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Man, budgeting is tough work. Angela managed to find an additionl $300/fortnight that she was being over-taxed which is awesome. I managed to scrounge up an instant $40/fortnight and after 1st July it’ll be $150/fortnight.

Although it’ll help a lot things are going to be tight right up to the wedding, and then tight forever after the wedding! Still, I guess thats part of being young.

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So sick of it

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Man, 12 months ago I started on an ordering system for the company I contract to, so that their sales reps and sub-distributors can buy shirts, merchandise, stock, etc to give away/onsell/promote/etc. I’m still working on it. This is just absurd. I’m so sick of it. I hate this project. I hate it hate it hate it. Six months ago I thought my prayers were answered when they decided to drop it. But then three months ago they announced they want to revive it, and about a two months ago I started work on it again.

It’s just dragging on and on and on and on and on. The really frustrating part is that this is the one project I’m probably quite under-qualified for and in a bit over my head. Still, I’m working on what I hope will be the final testing release. Please Lord, let this project end soon!

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Jesus lived

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I read in the paper over breakfast (it was last Fridays paper, but never mind) that all historians believe that Jesus existed. Even Jewish historians. There is substantial proof in non-bilblical writings that someone called Jesus did exist and that he did do things that awed the public and that people believed to be supernatural. This Jesus guy did cause a ruckus in Jerusalem and this Jesus guy was crucified, and that this Jesus guy’s tomb was empty several days later.

Whether or not they believe Jesus was the son of God is not covered, because this is not a historians job. That would change their job from historian to theologan. But the fact of the matter is that someone called Jesus once did exist 2000 years ago and that this Jesus is the same Jesus that is the star of the bible. Obviously the individual events of Jesus life can’t be scientifically confirmed as the only recollections of them are in the New Testament which from a historians perspective is not a reliable source.

Stick that in your pipe and suck on it, Dawkins.



To blog or not to blog

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There’s not really been anything interesting happening or worth writing about in the past few days. Worked from home yesterday, been doing some fun stuff with TAPI/SIP/VoIP integration over the past week or so… that’s about it.

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A nick in time…

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Today when I left for work, Mandy (who recently took a job where she travels the same route I do, albeit from Penrith which makes it around 2 hours longer than mine) was about 5 minutes infront of me. I took a small shortcut and I was 15 minutes infront of her. Thats a total of 20 minutes I saved off my travel time by taking a frankly very small shortcut. That’s just absurd.

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Gooood night

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Mannnn I haven’t had a hangover in years. I have a bit of one now though. It was Chris’s 21st birthday last night at Hornsby, and it was. Freakin. Awesome. Fortunately I was able to crash at their place which meant that I didn’t have to count my drinks for a change. Woohoo.

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A party I’m going to after work tomorrow is “Dress Cocktail”. I had absolutally NO IDEA what “Dess Cocktail” means, so I googled it. And it appears that I can just wear my work clothes. Sweet.

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Report Writing

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You know the funny thing? I love writing and desiging reports. Which is funny for me cos I hate reporting 😛 Like today I spent a bit of time writing reports for the phone system that’s being integrated soon that will analyse call times, volume breakdown, etc.

Anyway, it seems that nobody in the office realllly know what’s been going on with these layoffs. Which annoys me. Communication, people. Communication! If half the people in the office have been sacked I think we deserve to know about it. I only found out through the frank honest explanation from my old supervisor.

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Not such a great day at the office for some

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Well, I come into work today and I knew something was up. Our receptionist wasn’t in – she’s always in. A few people were looking a bit depressed. My old supervisor was back from his sick leave and he was all “Mark I need to talk to you before the day is out”. At about 3pm, one of the Admin girls is going around the office saying goodbye to people and crying.

So, as it turns out, about 1/3 of the people in the office have been sacked. Well, I believe retrenched is the legal term for it, but basically the company’s credit providers have placed an upper limit on the number of staff they can have or else they’ll cut their credit supply and thus 7 people have had to go. And it just so happens that almost all of them are my friends, and after they leave there’ll only be two people I know left at the company.

And what really shits me is that 1) I saw this coming about 12 months ago when a lot of these people were moved to the positions they were in now, and 2) The price of the new car that the owner bought would have paid for most of their salaries for a year.

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Web stuff

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Well, things are finally moving on another web project I’ve undertaken. About 4 years ago I did our church website. It was ok, but not great. I’m no graphic artist, but the functionality was pretty good.

So our church underwent a bit of a facelift recently, which included a new logo and ‘identity’ for the church, so down came the old website, and we put up an interim website (which is very small, just has the service information, how to find us and contact details on it) so that we still had some sort of web presence, and nothing else has really happened recently.

So earlier in the week I sent an email to the person who has agreed to do the graphics work and the web layout for the website. We took a look at the stuff she’s done today and it’s brilliant. Considering she whipped it up last night in a hurry, it’s very good. I haven’t seen a chuch website in Australia like it. It’ll be on-par with some of the commercial sites I’ve done. Hurrah for that!

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I so bored…

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It’s a saturday morning, Ange is at work and I can think of nothing to do. There’s no Mythbusters to watch cos they haven’t been on TV for a while, I have no little projects to work on… sigh…

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I came across the most antiquated thing today, in a very modern program.

We have a tree-control for navigating through our huge array of database programs (a tree-control is like the explorer bar where you can expand and drill down through items, like folders or files, otherwise known as nodes). Our tree has been pretty boring for… well, ever, so we finally got around to properly investigating how to assign neat icons aginst the nodes.

To do so, we have to use a trick from back in the 2.5D gaming days (Duke 3D, Wolf 3D, Doom II etc). They expect a 16px high image, with all the 16×16 icons lined up in an image strip. You then specify the offset of the icon you want to use, and it obviously multiplies that offset by 16, starts there and picks u the next 16×16 block. Oh, and it has to be in a bitmap. Seriously now…

Now, I can understand this back in the day when such a method would have been fast and mathematically easy to use. But in 2008? Seriously. We have 1500 icons avaliable to us. So I tried I put them into a strip image, courtesy of some awesome software galled GlueIt (p.s. if the author of GlueIt reads this, please dude I will give you web space to host your software for free, given how useful it was for me, your current hosting provider sucks serious monkey balls). I needed to go into photshop and change the black background to a white one, but we decided that 1500 icons in a strip was perhaps overkill.

So, hands up who wants to see 980 icons in a strip? 😉 Ironically I tried to upload it through the WordPress uploader, but it said that the image dimensions were invalid 😉 It must not like a 15,000px wide image…

Don’t believe me? Follow the cut…

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I’m full

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Mmmm breakfast….

Anyway time for an update. Oh wait… what update?

I’ve been playing with integrating VoIP stuff with a system called Swyx, push-to-talk from the website, predictive dialling from our database, things like that. It’s always fun. I also built an SSL Proxy for Google Maps so I could finally embed it into our intranet without stupid cross-security warnings. Then I discovered that someone else had written a better one, so I used theirs.

Yeeaahh… thats about it.