was there in my new job, so I decided to buy it. Checking around the local bookstores it’s going to cost less than HALF the amount to buy it from the US and ship it here. So I did. And I had money left over to buy his other book too, which is a collection of essays on writing software written by other people. So, yes, I spent a wee bit more than I would have if I just bought the one book, but I got two books. If I didnt have to pay shipping it woulda been cheaper, but hey, that’s life!

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Sailing away

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Today Dad and I went sailing again on our friends yacht. He brought along his son-in-law and his grandson (who are also friends of ours) to teach Jack, the grandson, some sailing lessons. I drove the dingey whilst Jack was sailing on his own little boat (see picture) and his dad was yelling instructions to him. Meanwhile, Dad and our friend who owns the yacht sailed around the island in the opposite direction 😛

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More money out the door

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I just got the renewal notice for my CTP Green Slip insurance.

Firstly, this insurance is redundant. In Victoria the price of this insurance is included in your registartion, and their registration is cheaper than ours, even WITHOUT the green slip!

Secondly, my CTP Green Slip (which doesn’t actually provide me with any cover, it covers the government if I crash into public property or hit a pedestrian) is $603.58. That’s almost $150 more than last year, and it puts my car registration costs up to around $900, and thats BEFORE I insure the car!!!

The increase is apparently a medicare levy + Injury Services leave. Firstly, I have private health insurance so I’m exempt from the medicare levey… except for in the case of the RTA that is. Secondly, an increase for those who are seriously injured? Well, I can’t really argue with that except it’s OVER A HUNDRED DOLLARS A YEAR. PER CAR. Thats close to A BILLION DOLLARS a year for this fund if you take into account all the registered vehicles in NSW. What kind of injury is worth a BILLION dollars?!?!? A YEAR!

As time wears on I hate the RTA more and more and more. They’ve done absolutally nothing for me, they’ve dicked me around every chance they get and now this. It’s rediculous. The NRMA are not much better. In fact, the permiums with AAMI GreenSlip is FOURTY CENTS cheaper, so I’m going to switch to them, and their insurance premiums are almost A THOUSAND dollars cheaper than NRMA. I should find out if AAMI provide road-side assist and if they do I should ditch NRMA for that too.

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Stupid woman

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When I buy my lunch from the lunch place at work (which is 2-3 times a week), I nearly always order a Chicken Snitzel and salad, and I quite like vinegar on my snitzel, otherwise it’s very boring, bland and dry.

I used to get some strange looks from the women that served me (never from the men however) when I asked for vinegar, but the other day the lunch lady flat out refused to put vinegar on my chicken. She just said (in a heavy greek accent) “nooooooo you don’t want vinegar!!” and that was that. I waited until she was pre-occupied and got someone else to put it on, but seriously – if Im paying almost 10 bucks for some dead bird you can give me what I asked for.

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If you should be so lucky…

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So, I had an interesting night last night.

Angela went out with her friends to some club in Parramatta. I had a feeling it would end with me having to come and pick her up at some god awful hour of the morning – and I was right 🙂 Sorry ange, but it’s true! I was silly enough to go to bed at about 11.30, and come 12.30 my phone starts ringing and by 1am I’m at Parramatta, picking up an Angela that looked like Paris Hilton and stank like stale ciggies (although the ciggie smell wasn’t her fault, thats just what happens at those places).

To be honest, I so did not recognise her. She was wearing SO MUCH makeup – it was strange, and I don’t think I liked it. The makeup that is, I didn’t mind picking her up so much, just as long as it’s not a regular thing 😛

In other news, on the way to work the other day some guy had this (tattered) sticker on his Ford Laser:

The first thing that came to my mind was “But, I want to go to work and I highly doubt Jesus is going to my work too…”

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Sharing the love

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Here is a few random picutres that are on my phone’s memory card:

I wonder if they realise it’s spelt wrong?

A roo at Australia Zoo. This one wasn’t dead on the side of the road, like most roo’s are (as you can see).

My odo saying 88,888km. I’ve done another 10,000k since then (and it was only taken in November last year)

Dalby is the town I used to live in in Queensland, and I found a car all the way from there in Sydney. What are the chances (trust me, they’re slim).

