Making a home

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Ange and I (Well, mostly ange) have been setting up our new place. It’s a fun process. Mind you, we’ve got shatloads of ancillery things, like coffee table, entertainment unit, tv, surround sound, more bakewear than you can poke a stick at, but we don’t have the most important things – bed, couch, saucepans 😛 A bed is coming though.

The louge room is going to be a tight squeeze if we want to get everything in there. The dining table is going to have to be tiny, and the coffee table is now so close to the entertainment unit that there’s only just enough room to open the doors & walk past. I think the coffee table will be doubling as a foot rest.

I’m had good fun setting up the surround sound yesterday, and hopefully I’m going to have a much fun doing the study in a few weeks time, when I finally move in. If only I had remembered to bring the tiny tiny little adapter that allowed me to plug the antenna in to the wall socket yesterday… still, I’m sure we’ll end up back at there today.

Angela has met two of our three neighbours, they both seem very nice. One young asian couple next door and a young indian couple down stairs. The othe person is a shift worker, so we might not see much of them. Also, there only seems to be two other cars to owners, and there’s six car spaces, which means that fortunately we don’t have to worry about parking all the time. Not sure if we can park two cars there yet, but I don’t think we’ll want to anyway because we can only get onto Victoria Road going west from where we live anyway.

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Ange and I finally have a place to live!!! It’s in West Ryde, a quite convenient location. Admittedly not AS convenient as Westmead but who gives a shit, it’s still pretty damn good. And it’s UNDER our initial budget as well. AND the real estate agent is nice! Yayayayayayayayay

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Something amazing

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Wanna know something really weird? I hopped out of my car today after arriving home, and I hear something fall to the ground. I pick it up – low and behold, it’s my memory stick that I lost FOUR years ago!!!! Where the HELL did it come from? Was it hiding in my car? My bag? My shirt? In fact I probably had this shirt four years ago. I know I had the car and the laptop bag. Very. Very. Weird.

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Sometimes I’m so immature

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Unfortunate place name #244: Bald Knob. I am way too scared to google that town name at work to see what else is out there…

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Yesterday I knocked off Portal (finished the last 1/3) and also knocked off HalfLife 2 Episode 1. I’m almost finished downloading Episode 2, so I’ll see if I can knock it off during the week. Unlikely as I don’t really get enough spare time after work. Frankly I’m glad I only started playing Episode 1 now, as I don’t have to wait 1.5 years for the next installment (Well, I might but it’ll still be 1.5 years less than everyone else).

So, wedding on Saturday of Carla and Damien, Angela’s friends. It was a nice wedding. We were on the table with all the drunkards, but it made for interesting viewing 😉 The reception was at Bulli, just outside of Wollongong and had an awesome view of the seaside town. We drove back home the same night, which is probably just as well. A night down there would have been a waste of money at this point in time.




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Man, it’s a sad day when spending 40 bucks becomes an indulgance. But it is. And I did. I endulged. I spent 40 bucks on The Orange Box on steam. I’ve been putting it off for weeks but given the exchange rate and the fact that it’s only 40 bucks, fuck it.

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What.. a.. day

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Man, yesterday was just some day. My car was getting a pink slip (they upped the pink slip age from 4 to 6 years old. Guess how old my car is… 6. So typical) so I was driving my brother’s ’96 camry. left work early at 4 so I could go see an open house in Westmead. I had until 4.30 to get to Angela’s place, and I got there at 4.30 on the dot. Angela was already waiting in the car for me, so I parked, locked the car with the key because the remote central locking had been frustrating and taking ages to lock properly and I had no time.

So we go to the open house, and there’s an accident on the M4. So we crawl and crawl for the three exits that we need to go past to get to the exit to the house. It took 20 minutes to do a less-than-5 minute trip on the M4. We got to the open house at exactly 5pm, which is when the open house started. Any later and it would’a been trouble. Mind you, people were already coming out of the place!

So, the place itself was really nice, freshly painted, but absolutally tiny. We submitted our pre-prepared application and we await a response. So Angela takes me home and I hop in the car to go back to my place, turn the key: nothing. Not a sound. Great. So Angela’s dad comes out to give a push start, and the engine just gives a small rumble then stalls. Brilliant.

I should mention at this stage, I’ve only driven my brothers car three times. The first time I drove it, something (I forget what) broke on the car. The second time I drove it, the radio came on half-way through going around a corner, then turned off again after I’d finished the corner, the cigarette lighter fell apart when the car was parked, which in turn shorted a fuse, and thus the car wouldn’t start again, so a lot of messing around to find the stuffed fuse ensued and so on and so forth. So I don’t have a good track record with this car.

So for it to be completely dead was just plain typical. My brother and Dad drive this car hundreds and hundreds (even thousands, actually) of kilometers all the time and nothing EVER goes wrong. Every time I take it, dead.

