A busy few days

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Mum and Dad and my sister have been up at the blue mountains these last few days. They’ve got a huge house up there just for the week. Ange and I drove up there on Saturday to visit them (actually, Ange drove her little red car, which was a nice change!), and we drove back yesterday.

Visited Angela’s place this morning to help set it up for our engagement party, which is happening this weekend (the 5th). 35 people have RSVP’d yes, which means it’s not a huge party but it should be nice.

I was given Richard Hammond’s book On The Edge for christmas, it’s about his jet-car crash and the brain damage and his recovery, written by both him and his wife. I’ve never really read an autobiography or anything before. The thing I really like about it, which I’ve always been afraid of about these kinds of books, is that they don’t pull on your heart strings. It’s just matter of fact, this is what happened. And because it’s a character that we all know and love anyway (just that short bloke of the car show on the telly) that’s all it needs to be. We can fill in the gaps ourselves.

What else? Umm… that’ll do for now 😉

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Merry Christmas to all!

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Merry Christmas to all 🙂 Hope Santa brought you everything you wanted. And don’t forget the real reason behind Christmas – that Jesus died so we could all get presents! No wait… hmm…

Saw an awesome deal on some 1Ghz eMac’s the other day. I wanted to buy one for my grandparents so they could get on the ‘net, so I popped my bid on one of the emacs at Grays Online. Then some fag from Kiama (A.B. from Kiama, if you’re reading this, I hope you go broke) came and bid twice my max bid on every single one of the macs (there were about 25 of them there, and only three people bidding on them). So I found out what his max bid was and went and bid one dollar below that on every single one of them. Nobody else really bid on the macs after that so because he pissed me off he had to go and spend aroudn $800 more than he would have otherwise. So don’t piss me off on an auction, and don’t be greedy.

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Christmas Party

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Well, it’s off to the Family Friendly christmas party soon. Woo how fun. Wish me luck 🙁

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Data Mining

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Data mining at its best. (Un)fortunately I know a lot about this topic as I studied it for an assignment at uni. Ange just blogged for the first time in about five years today and she linked to the webpage she bought our wedding bonbonniere from. She bought these stoppers as well as some personalised ribbon for wrapping with.

I couldn’t help but notice (on this page) that it also suggests that people who purchased these stoppers also purchased personalised ribbon.

Now I don’t know if it says that because Ange bought the ribbon with the stoppers, or if ange bought the ribbon because she saw that with the stoppers, but it’s always interesting to see the real life applications of theory you’ve studied. And it obviously works too, Ange bought the ribbon and the stoppers at the same time, and I’d put that 99% down to the data mining 😉

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VB… yumm…

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With a lot of the work I’ve been doing recently with ActiveX OCX’s, I’m absolutally (and pleasantly) surprised to see how much Visual Basic 6 there is still floating around in active development.

I mean, personally I like VB6. You can throw yourself in at the deep end and it’s all good. It’s also far less complicated than .NET for simple “Hello World” style applications (which is mainly what I do with VB, it’s usually just a wrapper for some other container). Sure they require the runtimes, but given our small distribution (it only has to be installed on four terminal servers and that’s it), that’s no big issue.

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What else could I do wrong?

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In the past the secretary at work has told me off for:

– Eating spaghetti too often
– Drinking too much water
– Making the intranet too complicated for simple people
– Typing too fast

And it seems that my new crime is not participating in Secret Santa. And when she asked why I gave her the same reasons I blogged about the other day. That made her even less impressed.

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Totally rooted

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I finally discovered why my SLI has been so dodgey. One of the cards is royally rooted. Jayme tried it in his PC and he just got corruption and blank video. Fortunately it carries a three year warranty so I can get it replaced no worries 🙂

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Everyone throw sympathy my way

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I actually just left this as a comment on Kris’s site, but it was a short essay and I feel worthy of re-writing to be posted here:

I have three (count it, one, two three) good friends in Sydney. One of them is my Fiance, and the other two are married to eachother.

Thing being that the two married ones are moving back to northern NSW next year, so when they go I’ll just be left with one close friend in Sydney, who also just happens to be the person I’m marrying.

Does this bother me? No. Because these three relationships I have require very little effort to keep alive, so rather than applying a 20/80 ratio (20% of the work produces 80% of the yield, or rather, the friendships and relationships that are worth the most to me require the smallest amount of energy to survive) for me it’s even higher – maybe even 5/95.

It’s been years since I’ve really connected with anyone from Melbourne, bar Garrett and Kris. But again, just because the rest of my close friends don’t live in Sydney doesn’t mean that they’re any less of a friend (thanks to instant communication methods such as MSN, Facebook, etc), but the same ratio applies. I don’t have to exert any effort to maintain friends with these people, and I think that’s because I recognise the true value of friendship.

As Kris said (and I can ditto), after school our friends tried to hang onto other highschool friends just soley for friendhips sake. I didn’t bother, because I knew where my loyalties lay, and as a result I have a small pool (almost all of whome live a long way away) of friends that provide me with more friendship than 160 party-loving facebook-style friends could ever provide.

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Seriously, wtf is wrong with spammers? Are they just wrong in the fucking head?


Over 300,000 times and they still don’t get the picture. Are they stupid? And this is not even a high traffic site!



Kris Kringle my ass

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Call me cynical, but I hate Kris Kringle’s. Everyone in the office is getting all excited because they’re receiving their Secret Stanta ‘victims’ at the moment. And not only that but the person handing them out has to talk to a few people like little children “Now its a SECRET, so DON’T TELL!” to which the response is “But its so hard for me to keep a secret!”

And this is why I don’t get involved with secret santas, kris kringles or general office shennanigans. Call me a spoil sport but it’s just not me.

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More SQL Conversions

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Well, after more fixing and fine-tuning I’m running a final test of our SQL conversions (for one database, after this three to go!). I started it at 3pm yesterday. As of 8am this morning, it’s only done this much:


That 28 minutes remaining is just for that table – there’s just under a hundred tables to go after that one!

It started off heaps fast – a thousand records every 13 seconds. Now it’s down to a thousand records every 90 seconds. It’s because the test server only has 2gb of ram, and it’s running Pervasive Transactional as well as MSSQL 2005. Hopefully when we do the conversion on the live server it’ll be about 10 times faster – both of the servers are there are dual-dual-core’s with 4gb of ram. Nice.




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I’m so (fluff)bored. Even (fluff)book has worn off. Who would have thought that (fluff)SQL conversions could be boring, once you get them to work.

Mind you it took three solid days of (fluff)coding and (fluff)fixing to get them working. Now it’s a bit like watching paint dry. 1% done. 2% done. 3,543,089 (fluff)records remaining. And when it gets to 0 it starts again. Still, at least it’s not (fluff)stressful.

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All sorted… kinda

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Well after several more hours of soldering, I finally managed to get all of the leads on the surround sound amp soldered back in place. With the tracks that came off I just followed them back to their next point of contact and soldered them there and now all of the buttons and LEDs on the front have solid contact. Even the remote works again.

But the problem with the left channel still exists. Now to be honest, I actually don’t remember if I changed the IC or not! And I’ve just gone and screwed the whole thing back together, which was stupid of me, so now I gotta unscrew it all again! And just pray to God that no other cabling breaks.

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