Woo for the 29th

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The 29th of February, the one day every four years where women can propose to their boyfriend, apparently. Bah I’ve heard of women asking their boyfriends to marry them more regularly these days.

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Just an empty face

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I learnt something that surprised me yesterday. During our pre-wedding preperation with our pastor, one of the growth area that was identified in Angela and my relationship was our personalities, that maybe we didn’t understand eachothers personalities. And apparently I don’t understand my own personality.

We had to fill in an 80-question yes/no personality questionaire, and the results were plotted on 4 axis, divided into quadrants. Wherever your dot ended up indcated the type/strength/mix of your personality. Ange’s was very clear. Mine however was smack in the middle of the chart. I was about 0.05 to one side, which is close enough to not really mean anything. This apparently means that I am unsure about my personality and who I am right now.

I was not expecting that. It really surprised me because in the past few years I actually felt as if I’d found who I was comfortable with. Although I’m usually very skeptical about those kinds of tests the fact of the matter is that it got Angela down to a tee. Hmm. The only thing I can think of is that I’ve never really been happy in Sydney. Sure this is the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life, but I just do not feel comfortable living in Sydney. Never have, and I make no secret of this.

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Vee Pee eNn

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Well, I finally got my VPN working properly, so hopefully disasters like what happened with Kris the other day will *never* happen again. I’d forgotten how awesome proper VPNs are. And I can even do IPX/SPX now 😀

I’ve set up some neat routing rules (and enabled RIP so I don’t have to teach those rules to all my devices) so that all the VPN clients become extensions of the local network, and vice-versa, so when Kris finally gets his server set up we can bridge our two networks completely and not rely on Hamachi at all (hopefully!).

W00t. Love technology – even if it is old technology.

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My Plate

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I found a cool website today whilst googling for something completely different – http://www.thedailyplate.com/. It took a bit of setting up to make it work well for Australia (it’s clearly geared for U.S. users), as finding the timezone setting was not immediately obvious. Also, some things are in pounds, some are in kilograms so I gotta get my converter out fairly regularly. It’s also fairly slow to respond sometimes. They’ve made use of ajax around the place which makes it faster, but not great.

But the main thing about it is that you put in your current weight, how much per week you want to loose (I put 2 pounds, or around 1kg, which is probably pushing my luck!) your average activity levels (Poor), and then you put in each and every thing you eat every day. And I have news for you – Sultana Bran is BAD breakfast to have. It took HALF my daily calorie allowance (mainly because I have about 2 standard servings).

Anyway, if you can put up with the slowness of it, it’s neat. What would be great is a really cut-down version of the site with mainly ajax stuff so that you can enter what you eat without having to load through the whole site, or even a small app to install on your desktop.

Anyway we’ll see if I stick with putting in my meals. I probably won’t, but it’s very useful to be able to see a history of the stuff I eat and how good (or rather, bad) it is for me.

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Ferrari Day

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Just a side note, I saw two Ferrari’s yesterday. I saw the same Ferrari 599 I blogged about a few months ago, and a Ferrari 360 CS being belted up the M4 on-ramp near Silverwater Road. The Ferrari belting up the M4 sounded pretty nice, but I prefer the V8 muscle induction over that squealing Ferrari, but I could hear him well after he was on the M4 and a long way away. Speaking of which, I followed a Ferrari 360 through Liberty Grove a few weeks ago (this was a silver one though, the two I saw yesterday were red) and at 30kph, a) he had to keep it in 1st and his foot on the clutch, and b) it just sounded like a sick puppy vomiting. A Ferrari wouldn’t be my first choice anyway. An Aston or a Lambo would be.

So, other news? Well, Ange and I went to Jamberoo last Wednesday. We grabbed that action by the balls and we showed it whats what (cos its where YOU contrl the action). It was OK. Not great, but a good way to kill a few hours. We then hung around in Kiama for the rest of the day, and went back on Thursday.

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Fuck that motherfucking shit

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All Kris and I wanted to do tonight was hit it oldskool with some Age of Emipres II. We organised a time. 7:30. We were both there, on the dot. PCs ready. And thus the fun begins. Not.

First, as soon as we’re ready to hit it off, Hamachi goes down, and neither of us can connect to it. 10 minutes wasted.

So, we go it oldschool, set up some DMZs and try to connect over WAN. No luck there. 30 minutes wasted.

We go even more oldskool and emulate COM ports over UDP. The emulation works brilliantly according to the software, but AOE doesn’t see jack schit. 30 minutes wasted.

Hamachi still isn’t working, not that it matters cos the internet drops out. Steal the neighbours wireless.

