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After NO LESS than SIX months of to-ing and fro-ing with Asus, sending my card to them, they send it back, I send it back to them again, they refuse to warranty it, I argue with Asus Australia, then contact Asus US and they refer me back to Asus Australia, I finally get the following email today:

Dear Mark,

Originally, according to Asus policy, cards should go back to where they were bought for warranty purpose. But since that you’ve gone through so much trouble trying to get the card repaired we decided that we’d accept your RMA request, in an attempt to make it more convenient for you.

Once we received your card we’ll get it repaired, test it out in 3DMarks 06 before we ship it back to you.

So can you please fill out and return the RMA request form? Thanks a lot.

FINALLY. A PROMISE OF ACTION. Sure this is the THIRD time it’s been sent to them but beggers seriously can’t be choosers.

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I swear, in the past five years there’s been hardly any decent music on commerical radio. Maybe a dozen songs in five years. Problem is personally I find it even worse on non-commercial radio.

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I’d always love to be a sysadmin. Recently I’ve been getting to do a bit of sysadminey kinda stuff, but this is an automated email from our sysadmins I received this morning:

Your mailbox has exceeded one or more size limits set by your administrator.
Your mailbox size is 920585 KB.
Mailbox size limits:
You will receive a warning when your mailbox reaches 900000 KB.You may not be able to send or receive new mail until you reduce your mailbox size.

Man, what kind of man isn’t allowed to have a 900mb exchange box? It’s a travesty… anyway I’m running an auto-archive now, but I’ve had bad experiences with auto-archives in the past, namely forgetting to back then up and then loosing all my stuff.

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Our favourite place in Westmead has just had its lease put back to July. I hope that’s not going to be cutting it too fine. Obviously we can’t just sit around and wait until then, we needto stay in the market, but it’s a blessing and a curse at the same time.

It’s a blessing because if we DO get it I’d rather have it in July than now, because that’s closer to the wedding date. But it’s a curse because if we take somewhere else, we’ll always wonder about it, and when we’re applying for less convenient places, we’ll always be thinking “What about Westmead…”

Still, it’s not like we have any control over it, so what can ya do (Kris don’t say Move to Melbourne).

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Tick tick tick tick tick

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I just finished going through my outstanding tasks and it’s nice to see it’s an awful lot smaller tonight than it was on Friday afternoon.

I ticked off about a dozen things that I’d done but forgotten to mark as complete, and I’ve spent the last two days cleaning up loose ends to tick off a whole bunch of other stuff. I’ve been getting on other peoples backs about things I’m waiting on from them so I can tick off my list as well. I spent three hours at home this evening cleaning up some loose ends on other work stuff (thanks paid overtime).

Now if only I could find where I put my watch on Saturday evening…

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Standards police

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Anyone who knows me knows that I hate the standards police and I enjoy reading Joel on Software. It’s been a while since I read Joel on Software, so I’m a bit late in posting this, but his post about the standards police pretty much re-iterated everything I’ve ever thought, said, or thought about saying about them but in a much more coherent manner.

It’s a long post, but stick with it, it’ll all make sense in the end.

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I must say, I’m so glad to have my car back. As much as I liked the Fairmont theres just nothing quite like having your own car back again. There was one major, huge flaw with that Fairmont, which can be seen below:

The tank was constantly on “empty” when it wasn’t really empty at all. In fact, I drove all the way to work and back on 0 petrol. It’s deadly inaccurate, and because it sits on 0 so early you never actually know how much petrol is in there. And I had to keep it as close to 0 as possible because it was a hire car and I paid for a full tank of petrol on return, which means that if there was any petrol in it at all I woulda wasted my money.

Still, at work yesterday the fleet company on the floor above us had organised the entire new Falcon fleet, from the XT up to the GE6 and XR6. The Ford dealer who had delivered them was happy to let anyone in to have a look, so I made a bee-line straight to the GE6, which is the Fairmont replacement. And I gotta say, except for the dodgey silver plastic on the centre console it was a euro-style setting. It was very nice. I liked 😉

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Pew pew pew

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Busy weekend. On Saturday I had Laser Tag at a place called M9 in the city for Chris’s birthday. It was awesome; the most fun I’ve had in a long time. It’s better than paintball because there’s more atmosphere and it doesn’t hurt. Except if you’re unfit (like me) it kills you the next day. My legs are still recovering. I was consisantly fourth except in the last game where I caned everyone else because I decided to build a fort with my team out of the props, and as soon as we did that everyone decided they wanted to try and attack it 😉

For lunch it was a few beers and a $10 steak sanga and chips at Darling Harbour, and that night it was off to Jo and Adam’s engagement party. It was a nice party, and I met up with an old friend who I hadn’t seen in years. It turns out he’s a management consultant and he often tells his clients to hire people like me and my boss! So there may possibly be an oppertunity to get some extra work there.

There’s too much damn sport on the news. But I guess that’s just me being unaustralian.

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Dad was just forced to upgrade his computer because his old one was constantly bluescreening. He did the most minimum upgrade (Mobo, CPU, RAM), but the thing about that is that it frees up his Athlon 3000 mobo, cpu & 2gb of ram.

Sure, it’s bluescreening, but once I find out WHAT is causing it to bluescreen, hopefully it’ll make an awesome media centre PC 😀 It’s even got two PCI-E slots for twin tuners 😀

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Back to it

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Our application for the place at Rosehill was rejected, but that’s ok because we still have plenty of other places to go see. I don’t think we’ll be seeing any places this weekend though because frankly I’m sick of it, and I have a birthday party that was meant to be in the arvo but is now in the morning and he’s already booked my place even though the times have changed. Arrgh.

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Thats the way things go

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Ange and I applied for a place on Saturday. I have my reservations about whether or not we’ll get it, and I’m not that worried if we don’t. I think Angela has got her hopes up again! Which is asking for trouble.

Hmmm that’s about it. Oh except this Fairmont drinks petrol like it’s going out of fashion (which it is I guess, but that’s no excuse).

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I think my clutch must be gold plated

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Bert (my mechanic) called me today to tell me how much it’s going to cost to replace my clutch. Because the flywheel needs replacing at the same time, I’m not going to get away with it for under $1200. Fuck that, I can deal with a small slippage for $1200. And that’s the absolute cheapest for a new unit. Geeze.

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Decisions Decisions

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I just picked up my hire car from Hetz. I had to choose from a basic XR6 or an optioned-up Fairmont.

So I chose the fairmont, because it’s got more toys and is a more comfortable car. And I immediately regretted it and wished I’d taken the XR6, but all in all they’re actually the same car, but one has a spoiler and skirts and one doesn’t.