So, I call Dad to tell him the news. And my phone’s stopped working. It just won’t call. Angela doesn’t have her phone on her and her Dads gone back to the house. So after a few minutes of swearing at my phone, we go back to Angela’s place. Her Dad has locked the door and gone to the shower and we have no keys. And because he’s in the shower, he can’t hear the door bell. So we’re stuck outside for 20 minutes. Some time during this 20 minutes, my phone starts working again, so I finally talk to Dad and he tells us we’ll have to tow the car home, or get a battery person out.

Finally, Angela gets into the house, takes me home, Mum rolls her eyes when get through the door because she gave me a lecture that morning about not breaking the car again. So we’re trying to organise how to fix the car, and Mum sticks her head out of the kitchen and asks “Mark… how did you unlock the car?” “With the key, because the remote locking wasn’t working again” “Was there a red flashing light in the middle of the dash?” “No idea…”

So, in case you can’t tell where this is heading: Because the remote locking was stuffed, I’d kept using the key. And the key, like in most cars I know of, doesn’t disable the immobilser – only the remote locking does. But even when the locking doesn’t work, using the remote still disables the immobilser. So, if I’d just pressed the button instead of using the key, two hours of stress and worry could have been alleviated.

Still, just one of those days, hey.

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Long Weekend

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Thank God for long weekends! Time to catch up on sleep deficit 🙂

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Long day

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I was duped into doing a sixteen hour day yesterday. I was asked to stay later, to which I agreed, what they didn’t say was that I would be there until midnight.

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Boiled Water

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Ok, I know I’m very very late to the game, but I hopped onto the Steam bandwagon the other day. Primarilly because nVidia advertised free games on Steam when I installed their latest drivers. So I thought “Ok! I like Half Life, so I’ll take a free copy of Lost Coast” (which might have been free to begin with, I’ve no idea).

And I must say, it’s been about 3-4 years since I last used steam and it’s come a LONG way since then. I hated it back then because it insisted on downloading 500mb every time I wanted to run Half Life 2.

Anyway it’s model seems to be working on me. It makes it so convenient to get the latest games at your fingertips. It actually encourages me to SPEND MONEY on games. I almost never spend money on games. Because I don’t HAVE any money to spend on games. I have less money now than I ever have. So I’ll be milking all the free games on Steam for all they’re worth 😀

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Fat men with vests

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My apologise in advance if this post doesn’t make much sense. I was thinking about it in the car in the rain last night, but 12 hours has passed since then and I’ve forgotten many parts of it.

We all know that council workers are the laziest workers on the planet. They take long breaks, take forever to resurface roads, and disrupt our trips to and from work. Mostly they’re overweight men with beards and high visibility jackets. I know a lot of people are frustrated by this.

But let’s think about another group of overweight men who don’t do much work. I’m talking about corporation’s CEOs. If they’re anything like the few CEO’s I’ve dealt with, they spend less time doing work than council workers, but rather than spending all day on smoko they play golf, go to lunch, and drive their mercedes ferrari’s and lexus’s to their mates places.

We put up with the second set, but not the first. Why? Because council workers wear high visibility jackts? I don’t think so. We justify CEO’s behaviour because of the immense responsibility on their shoulders. They are responsible for the investments of all their shareholders and stakeholders, their employees, their managers and the board of directors. They also get paid immense sums of money for all this responsibility. And I’m here to tell you that the responsibilities of these CEO’s and their fast fancy cars pale in comparison with the responsibities of council workers.

I’m talking in particular about road gangs. You know, the people you need to slow down to 40kph for just so they can drink their coffee in peace. I was thinking about this in the dark last night, in the pouring rain, when I couldn’t see anything on the road, especially the lane markings.

Have you ever been driving in heavy rain and you can’t see much at all? What do you rely on? The driver beside you? I sincerely hope not. You rely on the cats eyes and the reflectors on the sides of the road. Because you know that those little yellow/white/red glimmers of light are exactly on the lines that you need to obey to keep yourself alive. Ever turned on a double-or-triple-lane intersection and not been entirely sure what path you should take to ensure you stay in the right spot? You follow the lines on the road and you’ll be OK (poor example, I see so many people ignore those lines, but that IS what they’re there for). If you’re stuck in a storm on a country road and you want to pull over to the side of the road, you know not to pull over where there’s a quick succession of relectors all in a row, because there’s a drain there.

You trust that the correct speed signs have been posted, especially near a speed camera. You trust that the correct SIZED sign is used (did you know that if the speed limit drops from 110 to any other speed, or drops by more than 30kph they use signs bigger than the moon?) so that you see it when you need to.

The fact of the matter is, overweight men in high visbility jackets who make you slow down to 40 so they can have their smoko safely are responsible for your lives. They carry more responsibilty than almost any CEO. So let them have their perks, because we give them to people whome we pay an aweful lot more money.

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