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Man it’s cold. Time to bring out the winter jammies.

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Like a hunter to its prey

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Well another two days of house-hunting (well, apartment-hunting). Friday and Saturday were spent all over Westmead and Parramatta, open houses, talking to reception girls at LJ Hooker Parramatta (who were very nice and helpful I might add, even after I probably offended them with my snappy nature).

The first apartment was a lot older than the rest we were seeing that day, and had no built-ins and almost no storage, but it was at least clean and the carpet doesn’t have siphillus. The next apartment we went to had no less than 30 people there waiting for the doors to open. It was OK, but we didn’t stand a chance of getting it, primarilly because it was probably under 10 years old and everything (apart from the bathroom) was fairly new. Apartment #3 was middle in terms of age and quality, but by far the largest. It had a huuuge kitchen (ugly decor, but you get used to that), but it had (literally!) no parking. There were no on-site parks, and the on-street parking was all 4P. And if we lived there we’d need to keep two cars!

Next week we’re off to Rosehill, which we’re prepared apply for on the spot if we like it and take if we’re accepted. If that doesn’t work out, our actual first preference out of any property we’ve seen is in Westmead, within walking distance of Angela’s work. It’s fortunate that we have plenty of time to do this, but that doesn’t stop it from being the most stressful two weekends of my life (and a stressful week inbetween).

We (well, I) learnt an important lesson though. You can’t get emotionally attached to any one place, or get your hopes up about anything, because it just leads to bitter dissapointment when things don’t work out. And things don’t work out 98% of the time when there’s only a 2% vacancy rate and 30 people turning up to look through an apartment.

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Fuckers. Absolute fuckers.

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So, after all the goddamn difficulties to try and see these apartments, Angela FINALLY gets to go and see them today.

For starters, they’ve gone and put the price up by SIXTY DOLLARS A WEEK. And I swear, they KNEW ALL ALONG that they would be doing that, they just advertised it at a lower price to suck us in. In fact it might have been our own fault because we were too enthusastic about it.

Then there was the quality of the apartments themselves. According to Angela, they were tiny and cramped, you could hardly fit a queen sized bed in the bedroom and the “Laundry” wasn’t really a laundry at all, it was a hole in the kitchen to put a washing machine in (which honestly isn’t that bad, but cmon it’s hardly a “Feature”, anyone could do that to any apartment).

So our dream apartments have actually turned into an absolute nightmare. The search continues. I must be honest as well, this is by far the most stressed and emotional that I’ve ever been about anything.

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What day were the photos on Google Maps taken?

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Wow, three posts in a day. I must admit my evening has cheered up a bit. And look! Google Maps have updated their imagery for Sydney (their old ones were really quite old). Now we have maximum zoom level, and HEY PRESTO I found my car!!

Now, what else can we figure out about it? For starters, a few things give away the day of the week. This is my work carpark:


That few cars means its a weekend, or pre 8am. The traffic on the roads indicates that it’s certainly not pre-8am (i.e. there’s not enough cars on the road), so that means that it’s a weekend. Also, my car is at home, which also means that it’s a weekend because I use my car every day. But which day? Well, it’s not an exact science, but this is my church:


If it were a sunday, there should be cars there all day (from the 8am morning service, to the 9.30am service, to the chinese service, then all the related things after church). For it to be completly empty indicates that it’s most likely a saturday.

In case you can’t tell from the light of the photo, the following shot gives away that it’s in the summer:


Thats Telstra Stadium set up for a game of cricket. Given the fact that the shopping center near me has finished being built means that it’s post-2005.

The fact that Top Ryde shopping centre still exists:


means that it’s not in the last 6 months, which means it wasn’t Summer 2008, which leaves Summer 2006 or Summer 2007.

This is the brand new apartments that Ange and I are considering moving to:


Considering it’s 2008 and they’re fully built means that the photo was most likely taken Summer 2007.

Ok so this much I figured out on my own. A quick google provides some far more damning evidence of when it was, such as this:


That’s the QE2, docked, at Sydney Harbour. That doesn’t happen too often and it doesn’t last for long. A quick search of the newspapers indicate that the ship arrived on the 20th of February 2007 (which is a Tuesday, and we know that it isn’t a Tuesday it’s probably a saturday). The only weekend day that the ship was in harbour was 24th of Feb 2007, which is lucky because if it were just one week earlier my car would have been in Queensland and I never would have embarked on this task 😉

Now, I even blogged on that date! Check it out here. That explains a lot, like why I can’t find Angela’s car. SHE BOUGHT HER CAR the VERY NEXT DAY! If I were to search along the ENTIRE Hume Highway I could find our old Vectra, except the photos from that area are most likely from a different day 😉

And Kris can vouch that I did in fact figure it all out in that order, I didn’t go to the answer and work backwards to build a premise!

