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Working in an office means you get all the illnesses that are going around. Starting today I feel the onset of a sore throat, and all the irritants that come with it. This on top of hayfever that I’ve only had since moving to Sydney just kinda ruins spring/summer.

In other news, apparently it’s Halloween tonight. I know this because of the million trillion kids running around my suburb dressed up as devil worshipers. Which is amazing, considering that I live in Australia. And we don’t have halloween in Australia. Because Halloween is an American tradition. And we’re not America.

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Well, I don’t know if I blogged this before, but given that we live in a modern society with sexual equality, Angela bought me an engagement present as well.

She bought me a 32″ Samsung HD LCD 😀 Well, it’s more for us when we get our own place, but I’m looking after it. So to pair it up, I went and bought myself a Nintendo Wii 😀 Yes, I’m joining the “in” crowd with Nadinerine and countless others.

Woo me 🙂

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I know, I’ve fallen into my own hated state – I’ve been neglecting my site. Not as bad as some others I might add, but still bad enough.

So I updated my WordPress the other day, for the first time in years. And they’ve gone and added an auto-check feature for updates. And not a week after installing it, it’s already bugging me to update. I wouldn’t mind so much except it’s just too much work to upgrade every freaking two weeks, especially when I maintain multiple blogs.

What I would like to see it an auto-update feature where you click a button and it FTPs or whatevers the updates on its own so I don’t have to.



To prove a point

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To prove a point to Kris that the cameras in mobile phones are getting better and better, here are 6 photos. See if you can tell me which ones are taken on a camera phone, and which are taken on a proper, high-end camera. They are all 500px wide, saved at Quality 8, and resized in Photoshop CS:

1.Photo 1
2.Photo 2
3.Photo 3
4.Photo 4
5.Photo 5
6.Photo 6

Leave a comment with your answers.

The point Im trying to make here, is that for HAPPY SNAPS, a modern camera is perfectly fine, and I’ve presented the photos in a typical happy-snap format. I.e. a web photo album.

I might also point out that the proper camera is the latest model, the phone camera is about 18 months old now.

There’s a mixture of over exposure, under exposure, high detail, and fast shutter photos, just for a proper test.

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Consider me bad

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I told my Boss that I got engaged over the weekend. He was pleased for me, but I asked him to keep it quiet if he can. Mainly because of all the gossipy women in the office. Is that bad? Its just that they’ll all come asking me questions, interrogating me about it, lecturing me married life (all of them are north-shore women, if you know what that means), and our recepitionist (who is also Croatian, but “Oh, I don’t know any Western Suburbs Croatians…) will be the worst. And I’m sure one of them will tell me I’m too young. Bah.

Actually it seems like a lot of people are getting engaged at the moment. Another woman at church announced her engagement last week, as have a few other people I know!




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Back to work today… oh well…

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It’s officiamalised

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On Saturday night, Ange and I got engaged. Yay!

I hired a Mini Cooper S (thats the supercharged one), and we drove up to a place called Hardys Bay, where I’d organised a charter yacht where we went sailing for a few hours. Then the skipper tied the boat up in bay and left us at about 5pm. There was a massive dinner, and he was going to come and collect us at 10am the next day.

There’s not really much to say to be honest, it wasn’t that dramatic of an event, but for all teh ladies out there, here are some pics of the ring. Click the small images to get the full sized photo (if you have broadband! They’re huge).

Photos of the rest of the day can be found here.

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An awesome discovery

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I don’t know if what I’ve found is in any way new or amazing, but it’s certainly very cool.

Well, I’ve been playing with Google Maps a lot with work recently, for plotting information and whatnot. One of the things I’ve been wanting to do is embed google maps into an activex browser so I can parse information to/from it from within our RAD tool. Easier said than done, given that I’ve had so many trouble with embedded browsers.

I managed to find a third party browser, but it was pretty basic, so when I went to google maps I got a plain text version of google maps! Thank the lord for Google and wanting to take over the world. Anyway, in this plain text version I discovered that I can, by fiddling a variable or two, and doing a POST, that I can get all the data I wanted in XML format straight off their servers, with no need for an API key.

This includes lat/long for geopoints (so I dont have to go a geocoder request), step-by-step driving instructions, traffic data (not that any exists for Sydney), and anything else that google maps offers. The RAW data. Without a key. That’s awesome. I just hope they don’t close the holes. And just as long as I’m careful with how many requests are sent at any given moment/day I dont see why they should ban our IP (not that we couldn’t just send them from a different one whilst we wait to be unbanned).

Exciting stuff 🙂

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Absolute instant classic

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Refer to this photo of my work desk:

I wonder how much under market pay I’m getting!!

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Whatever shall I do…

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When I get home tonight, I shall have:

– Californication Season 1 Episode 10
– Heroes Season 2 Episode 4
– Ugly Betty Season 2 Episode 3
– Dexter Season 2 Episode 3
– Top Gear Season 10, Episode 2

(totally not in the order that I want to watch them in)

All to watch, and no time to watch them. And Ange would probably kill me if I watched any of them except Top Gear without her…

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It’s happened

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Someone from my highschool whome I don’t really know wants to befriend me on Facebook. From memory they weren’t particularly mean to me, but they certainly were never my friend. But it’s not friendbook, its facebook, and I don’t really know what that’s meant to mean.

This is why I never wanted to sign up for it in the first place.



Train Porn

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Saw this guy on the train today:

Another nerd joke… hehe…

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Just as well I didn’t hit it

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Followed this in Kensington today:

Ferrari 599. Two year waiting list, 10 firm orders for Australia, of which only two or three have been delivered. Nice.

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Back to the grindstone

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My Boss returns to work today – he’s been away for the past week and a half. I don’t really know how that’s relevant, but oh well.

Although I’m not adopting any HD standard such as HD-DVD or Bluray yet – not till it all settles down – it’s nice to see HD-DVD and Blueray rips of my favourite movies being released in 720 or 1080, even if they are 8gb each 😉

Ohh, haha I was just checking my download quota for the next month, check it ouuutt:

If you’re a geek you’ll get it…

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They’re HERE

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Woooo my SLI video cards arrived last night! My stupid power supply only has one 6-Pin connector on it though (well, actually, it has two but I didn’t realise the 2nd one wasn’t for VGA, its for some Xeon boards), so I have to wait to get an adapter before I can plug the 2nd one in.

That said, on ONE card, I’m already stoked… can’t wait to get the 2nd one in! I can FINALLY run Bioshock and Test Drive Unlimited at 1680×1050 with max settings and full AA 😀

And my Windows Performance index is looking pretty healthy as well:

Pretty good when you compare it to my old results:


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