Our new server

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Our new database server at work just went online today:

EIGHT CPUs. Awesome. That’s now a total of, well, 8 + 8 + 4 + 4 + 2 = 26 CPUs at my disposal. If only I were more irresponsable, I’d set up some sort of awesome CPU benchmark or something…

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A helping hand

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Im helping a friend program his little project. It involves AJAX, PHP, MySQL, and integrating with some 3rd party software. Discussing the best way to do things (such as parse AJAX, or index MySQL and do we use ISAM or InnoDB?) and listening to how they were planning on doing stuff reminds me of when I was starting out. I had no idea and I fumbled around. I look now on the stuff I used to write and I cringe.

I’m glad I can help my friend so that he doesn’t make the same horrible software I used to. But then, it is the best way of learning I’ve found.

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The simple life

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There is one nice thing about living a boring, straight forward life – my tax return only took 40 minutes. $321 in deductions (Not much, I know), three different employers, not much income, no dependants, full medicare exemption. Easy as.

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Now I know

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Now I know how my Dad feels on some days. Yesterday I worked a 14.5 hour day. That’s 6 hours longer than I usually work and only 1.5 hours short of TWO standard working days.

I got home at 9.30pm yesterday (after getting to work before 7.30am) and literally went straight to bed (although that might have had something to do with the two beers I drank after hours while at work – hey my boss provided them!). No messing about. Through door, say hi to brother, walk upstairs, into bed. And here I am at 5.30am the next day getting ready to go back. Man I even dreamed about being at work last night. I never dream about being at work. At least today I’ll finish a bit early, and I have saturday off, but then back for another half-day on Sunday. Oh yeah, I worked last sunday too, so for the next week or two I’ll be doing 6 day weeks.

But I guess that’s just whats required when I’m on a (very) small team that needs to get a (reasonably) large project finished in the next 12 days.

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If only uptime were penis size

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Check out two things there – original install date, and uptime.

That uptime was just ruined as I remote desktoped into my PC today after letting someone else use it (I wasn’t at the office where that PC is) and they told it to install the Windows Updates I’d been ignoring for three months.

But the install date! No wonder it’s starting to run like a dog recently. It was only ever used for remote desktop and notepad before I inherited it and I’ve certainly worked it harder than its even been worked before. But still… over 2 years! Thats just… insanity.

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Die sucker die

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I have a pimple up my nostril and its driving me insane.

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A hamster saved my arse

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Just yesterday I was thinking about setting up a CVS system for my development system at work. What a CVS system does, essentially, is keep track of who changed what in any kind of document (much like Highlite Changes in Word) – well ok there’s a lot more to it than that, but one of the brilliant things it can do is roll back changes.

So, I doubt my ability to set up a proper CVS server at work, given that I have little/no control over any servers – and the one I did have some control over is well and truely dead. So Kris pointed me to this gem – FileHamster. FileHamster ticks all the nerd boxes for a massive hard-on. Free. Useful. Stylish. Minimum system impact. Awesome name. It ticks all the boxes for good software – automatic error reporting, simple, quick installation, no fuss configuration. And most importantly, it stopped me from getting in so much shit at work today.

About 2 hours after I had installed it, I managed to delete 3 months worth of work. The F2 button in our development program goes to the Program List. F3 deletes the currently highlited object. I went to hit F3, mashed F2 at the same time, and deleted my whole program – which is normally irrevocable. I didn’t want to go to last night’s backup cos I’d already done a shitload of work.

So, after staring at my screen for about 30 seconds, absorbing what happened, I fired up FileHamster, and after a heartbeat of wondering (hoping) that it had backed up my file, I restored it to the one 5 minutes old and hey presto. All my work was back.

Anyone who says there’s no God can eat their words.

So as far as I’m concerned, if you do any kind of important work – be it writing a nasty letter to the receptionist about the quality of her cappucino’s recently, or (like me) developing mission-critical business applications and then deleting your entire program, get FileHamster. Even if it sits there for 6 months not being utlilised, the one time you need it, it’ll have been worth all that wait. Or, even better, if you’re in a multi-user development situation, get a proper CVS.

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Watch out

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At 8.55 this morning I became Sydney’s newest fully licensed driver. Sure it only lasted a matter of seconds till the guy behind me got his too, but thats not the point.

The point is – watch out 😀

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Twinsens Odyssey

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Man, someone doesn’t want me playing my old copy of Twinsens Odyssey.

I installed it on Vista x64 and it complained about not having DirectX 3.0 (yeah…. thats ok I think I surpass that). After installing, the image was all fuzzy. I googled, found a patch, but the patch wouldn’t run on x64. So I tried to run it on my laptop – and it couldn’t find the exe. I eventually discovered that was because I was using a UNC path (\\computer\share) – so I mapped a drive, it then patched OK.

