Burning money

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This apartment is difficult to heat. It has 5 different rooms (not unusual), each with its own door to close the area off (brilliant), but each room is incredibly cold, especially in the mornings (and the huge window in the living room without curtains doesn’t help keep the heat in either).

So to help counter this, I’ve set up a heater on a time to turn on at 7am in the bedroom, so that by the time I wake up at 7.30 it’s nice and toasty in here. And it works! Brilliantly! The problem occurs when I then leave said toasty bedroom into the rest of the chilly house. Still, I can always come back and spend some more time in bed 😛

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I’m in!

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Well, I officially moved out today. I spent last night packing, and Dad and I moved all my stuff over today. Man I have had a lot of junk. Threw out heaps and heaps of stuff, and left 3/4 of my wardrobe because its too small or never gets worn.

So the computer desk and computer is set up (of course), clothes are unpacked, the rest of the shit can probably stay in its box until its needed. Then if I don’t use it before next time we move, it’ll be easier to chuck 🙂

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Almost there

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Well I think the list of “to buy” items for the apartment is all ticked off. We ordered our couch on the weekend, bought an Ikea dining table with two chairs, and the interwebs is all connected. The VoIP phone works well, we’ve got more heaters than you can poke a stick at, the fridge is stocked and the tax returns are on their way.

So, this coming weekend, I think I’ll be moving the rest of my belongings over into the 2nd bedroom 🙂

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Catnip Playthings

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I finally learned the other day what Catnip is. I’m always seeing references to it on ICHC but I’ve never heard of it before. Apparently it’s because Australian cats are all from the same gene pool! Hence why I’ve never heard of it.

Anyway they have funny looking (but cute) cats in Japan. Or china. Or whichever asian country this photo came from:

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Gotta love Sydney

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Gotta love Sydney drivers, probably the only place I know where you get yelled at for doing the right thing, obeying the road rules, and giving way to the right on a roundabout.

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Popes need not apply

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Can you believe it, MSN Messenger is giving away free condoms:

I wonder if they’ll have to stop it during World Youth Day (week), seeing as how it’s now illegal to offer condoms to catholics?



Oh noes

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Well, Ange’s Mum has offered to sell us her 2004 Peugot 206 at about half its market value, which is a very kind offer from her. Because I’d be kinda crazy not to take it up, I’ve decided to sell my commodore. But not quite.

See, I love my car. I’m quite attached to it. I know that if I sell it, time will pass and all will be well again. And the Peugot will be a great car (assuming nothing on it goes wrong). But it’s still not the same. So I’m going to sell my car, but I’m not going to try very hard. I’ve put a sign in the window whilst I think about it a bit more, that way if someone wants to buy it I’ll sell it to them, but the chances are (I thought) slim.

So the sign has been in the window for ohhh… four hours, and I haven’t driven the car anywhere at all, and I’ve already had a call. I’ve advertised it for $10,000, and I’ll settle for 9k (I haven’t decided if that 9k includes the wheels yet), but it looks like selling it might not be as hard as I’d thought.

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iiNet upgrade

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It would seem this has been offered to all iiNet users, but it still makes me happy. iiNet have gone and upped the Naked DSL plan that I signed up for to increase the peak usage quota. I was hoping this was their form of apology for screwing up the application, but any bonus I’m not going to complain about.

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iiNet redeem themselves (sorta)

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After ANOTHER call and two more emails to iiNet (and a phone call to a grumpy Telstra lady), I finally get an email stating that that there WAS an error made during my application because the address checked did not match the physical address, and I can in fact get Naked DSL with no worries.

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Fuck them

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I really hate to bad-mouth a company that I’ve had a fairly good relationship with over the years, but iiNet just aren’t trying any more. Nobody at iiNet could tell me what exchange they believed I am attached to, but they’re happy to tell me that it’s not enabled. Well, of course it’s not enabled if I’m not connected to an exchange. But it IS on an exchange, and ALL the exchanges in our area are enabled. So I just don’t understand. They tried to tell me that “Maybe you’re on a sub-exchange”. If so, fair enough, but why is it a “Maybe” – why can’t anyone give me a definate answer?!

In the past few years their quality of service has gone down hill, badly. And not only that, here I am trying to GIVE THEM $70/month for the next however many years!

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iiNet are trying to tell me that I can’t get ADSL2+ (and thus Naked DSL) at our new apartment because our exchange aint ADSL2 enabled. Which is crap because I put in the phone number for our neighbour and they CAN get ADSL2 because we’re on the Eastwood exchange. Bah humbug, now I’m going to have to argue with them.