A new record

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Today, on the way home from work, I set a new record. I averaged… 10 kilometers per hour on average. Given that I work almost exactly 10 kilometers from home… you do the maths.

And why?! There were no accidents. There’s nothing on at Olympic Park. It’s not a long weekend (thats next week – glee!). So why? Mum said the roads were just as horrible at 4pm, so it’s not late night shopping. And yesterday was such a GOOD run! I just don’t understand….

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Apparently my Visa card has been compromised, according to a letter I received from Westpac today. Interesting, seeing as I haven’t used that card in almost two months, and there was a $0.00 balance on it.

As a result, I now have to get a new credit card, which has a new credit card number. It took me nigh on 4 years to remember my current credit card number, I don’t want to have to get a different one 🙁

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Fly away peter

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Well, that was a lovely weekend. The place we stayed at really did think of everything. There was a wood fire (which took me a few goes to remember how to light a fire properly), they provided breafast cerials, foods, snacks, a decanter of sherry, and they really thought of everything, all the small details – such as a squigee to wash the car windscreen with (although that was probably more for deep winter when your windscreens would be frozen in the morning). The place scored a 19/20 in a Sydney Morning Herald review, and I can see why. But it wasn’t cheap – $490 for Friday and Saturday night. Each additional night was half price, but that’s still not really cheap.

In other news, frankly I’m glad all this horse racing has been cancelled. Maybe some wives of gambellers will be able to afford to put food on the table this week and they’ll be able to take a re-evaluation of their lives.



And we’re off!

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Ange and I are going to Oberon for the weekend. We leave tomorrow. I’m trading in a day of leui and Ange is chucking a sickie.

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A nice little town, max temperature: 6 degrees. It’s gunna be freakin cold.

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News from Planet Markonian

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I know, how am I meant to keep any regular visitors when I don’t write very often and when I do I don’t ever talk about anything interesting? Well, I dont care. I’m not writing this for you. So ner ni ner ner.

I had my six-month review of my new job yesterday. It seems that either I’m really awesome at stuff, or I’m pretty bad at it. No middle ground. The main thing I’m not very good at is thorough testing, which is quite valid. I hate testing (like all programmers), but on a small team its something that needs to be done regularly and done well. I also have to use less foul language in my developer notes (long story behind that. Well not long really. I wrote some nasty things on a development page that somehow Google found and indexed and made that page the primary link to our website. How, I don’t know because the page was NOT the index and it wasn’t linked to anywhere. Anyway for two weeks googling customers found a page that says “This page is fucking gay”. Not cool, but oh well).

So what else ummmmmmmmmm, that new DJ/Lily Allen song Oh My God is an awesome song. I saw it on Video Shits the other day and heard it again on the radio this morning and it has something very funky and cool about it. And I usually hate pop music, or at least I’m not swayed enough by it to blog about it. Her accent is pretty awesome too.

Sooo, what else? Well, Ange and I are going to a place near Oberon (thats in the Blue Mountains, in western NSW. Well, not that western, but west of Sydney) this weekend. Staying there Friday and Saturday night and coming back on Sunday. It’s going to be cold, but it hasn’t been snowing which is actually a bit of a pity. Ange has never been to the snow and its been many a year since I’ve been there for recreation (I saw heaps of snow in Switzerland, but that wasn’t recreational perse).

Right, that’ll do I think.

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Doodley do

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On Wednesday I had, for the first time in over 2 weeks, some time off! It was only a half-day and my phone kept ringing during that half day… but still. It was time off. And for the first time in over a month I’ll have a TWO DAY weekend!! YAY! Actually life should be back to pretty normal from now on. Normal days, normal hours, normal weeks. Awesome.

I was thinking of going to Melbourne over the APEC long weekend (7th – 9th September) but flights are too expensive to/from Sydney. At least, at the hours I want to travel, which I guess is when everyone else wants to travel too. Poop. Driving would be much cheaper, but then I’d only get 24 hours down there which doesn’t really make sense…

Oh well!

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Orange shheerrrbbeerrttt

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I always thought that Sherbert was something everyone knew about. Typically I thought it was American. But no! According to the weekend magazine it was first marketed commercially by Victorian company (although it is thought the recepie dates back 400 years), and the first brand was called Whizz Fizz! I remember Whizz Fizz! I love it! I especially remember the Sherbert cones, which were sherbert cones, with hundreds and thousands and a huge hit of sherbert at the bottom and lots and lots of sugar and they were AWESOME even if they did make you feel sick at the end of it.

Anyway considering Sherbert is an Aussie invention the Americans probably don’t know of it, which is sad. Americans – prove me wrong!

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The Bridge

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I completely forgot to mention that on Saturday Ange and I climbed the Harbour Bridge!

I did it about 4 years ago and I had a dodgey guide and I was doing it on my own. It was so much much better this time – our tour guide was awesome and because I was doing it with someone I love it was just… awesome. The view wasn’t too bad either! It was perfect weather as well, you could see as far as the blue mountains! Totally awesome.

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Ten Kilometers

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I travel 10kms to work. Ten. On one road. Literally I drive out from where I’m illegally parked in our complex, drive 10km on the same road, heading north, and then park at work. It takes between 30-45 minutes (which is rediculous for 10 kilometers). And virtually every single day, there’s some sort of accident or breakdown.

Yesterday it a breakdown at Ryde and a crash at Pymble. Today it’s a four-car crash on the Ryde bridge. In the past it’s been breakdowns at Ryde, Top Ryde, North Ryde (Ryde is a big suburb) and Pymble, or accidents at Rhodes, Ryde, Pymble, gah!

It’s a very slow trip. It’s a very easilly and for a change, well maintained road. HOW CAN SO MANY PEOPLE CRASH every week in the same 10 kilometer stretch! Fark it’s got to be almost as bad as the M4. I feel sorry for a guy I work with who comes up the M4 and THEN does the same trip I do, because the M4 has even more breakdowns and accidents than the trip I take.

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Photo update

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I took some photos the other day that I forgot to share:

First and second ones are of my last sailing trip. It was a lovely day and some dolphins came and swam with the boat. It’s not the first time this has happened, but this is the first time that I’ve had a camera ready. Don’t get this on a power boat – dolphins would be too scared of becoming tuna fish in the propellors.

The third image is of a Lamborgini Murcielago Roadster that was stopped illegaly up at Rhodes shopping center. Freakin nice nice NICE car that is…

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ITS OVER! Kinda.

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Well, since 5.30am two days ago, I’ve had a total of about 7 hours sleep. I got 5 hours sleep on Monday night, and I got two hours sleep about 30 minutes ago. Monday I spent 16 hours at the office, and Tuesday I spent ohh… about 28 hours at the office. But it’s up. It’s done. Our website is online, the Austereo advertising campaign is in full swing, and people are signing up for the free offers, a lot of whome we hope will hang around to pay us for it later on.

I won’t link to it here cos they’re doing a lot of analytics on it (a lot of which I wrote) and I don’t really want all my work collegues finding my site (else how will I be able to bitch about them?!), but needless to say I’m fucking excited.

Thousands of hits from hundreds of people in the first day. In fact in the first fucking 12 hours. This is awesome.

I’d done all the major finishes and fixes by about midnight, which is when they (quite literally) started writing on the glass partitions in the office with the ToDo lists. At 6am this morning, this is how it stood:

Ignoring my old boss in the front of the photo (who I work for but am not employed by), 75% of what you see there is crossed off in red, and each one took between 5 and 30 minutes to fix. The first ad went out at 1.15am in Adelaide (wooo), but the real traffic started at 8am. And it hasn’t let up, and I hope it doesn’t.

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