So finally I could play it with visible graphics. Then, the sound dropped out every 30 seconds and I had to go all the way to the sound config menu to get it back. So I thought, OK – I’ll grab MS Virtual PC 2007 and install Windows 98 and then run it from the VPC. Well, VPC’s Windows 98 support is clearly lacking. First install, it crashed due to a protection error. Second install, rundll32.dll kept crashing and then bluescreened. Third install it seemed to be OK, but I couldn’t get VPC Additions to work, meaning I was stuck in 640x480x8 and no sound.

So, I then grab a trial copy of VMWare Workstation 6.0. Windows 98 installs beatufully, first go, no worries. VMWare Tools installs fine. But – no sound card. I tried to force it to install the sound card and rundll32.dll crashes all the time. I’m thinking this might be because of my 64-bit host system. So I install all the Windows 98 updates (of which there were a LOT), and still no luck.

So I might have to see if I can find an older copy of VMWare Workstation (32-bit one) that I can use… or perhaps Jayme has a copy of 98 in a VPC that works that I can use.

Man all I wanna do is play a 12-year-old game. Is that too much to ask? (sarcasam)!

P.S. This is running without sound

(Just for the record, in the original LBA game, I got stuck at the bit where the Rabbibunny asked me to change the flavour of the water for over 6 months. I had given up. My little brother, who was about 7 or 8 at the time figured it out while I was on Christian Life Week one time, and then managed to get me to the Temple of Bu, but he refused to play it after then cos it was too scary. I played it while he watched. Thats about the single most productive thing my brother has ever done for me).

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Its true

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He says its OK to hotlink, so suck my balls

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Fuckin pathetic

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Well I’m stuck at work.

Yesterday I stayed here for over 10 hours doing work. Today it seems I’ll be stuck here for 10 hours because there’s no trains.

The train station was absolute chaos and pandemodium. The queue to catch a bus was over 150 meters long, three people wide (serious). I managed to find another queue at another stop that was only about 50m long, but every single bus that came was full and was only letting people off.

So one of the tech guys has kindly offered to give me a lift in the correct general direction. I just want to get somewhere that there’s a train station that’s not closed. He doesn’t leave for at least another hour, but that’ll still be quicker – especially seeing as the bridge is closed.

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Fringing brilliant

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Those who know me know that I’m not a big endorser of products, free or nigh. But today I’m blown away but a product called Fring.

At our new office, we have a SIP VoIP network, which is currently restricted to the local PCs. Fring lets me connect to the VoIP through my regular Nokia mobile. This is not at all uncommon on Windows Mobile, but I’ve never seen a product for Nokia that does it before. Sure, my phone doesn’t have wireless, but if I’m away or on call, or even if I need to call people internally it’s cheaper than a regular phone call. If I use it regularly enough I might get work to subsidise a 3G data plan.

Oh, and it plugs into Google Talk, MSN and Skype as well. There’s only one wish I have, and that is that it would be nice if I could register more than one SIP with it (our home phone is SIP as well) – but hey considering its running on a Nokia in Symbian I’m not going to complain!!

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I swear to drunk occifer, I’m not god!

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On the way home from Blacktown Workers club last night I got breathalised. I’m fairly sure it’s the first time I’ve ever been breathalised. Fortunately I was playing nice and didn’t drink anything while we were there, although it was very tempting, especially given that in a week’s time I’ll be on my full license. I doubt my BMI will have change in the next seven days, but oh well.

He made quite sure that I had all my P plates on display, and also paid close attention to the drivers side of my car. Not sure what he was looking for… something to defect me on possibly? When I got my wheels, they were technically illegal to fit as they exceeded the original dimensions of the wheels by more than 1″, however I did get a new complicance sticker just in case (not sure how legal it is to just buy a compliance sticker from a wrecker and stick it on, but oh well). Other than that he seemed nice enough.

We were at Blacktown worksers club for one of Angela’s workmates 21st birthday. I didn’t realise it was at the workers club and was imagining a back-yard bash, much like what Ange had, and like what I wished I had had. But no. There was well over a hundred people, as well as an MC, a schedule of events, bands, and oh-so-many speeches by what I think must have been every single one of her cousins, aunties and uncles.

It made me wonder if I missed out. My 18th was shit (partly due to my poor planning skills), my 19th even more horrible (thanks to my bitch ex girlfriend), 20th was nice but uneventful (in fact, did I even do anything for it? I don’t think I did… I certainly don’t remember it – which means it certainly wasn’t bad. I’m fairly sure my parents were overseas at the time. Oh thats right, they were – I was at Jess and Jayme’s house sitting. And no, I didn’t even do anything for my birthday, but thats good), and my first 21st was a nice affair, but not exactly memorable, and my 2nd 21st was certainly memorable, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. It was an wicked good night out with my mates though. But certainly nothing on the grand scale of this venture from last night.

Still, life goes on, and I’m not one to live by regrets. On second thoughts, I barely even know enough people in Sydney to fill our small home, let alone an entire ballroom. Perhaps better that I don’t think about it, lest I realise exactly how few friends I have in this part of the world, and even back in other parts now. But then again, quality over quantity any day – and I’m most certainly not lacking in the quality of my friends.

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