The wheels on the bus go around and round

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Tomorrow, Ange and I fly to Melbourne. Woo for that. Going for Garrett and Claire’s engagement party. Flying visit, down there tomorrow afternoon, back on Sunday afternoon.

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Its ears were burning

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It would seem that the iPhone knew I was saying bad things about it. Because iTunes just went and deleted every single song and podcast and ringtone off the device. Even though I have the “I want to manage my music library myself” ticked.

Fuck I hate iTunes. No offence to the developers, but it’s always doing crazy shit like this. Always has.

— Edit —

Its just gone and done more crazy shit. I want to listen to the iPod but also have it plugged in to charge. I let iTunes sync, then I quit iTunes so it would stop syncing again and thus let me listen (You can’t iPod and sync at the same time), and after 60 seconds it loads iTunes, on its own, and syncs again. Bah humbug.

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So, I’m in the middle of North Sydney at just after 7am today (that is, about an hour ago). I try and call my boss to get him to let me into the building and the call fails. And again. And again. And again. And again. wtf? Then, I spy with my little eye, the top-left hand corner of the iPhone. I took a screenshot so you can see what I saw:

iPhone Reception

How pathetic.

Even worse though, on the way to the station today my clutch dissapeared in a ball of smoke. Fortunately it only did it 100m from the carpark so I limped there where my car currently is. I’m hoping if it cools down I’ll be able to drive it straight to my mechanic; otherwise it’ll be a call to the NRMA.

Anyhoo, back to being patronised.



Oh, so close

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When I was driving home last night I was thinking that I should write about how awesome it is that Spring is almost here. It stuck its head out yesterday. It was actually light when I left work (at 5.45)! And it just had that springish smell in the air (only a a week and a bit to go before spring “officially” starts).

But then I woke up today. To a typical middle-winter Melbourne morning with rain, heavy overast clouds and an all over depressing skyscape. Which is particulary bad considering I live in Sydney.

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A week with the iPhone

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This is a re-post of the blog entry I just wrote on Kris’s site.

So, I’ve had the iPhone for a week now. As I mentioned in my last post I wasn’t exactly blown away by it. Don’t get me wrong, as a PDA its great, but it’s nothing that hugely unique. And in its crippled state (as is how apple ships it, and how it’s meant to be used) it’s not that flexible. Only Apple sanctioned apps was getting a bit of a pest as I really needed some flexible VoIP. Seeing as it runs on Unix (more on that later), it should have been a lot more flexible.

As a PDA, I’ve used better. The new HTC’s are a better PDA. No questions asked. No other way around it. And as a PHONE, it’s not really very good. Reception is poor, call quality is poor, phone interface leaves a lot to be desired and iTunes doesn’t send the ringtone to the bluetooth hands free in my car, which means I get the default ringtone that’s built into the hands free. You can’t receive vCards by Bluetooth, you can’t use MP3s as ringtones, I’m yet to find out how to use custom message tones, there’s no MMS, no video calling (big whoop) and you have to use iTunes. I hate iTunes. I aways have, and my opinion of it has not changed. The iTunes window consistantly restores as black and sometimes refuses to recognise the iPhone and insists on setting up a new sync partnership (or restore from an old backup). At least you can now copy songs to the iPhone without putting them into the music library first.

So, as a PDA, I’ve used better, as a phone it’s poor and the peripheral software is, well, shit.

So. What else? Sex appeal? 11/10. All the women in the office love it. The interface IS very good and is VERY swish and fun to use. I dont know if the springboard will ever get old. The only poor thing about the interface is the keyboard. In portrait mode it’s very difficult to type with. In landscape mode, it’s much much easier to use (you can type on it like a HTC) but almost no apps support landscape. Usability is fantastic. It doesn’t come with a user manual (which is great for the environmentalists) and, frankly, it doesn’t need one. Now, I’m not exactly a technological dumbass, but nobody I’ve let play with the phone has gotten lost (after they find the home button at the bottom of the device) and everyone is straight into it. It is very very very very very easy to use. Much easier than a Windows Mobile. More stable and faster than a windows mobile too.

As mentioned before, the iPhone runs on a Unix BSD subsystem. This means that underneath it is a fully fledged operating system. But also as mentioned before you can only run apple-sanctioned applications on it. Unless you jailbreak it. Which I knew about before I got it, and had every intention of doing. Now, every single tutorial on how to do it was missing some vital information, or had the information wrong, or had information for the wrong version of the iPhone. Still, after three days I finally managed to get it jailbroken. This means I can now install any application on it. AND this gives me access to the Unix subsource via SSH. And it’s running an FTP daemon so that it’s easy to get files on/off it (you can’t use it as a storage device because of th DFS file system). After installing APT-GET which I’m yet to use, in theory, should be able to install pretty much anything (I don’t know if it’s got a compiler but if it does you could obviously compile stuff on there too). Since having this ability, the phone is very very flexible. I’m going to spend months finding useful and cool apps to run on it. I’ve already got three whole pages on the springboard filled with stuff.

Something I’ve overlooked so far is the included data on the plans. Mainly because this varies from plan to plan, carrier to carrier. I’ve got 250mb/month and so far I’ve used 15mb in the past week. That’s of over-the-air data, I should say, obviously wifi data isn’t counted (I spent 95% of my time around wireless networks).

So, overall I must say I like the iPhone. But only because it’s been jailbroken. If I couldn’t jailbreak it I would be very dissapointed right about now. Especially as I’m married to this thing for at least two years. But as it stands, I think I’m going to be very happy. Very happy indeed.

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I’ve sold out

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Yes, I’ve sold out. For the first time ever, I’ve ditched nokia. For an iPhone. Shocking, I know. But it’s actually costing me less than my previous plan was, which is good, and I’m getting more. I knew going to speak to someone at the optus store would be a good idea.

Irony is that I was actually trying to get away from Optus. I’ve been with them for a long time and I felt that our relationship wasn’t going anywhere. So I checked Vodafone, but they weren’t offering the exact deal I wanted and htey were all worse for my situation than I already had. So, here I am again, in another two year contract with Optus. By the end of it this will be 7 years with them. I hope it’s worth it.

So, the iPhone. Well, to be honest, I’m not blown away. But it’ll do everything I want (I hope), especially once I get a VoIP application for when I’m in the office. Apparently Fring have ported to iPhone, which is brilliant. That also gives me MSN & Skype. What more could a boy want?

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Moving on

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I’ve had this layout for an awfully longtime. Ange made it for me years ago. I still really like it, but I’m wondering if it’s time to move on…

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I know, I’ve turned into one of those absent bloggers. I’ve just been so busy recently I’ve hardly had a moment to myself.

Take this weekend for example. Angela and I have spent hour after hour after hour preparing, printing, cutting, cutting, cutting more cutting, trimming, gluing, sticking, tying and whatever craft-related verbs I can think of, to get the wedding invitations ready to send out. I can see why people spend a lot of money getting other people to do em.

Also, because Vista Media Centre is recording every single episode of Scrapheap Challenge that airs on ABC-2 I’ve got 5 hours a week of that to catch up on. It’s a tough life, you know.

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