Then again…

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On second thoughts, maybe it’s not such a crash hot idea to admit that I have music by Boston…

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What are the freaking chances?

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My todo list

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I spent 90 minutes bug testing this morning. Below is the list of things I need to fix. And everyone knows that a developer that has intimate knowledge of his software is hopeless at finding bugs, so considering that this is the list of bugs that I found, imagine what our testers will find when I had it over to them on Friday. I’ve only spent about 5 hours or so working on fixing them today:





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Yesterday, I did the most amazing thing:

On a Windows XP Professional computer, I:

– Installed .NET 2.0
– Installed SQL2000 Server
– Installed SQL2005 Express
– Installed Management tools
– Installed Pervasive SQL
– Installed the Enterprise Runtimes for our software
– Installed VPN adapter and configured it

And not once did it ask me to restart. Awesome.

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Akismet has caught 153,719 spam for you since you first installed it.


Oh, and some Sydney road tolls are going up by EVEN MORE. My god. For some people it will cost up to $10 in tolls EACH WAY to go to/from work!

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I just installed two new Opteron processors in my desktop. I’m now running 2x Opteron 852’s, which are 2.6Ghz each, which is (and I’m guessing) about equivalent to a 4500+ in AMD terms?

Anyway it’s just short of doubling my processing power from my old Opterons (which are on their way to Kris now) and the stupid Windows Experience Index for my CPUs went up 0.6 to 5.1. That can’t be right? I can only assume the stupid thing was having a bad day when it did the benchmark. Not that I’m particularly fussed over the WEI (my graphics card gets the overall rating stuck at 3.5 anyway), but it makes me wonder about the validity of the testing…

— EDIT —

Right, after reading this very useful article it would appear that 5.9 is as high as WEI ratings go. And my HDD and RAM are already at 5.9, and I can only assume that it’s some sort of logarithmic scale that makes it very difficult to get the top score. So I’m not so dissapointed any more.

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Don’t talk to me.

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Bugs Bunny

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I was playing around with a new ActiveX Graphing COM to interface to our database today and I slipped up on a little bug, which produced just about the most coolest graph I’ve ever seen.

Click here to see it (only for those with broadband. It’s a 4mb file).

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Trying out some new things

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I’m trying out a new way of embedding pictures into the site. I think I might turn it into a WP Plugin. Everyone loves WP plugins.

See the rollovers! And the neato menu. And you can sell ads on it if you want to. I don’t want to. Ads are not cool.
— EDIT —

No you’re not blind, there’s no picture. Bah humbug to freaking WordPress, it seems to be killing all the neato javascript. Fuck you.

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To change or not to change… and a rant about the style police

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Slowly but surely I’ve been implementing lifestyle changes. Im eating less, eating healthier, walking more, but I still can’t quite bring myself to do proper gym-style excercise.

I know I’m 22 days late, but WordPress 2.2 is out. Not sure if I can be bothered upgrading. Since I started with dynamic blogging, I used one version of b2, one version of WP1, and one version of WP2. I remember when WP2 first came out I wrote a post about not being overly impressed with V2 (which I still stand by), so maybe I should give 2.2 a go…

— EDIT —

Ok I read their little speil about WP2.2. For starters, I’m still using WP2.0 and I don’t really seem to be missing anything. Secondly, and I know this isn’t really WP’s fault, but why the need to support so many stupid different formats? It now supports RSS2.0 and Atom. Last I checked, the two formats are mostly interchangable in any RSS aggregator, so why both? Oh thats right, the style police. Stupid fuckers.

Actually, speaking of the style police, I happened upon an article outlining the history of the HTML language. It started out as a super restrictive super syntactical language (SGML I think it was called, this I already knew but I doubt most people do), but nobody used it. So it was replaced with HTML, which was a super lazy language. You could write whatever you wanted, whever you wanted it, and it would ALWAYS work.

You could forget to close a tag, and it would still work. You could make spelling errors and the page would still render. And this was what made HTML so GREAT and amazing, and made the internet what it is today. So WHY are we taking steps backwards? The style police want to force us to use strict CSS, XML, XML-SLT, and they want our websites to look horrible if we don’t use their strict standards.

This is completely AGAINST what HTML was designed for in the first place. Fucking style police. Should be shot.

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Totally Awesome

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Well, I’m seriously un-impressed with the offerings on the Laptop front. I looked at dozens of new laptops over the weekend, and none of them appealed to me very much. Only one or two scored higher than a 6/10 on my scale, and they were out of my price range.

So I started trawling Grays Online and eBay… fuckin awesome. Heaps of great laptops. Sure, they’re 12-24 months old, but I don’t care! They’re cheap! And in good nick! And small and portable and look good and many of them scored an 8/10 and were less than half the price of the ones that scored a 6/10 (on my scale that is, and I have different weightings this time around).

Only thing is that by the time my boss has sorted his budget for the laptop I’m not sure how many will still be avaliable, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

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Deadline today

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Today is the minor (but by no means less important) deadline for the project I’ve been working on for the past few months. I’ve spent the whole week on it, non-stop and I think I might meet it. All the major functions work, but there’s dozens of little fiddly bits that need to be sorted out as well.

On a similar note, I get to shop for a laptop for work now too. Yay. I love laptop shopping – I’ve done it for other people quite a few times but I havent done it for myself since 2003, and that decision was made fairly easilly. This one, not so 😛

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