Research Hamachi alternatives. Come up with two. Netnix bluescreens my PC and bluescreens on every boot. Need to go into safe mode, but the un-installer doesn’t work (of course) so I need clean that shit out manually. Tinc is too complicated for even a nuclear scientist to use. 40 minutes wasted.

Internet goes down again. Hop back onto neighbours wireless.

Continue researching alternatives. Try MSN Zone – no longer exists. Try the replacement for MSN Zone, but AOE won’t recognise the shortcuts. 30 minutes wasted

Try to set up a VPN like we used to old-school. Wingate VPN is useless and doesn’t save any settings. Kris’s Wingate won’t even connect to the local machine. Not enough time to pull out the trusty 2000 Server and set it up. 40 minutes wasted.

And thus the story continues. It’s been fucking 3 hours now and we’ve not spent a single second if it playing any fucking game. And to think I gave up my evening for this. Fuck you Hamachi. Fuck you and your stupid fucking dog. And fuck you iiNet, for dropping out just as eveything seems like it might work. And fuck iiNet support for taking 3 weeks to respond to my support request and giving me information that doesn’t fix my problem. And fuck you shitty open-source developers for bluescreening my fucking computer.

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Thousandth Comment

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Woot. I hit a thousand comments on the site the other day. Except of course, we all know that you’re not really at a thousand until you reach one thousand and twenty four. So bring it on!

Anyway, looks like my wishes are being fulfilled. We’re going to Jamberoo tomorrow 😀 Staying the night at Kiama and back on Thursday. Awesome.

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Woot. A week off. I wanna go to Jaaamberoo, where YOU control the ACTION!

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Easy come, easy go

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Today teh pay comes. Today all teh pay goes. Deposit into the savings account. Pay the creditcard off. Pay bills. Pay teh board. Pay teh car. Pay for petrol to put in teh car. All of these things I have paid today. Sighs.

Oh well, I did have my 12 month review today, and I did get a payrise, effective from next week (which I’m on holidays). It’s 12 months until my next review, which means no more payrise for Marky, only bonus’s where I pay exorbitant tax. Still, the bonus’s can add up to around 5k/year (minus tax) well they did this last/this year anyway. Lets see if I can improve that this/next year.

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I iz founded teh lolcats

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Man, lolcats are bad. Really bad. I wasted so much time to reading up on my lolcats. I even went and downloaded the google RSS screensaver so I can have lolcats on my screensaver. Then I spent 10 minutes staring at my screensaver today at work.

What is a lolcat? Let me demonstrate:

funny pictures
moar humorous pics

funny pictures
moar humorous pics

funny pictures
moar humorous pics

funny pictures
moar humorous pics

Hundreds more where they came from

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S to the E to the O

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At work recently we’ve been doing “Search Engine Optimisation” for our biggest commerical website. They paid (I don’t know how much) for this guy to review their website and to be honest, he told them nothing that I hadn’t already thought of, or that I hadn’t done on another website I designed. Meta tags, Meta Descriptions, Title Tags, <h1> etc. Still, once they’ve heard it from a professional it carries more merit when I had said it.



Where the streets have no name

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I don’t know her name, but the woman that’s presenting SBS news tonight with Stan is pretty hot.

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Got a package from teh Klis yesterday. It contained something that should fix Ange’s phone petty quick smart, as well as two Thinkgeek T-Shirts. I wear one and Ange wears one and when we’re near eachother, the lovehearts light up. How cool is that! I’m not sure if we could ever wear them in public though…

Thinkgeek also have another tshirt that has your WiFi reception level animated on the front. That’d be no good for me cos the Wireless access point sits right next to my desk at work, and it’s on my desk at home as well, so it’d be on 100% all the time 🙂



The age of the empire

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Hopefully Kris and I will be able to have a bash at the old classic, Age of Empires II today. From way back when in 1999. It’s nice to be able to play games from when I was younger. I remember playing AOE against my sister, and we’d build armies so huge that the game would jolt to a halt and we’d have to start again and remember not to build such huge-an army. And then I used to play against Scott during English class and he would absolutally whip my butt before the end of the period.

Well ok maybe not tonight after my latest discussion with Kris. But soon hopefully. Very soon.

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Summer Glau

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I must say, I’m quite a fan of Summer Glau. Ange doesn’t mind her work either. In Firefly she was great, and in Terminator she’s easilly the best character in the series. I’ve seen the first four episodes from the US and the show is OK.

I was listening to an interview on Merrick and Rosso (and Kate Ritchie) this morning with her, and I was really looking forward to hearing her say more than one sentence at a time, just to see what she sounds like when she actually talks (in both roles she never says much at all). But she didn’t. Maybe she talks like that in real life? Ballerinas, bah.

Anyway, really don’t want to go back to work today. I want the weekend to continue…

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