Terry modelling an Apollo bar. You know, from Lost!

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Long week

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For some reason this week has been a long week, it feels like it should be Friday already.

Maybe it’s because, for a change, I’m actually under pressure to get stuff finished at work…



Maybe it’s not a pipe dream

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Ever since I moved to Sydney I’ve been dismayed at how expensive everywhere is to live and buy, but I guess with time comes adjustments. $300,000 would buy a decent house in many cities, but in Sydney it only buys an apartment.

That said, you can get some pretty nice places for that kind of money in suburbs that are very convenient for Ange and I. That and I did some sums on a few mortgage calculators and decided that Westpac are the biggest ripoff merchants ever.

In a nutshell, with our combined incomes, Ange and I could take a $280,000 loan and pay it off in 8 years comfortably, 10 years worst case scenario. Combine that with a deposit that should be easy to save considering we both live with our parents and have decent incomes and there’s a $30,000 deposit in 6-10 months. 280+30 = $310,000 which is a good starting point – relatively speaking, of course!

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There’s not enough interesting, often-updated websites on the intermanet any more.

Ange and Kris only blog once in a blue moon, Nadine hasn’t updated in ages, both of the forums are fairly dead, bash is only moderated very infrequently, diesel sweeties is the only regular one left and that’s just once a day and takes about a whole 3 minutes to read. I need more interesting sites that I can kill my mornings with.



Pay 1000 bucks for a $400 discount

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I just heard the stupidest ad. You can get a PS3 for $400 off when you trade in either an xBox or a PS2 and TEN games. 10. If you actually OWN 10 games then you’ve paid around 800 bucks for those games. The consoles are also worth around $250, so essentially you’re handing over 1000 bucks to get a $400 discount, so if you take up their offer you’re actually $600 worse off. And dozens of people will fall for it too.

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Remember where you are now

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Have you ever had one of those moments where you always remember where you were? Everyone remembers what they were doing when they learned that Pricess Di died, that kind of thing. THere was an awesome episode of Top Gear where James May drove a Hydrogen powered car by GM (Thats General Motors, not Genetically Modified) and he says “Remember where you are now, because this was when you saw the future” – or something along those lines.

Anyhoo today I watched a 90 minute video (link) by a guy called Van Jacobson. This guy is smart. He’s been working in the networking industry for about as long as there has BEEN a networking industry and he outlines where he sees networking heading in the coming years. Maybe not 2010, but by 2020? I hope so. It’s one of those videos that really makes you think you’ve seen the future. Not literally, of course 😛

In a basic nutshell (if you have a spare 80 minutes, watch the video. The first 30 minutes is very interesting, but its the last 30 where he gets into the new stuff), the internet will be come a sort of peer networking. Rather than having one central location that all data comes from (i.e. your web-servers, routers, content engines, etc), data will come from your closest peer with a valid copy – much like BitTorrents do, only with the capacity to handle smaller files and to access information from other peer’s caches. Also, the way data will be encapsulated will allow content router smarter – avoiding having thousands of copies of identical data at once, all going to different addresses.

Another interesting thing about this new form of networking is that ANYTHING can be used to make a bridge to somewhere else. It could be that your closest peer is an airplane flying overhead – so the data goes to that plane which serves your request. When that plane flies over India, if the data it contains is still valid and current, the exact same packets you received will be broadcast to a school on the other side of the world, because thats where the plane happens to be at that point in time.

Obviously, and he runs through this in his talk, there are major issues – security, validation, integrity, free-loaders, liabilities, amongst others – that need to be overcome before this kind of networking is feasable, but this is most certainly the future.

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Give me an enema

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There is one distinct disadvantage of having a portrait computer monitor that they don’t tell you about – and that is having vertical interlacing.

Monitors are interlaced horizontally (look at your screen close enough and you’ll see black lines running horizontally – most noticable on a big CRT) for what seems to be a very good reason. Now that I spend 9 hours a day staring at a vertically interlaced screen, everything. EVERYTHING. has black lines running through it vertically for a while afterwards. It shits me to tears. I need one of those Dell’s thats designed to rotate properly.

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