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Five hours later

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The real estate agent FINALLY called me back, more than FIVE hours after I started leaving messages. She said “Oh, the inspection was cancelled!” yeah. Great. Thanks. Did you tell us? Some common courtesy would be nice. And then she got all defensive and was all “I always return my calls!” Yeah sure. Return them too late though. Anyway hopefully it’s on for tomorrow at midday. If she doesn’t flake again.



I’ve disliked real estate agents since way back when

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Man, if my experiences with real estate agents (including my ex) are anything to go by, then avoid them at all costs.

Angela just spent 30 minutes waiting for a real estate agent to turn up to an inspection before she gave up waiting and left. I have been trying to call the agent all day (before the time we had arranged) to try and confirm the time as we hadn’t heard anything from her. I’ve left her two messages and the reception two messages and I haven’t heard a peep from her. After she failed to show I left her a very stern message asking her emphatically to PLEASE return my call, but nothing yet. *sigh*



Yeah maybe not

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Ok so my life-long dream has been delayed by almost two weeks because the place I’m taking my car told me today that they can’t take it for another two weeks. Thanks, you could have told me that when I called yesterday.

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Best $57.50 I ever spent

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Tomorrow, I get to realise a long-term dream of mine.

I get a hire car that I’m not paying for. Woohoo. I’ve always wanted one of them. I’m not sure why, just something about the knowledge of driving a car that someone else is paying for. Sure it’ll be a gutless Camry (The new ones are nice car, but the four-pot aint exactly powerful. The V6 in the Aurion however…) but hey a car’s a car. And ironically I don’t really need it cos we have a Camry at home that I can borrow (in fact, we’ll have FIVE cars for four people during this).

Just gotta make sure that nothing happens to it!

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House Hunting

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Ange and I are going to look at apartments in Parramatta today to live in. Here’s to hoping we don’t sign a piece of paper just yet! Mind you, we’re going to need to beg I reckon cos we’ve got no rental history but if we put both our names on the rental agreement it should be a lot easier.

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I was driving home from work minding my own business when a very slow ute (slow because he’d just pulled out of a side street and was accellerating) changes lane right on top of me. I blow my horn, he slams on his breaks, which makes me hit him even sooner and thud I watch all these plastic car pieces explode all over the road.

Fortunately according to the NRMA, if the other guy gives an honest recollection of what happened then there will be no excess to pay on my behalf. Good.

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Unresolved domains

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My mission this week is to work on forgiving the people who made my life a misery for six years of high school. There are namely two people that I think I have hangups on. One of them is still a super-rich snob living in a penthouse on the gold coast, dating a tv personality (admittedly he knocked her up, so maybe it sucks to be him).

The other person was just a dickhead. He was dating the sister of a semi-celebrity (when I knew him, but they’ve broken up now) and was a bit of a semi-celebrity himself cos he was a bit of a rally driver.

Anyway both of them really went out of their way to make my life a misery, for no reason except I was a soft target. So, that’s my mission this week. To move on.

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Multilingual? Cat duck gives not a fuck. All your base are belong to me; I set you up teh bomb

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I just navigated a site written completely in Italian to find exactly what I wanted and I don’t speak a word of Italian. And I found it too. I only made one mis-click (and the thing I clicked on was an icon, it didnt even have any text on it).

So it goes to show that if you have good web design, it doesn’t matter that people can’t read your site because things just make sense. They’re in the right place at the right time. And with a little bit of intuition it’s all good mate.

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At bible study last night we did this leadership profile thing and you fill in 80 questions and you count up the points based on which answer you gave in four columns and those colums were specific leadership styles. Or rather not really leadership styles but what you’re best at, if you’re a pastor, teacher, apostle, evangelist or umm something else (the leadership styles Paul talks about; and pastor here means the literal term, as in a pastoral carer, not a reverend pastor).

Anyway I got the complete opposite of what I thought I was, and I didnt like my results. I thought I would have been an evangelist but I got the complete opposte.

Additionally, I did a personality test about a month ago with Ange. It was one I’d never done before, and after answering a zillion questions you end up with a dot on a 4-dimensional grid which indicates what kind of personlity you have and how strong it is. I had 18-18-19-18 which puts me right in the middle of the four squares which indicates that I am unsure even of my own personality… so yeah. Learning experiences.

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We’s done it!

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For once, I agree

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I was reading in the paper today in one of those small opinion articles they stick around the place, and the topic of it was tha capital letters reall serve no purpose. And it was right. The make no phonetic difference, all they do it help differentiate proper nouns and beginnings of sentences.

His argument was to get rid of them to save on confusion, but there’s not really any confusion to be had because the rules for capital letters have no exceptions that I can think of. First letters of sentences and proper nouns; that’s it.

In other news, my new Nokia N80 is pretty awesome. I’ve got it hooked up on Skype, MSN and multiple SIP providers. Sure the battery when the wireless is turned on only lasts half a day. Might get a new battery to see how that works instead.


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