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Since the beginning of last week, we’ve been trying to hand over a system that is desperately overdue. We completed our part of the project in about 1.5 months, and then we were waiting on them for the all important website layout (they’re DIYing it, seeing as they’re a design house). We waited 3 months for it to come through and finally it does. And then a week after they send it through they start to hound us about getting it ready to release, because their client is getting itchy feet. Annoying, but not unusual, for a client to put the pressure on an overdue project when the reason it’s overdue was their slowness.

So, in the one and a half weeks since then, they’ve pretty much requested major changes to the underlying structure and functionality of the site. No, we don’t want individual user permissions, we want a common pool. Oh, thats how a common pool works? Put it back then. Oh, now we have to manually assign things to a common pool? No. Take it out.

Anyway, they’ve said that they’re going to release it to their client this friday, and that several major changes need to be done by then. It’s so frustrating! This is the email chain that I’ve had TODAY ALONE with the client, discussing major changes to the system (blurred to protect the inocc..guilty, but you get the effect anyway):

Email Chain *sigh*

And yes, that’s a gmail screenshot.

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Defensive Driving and… oh I had something witty to put here but I forgot it

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No, I didn’t die in the plane flight I wrote about last post, I’ve just been too flat out with work to write anything in here. But now I’m pissed off, so I shall:

Driving in Sydney is such a horrible experience, especially if you have to go to work at school time (which I do). In the past few weeks I’ve had so many near-misses. Some of them might have been my own fault, some of them completely not and some a mix of both. Take just this morning for example, heading down a very steep hill, the lane I’m in is most certainly full, no room for anyone to push in, but 5 cars ahead a tarago decides that that’s exactly what they’ll do. They’re travelling slower than everyone else, butts in, the 5 cars infront of me all slam on their breaks on-after-another, but I saw this happening so I’ve already started the manouver to get out of my lane. In the time it took me to glance in my passenger-side mirror in order to check that the lane was clear, I was about 30cm away from the car infront of me, doing 70. A quick swerve to the left, back to the right and I just managed to keep my car in its lane. A combination of two things – a rude tarago driver with no road sense or sense of their surroundings, and me taking my eye off the situation for less than a second (because thats just what you have to do if you want to change lanes). Things happen so fast. That’s not an excuse, it’s an explanation.

It’s also just over a month until the wedding. This weekend we’re making a list of every tiny single thing that needs to be done. Fun stuff!

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Jet Setting Superstar

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So, tomorrow morning I have to get up at 3.30 in the am to leave by 4.30 to be at the airport by 5.30 for a flight to Adelaide. The flight was originally at a reasonable hour, however Jetstar cancelled our flight the other week, so now we have this rediculous flight.

So why Adelaide? Grandad’s 80th Birthday. Should be a nice weekend, and Adelaide, contrary to popular opinion, is a nice place, especially if you want to just relax. Although I’ll probably have work to finish.

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Thank goodness for jail

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Thanks to the Jailbroken iPhone, someone has internet on the train now 🙂 Admittedly at the moment only with Firefox because the common iPhone proxies require a browser that will also forward DNS over SOCKS.

I have installed BIND (DNS server) on the iPhone but I haven’t configured it yet. If only I could find a NAT or a DHCP for the iPhone, well actually I want both…

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Playing Catchup

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Well, its been a while since I’ve even had 10 minutes to write in here, so here we go.

Last I wrote I was heading to Melbourne for Garrett’s engagement party. It was Angela’s first time in a plane, but she took it well! I think she realised that plane travel is very boring and very uncomfortable.

Kris picked us up from the airport, where we met his girlfriend for the first time. He almost killed us on the way home, we met up with Phil and all was well. Apparently I have some very unique turns of phrase, like “Crap on a stick” (I thought everyone still said that… maybe I’m getting old), or when a horrible Dodge Cavalier was infront of us I exclaimed “Oh try not to vomit as we drive past it!” and I pretended to vomit. This amused Kris’s said girlfriend, but in a good way I guess.

The party itself was better than I had expected. I was expecting to have to avoid heaps of people that I didn’t want to talk to, but it was nothing like that. I caught up with a lot of people I hadn’t seen in 4 years, some others I haven’t seen in 6 years, found out who came out as gay (not a huge surprise), and played with a 6 year old and a 4 year old for the last hour of the night. No not in that way you disgusting pervert.

We also met my sister’s boyfriend, Nigel. As a result Mum is now the only one in our family who hasn’t met him, but she’ll meet him this coming weekend because we’re all going to Adelaide for Granddad’s birthday.

I’ve been a bit sick since Friday night. Yes, of course I would get sick on Friday and get better on Monday so that I spend the whole weekend inside, under a blanket, on painkillers. Well, I’m not quite 100% better but I’m at least good enough to go to work. Which is faiiirly typical.

What else… umm… I think that’s about it. I can’t be bothered writing about the rude flight attendant on the flight on the way home, so I shan’t, and I’ll try not to leave it so long next time.

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Not such a great start to the week

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Welcome to Monday. I fucked up our web server. Badly. 13 applications, 5 engines and a broker all had to be re-installed and re-configured. And I destroyed our 500-day uptime on the server (It was a Windows box too, making it even more of a pity).

Weekend roundup will come when I’ve got a bit more time to write.

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