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I’ve been tying to write in here as often as I can recently, but nothing note worthy has happened in the last few days. So here is my post.

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Woo for long weekend

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I love long weekends. I particularly love this long weekend because I had friday off as well. Not that I’m doing anything with this long weekend, but that’s OK. Hopefully if Kris comes online at some stage today we can bash off some Tiberium Wars. A good comp stomp is always fun. Except for when you loose, although sometimes that’s fun too.

Yesterday Ange and I drove to her friend’s engagement party down south. What we thought was going to be a 90 minute drive to Woollongong became a 3 hour drive to Kiama – especially when the directions we were given by the bride missed one (very important) turn, so we were driving around in circles for quite a while. The party was good, then we left at about 6.30 to go home. The trip home would have only taken 2 hours, except that somehow, and I’m still not sure how this happened, we managed to get SO LOST that we ended up on our way to Canberra (and then Maquarie Fields, which is even worse). Which is not good. So that added about an extra 40 minutes to our trip home. I wonder how we got lost, because there was only ONE road between Ange’s place and where we wanted to be. Still, everything looks different in the dark.

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Seven socks for seven… oh never mind

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I folded all the clothes from the washing today. There was a lot of em cos the washing hasn’t been done in over two weeks. But man, there was 7 individual socks without partners. What a freaking pain in the butt.

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Heath ledger dead?

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I can’t find anything about it on the interweb yet. And I thought last year was the year for celebrity deaths. This isn’t a good start to this year!

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I don’t believe it

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Vegetails has hit ‘The Scene’! That’s fantastic. Sure it’s an old movie, but it’s nice to see this kinda stuff come out of the scene, rather than the usual stuff.



A pioneer

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On Sunday, Ange and I were looking at surround sound units when I stumbled upon this on eBay. It’s not the latest model (no HDMI, but big whoop) but to compensate, it’s also not entry level. It’s a mid-range. RRP of 800 bucks. So anyway it had only one bid at the time, so I popped $350 on it. An amp like that for $350 is a bargain. As you can see from the auction, I won it for $320. Fuckin aye. Now Ange and I will be able to keep the neighbours up when we move out! 😀

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Farkin fraudsters

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Man I’m so sick of bloody fraud piece of shit spoofing phishers whatever. I just received an email to an address I’ve never ever given out to anyone, ever, because I only use it for one thing, claiming to be from eBay about an auction I lost yesterday purporting to be a 2nd chance offer. And it was genuine. I had to do two double-takes before I realised that it was sent to an address that nobody, especially not ebay, has.

Phishers ad spammers are really really really starting to piss me off. Like honestly make me angry.




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My mondayitis isn’t so bad today. Nice.

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The eggo is preggo

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No, the eggo is not actually preggo. But Im just going through lines from that movie Juno. At least, the lines that they say in the ad.

So anyway on Saturday, Ange I and her bro watched the movie American Gangster. It was a good movie. Long, but good. Last night I tried to watch the movie Ray on the telly. I couldn’t do it. Not after he started shooting up. I saw enough drugs in American Ganster. That’s enough for me.

And no you can’t have the password to the post below.



Protected: Up the splog, fo sheezy

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Angela is watching Laguna Beach at the moment. Bah to American “reality” tv.

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Wedding Stuff

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Our wedding bomboniere arrived the other day, finally after about a month. I was going to let Ange blog about it but she can’t be bothered. Surprise surprise 😉

Anyway, without saying what they were, they’re an absolute bargain. We looked at the exact same product from Australia and they were about $5-7 each, but from the U.S. they were less than $3 each, even when you include the cost of shipping. So someone out there is making a shatload of cash. That said, we were rather dissapointed with the level of service the shop provided. One line emails such as “Can’t help sorry” or “I’ll see what I can do”. For example, about an hour after the order was placed, we asked to change the wording on one of the items. That was when we got the “I doubt it but I’ll see what I can do” line. I mean, c’mon. It’s only been an hour. And she didn’t change it. I bet she didn’t even bother doing anything about it. Just as well it wasn’t a major mistake (like a typo).

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Small Mercies

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I was at the post office today and the total came to $11.30. I wasn’t expecting it to be this much, so I only had $10 in my wallett. I stuck my hand in my pocket to feel for loose change, and I had exactly $1.30 in loose change – which, and excuse me if my maths is a bit off – I’m not a good mathematician, came to $11.30 and thus I wasn’t made a fool of infront of a queue of people.

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Asus redeem themselves

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Some time in December I discovered why my GeForce 7900 GT’s weren’t workingin SLI – one of them was totally rooted. I then made a trillion (count them, 1,2,a trillion) phone calls trying to raise an RMA for it, but nobody would help due to the fact that the card was purchased in the Land Of The Free, U.S. of A. I even did some Social Engineering (giving the impression I was someone I wasn’t) to get the phone number for Asus Head Offie in Silverwater (something that’s not published anywhere, not even in the whitepages). I left them no less than 3 messages with no response.

So, eventually someone replied to my tech support email query – 5 days after I sent it in. A very polite lady advised me that someone from Asus would conact me before Christmas. Christmas came and went, so I emailed her again. I didn’t think my emails were going through because they kept bouncing and the Asus website was being a bitch. But they did go though. About 20 times. Never mind, she apologised again and said she’ll get someone to contact me again.

This time, someone DID contact me. And since then I must admit, the process has been smooth and easy and everyone’s been very polite. But why did it take me so long and take so much effort to get in contact with them?

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